PVC Tarpaulin in Different Color

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Quick Details

  • Product Type:Other Fabric

  • Supply Type:Make-to-Order

  • Material:PVC+POLYESTER

  • Pattern:Coated

  • Coated Type:PVC Coated

  • Style:Plain

  • Width:1.02-3.2m

  • Yarn Count:1000x1000

  • Density:20x20

  • Weight:400-1200g

  • Use:Truck cover and others

  • Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Place of Origin:China

  • Use:Truck Cover

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Kraft paper
Delivery Detail:15-18Days


PVC fabric for truck cover
100% polyester, coated or laminated
water proof, fire retardant,anti-mildew, anti-UV etc.


Features:1) PVC Coated Tarpaulin Fabric

2) Density: 20 x 20/inch

3) Yarn: 1000 x 1000D polyester woven

4) Weight: 500 - 1200gsm, 14.5 - 35.5oz

5) Width: 1.5 - 3.2m, 59 - 126"

6) Tensile strength: >2500N/5cm

7) Tear strength: >250N

8) Adhesion: >100N/5cm

9) Temperature: -30 - +70 celsius

10) Flame retardant

1) UV-resistance

12) Anti-mildew

Truck Cover

CategorySpecificationWeight (g)Tensile strength
in N/5 cm
Tear strength
in N
Coating materialFlame-retardant standardsColor fastnessTemperature resistance
DCW250250*250D 36*362501500/1500100/90PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW410500*840D 18*184102000/1800150/140PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW5101000*1000D 20*205102500/2000250/250PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW6101000*1000D 20*206102500/2500270/270PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW6801000*1000D 20*206803000/3000300/300PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW9001000*1000 D 12*12L2/29004000/4000500/500PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C
DCW10001000*1000 D 14*14L2/210005000/4500900/900PVCNFPA701,M2,B17–8-30°C/+70°C

1.Add flame-retardant, anti-UV, mildew resistance, cold resistance, and surface treatment according to customer requirements
2.Color and weight according to customer requirements
3.Has strong tensile strength, tear strength and adhesion strength

Depending on the specifications of the fabric can be used to make trucks, trains covered with cloth, awning, tent, etc.

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Q:Auto chassis, plastic parts for spraying?
There are many 4S shops to spray armor promotions or as being one of the preferential policies, but in fact many 4S shop no spraying operation method, operation procedures and standards clear spraying dosage, protective measures are not clearly defined, but as consumers spend more money to buy a comfort is innocent.
Q:What plastic is the airbag cover?,
Hard is mainly from two categories: polypropylene and PVC/ABS blister composite sheetLook at the back of the airbag cover. It should have material type marks
Q:When the car is polished, how can the polishing wax remaining on the plastic door be removed easily?,
Steps to protect car paint:(1) first of all to often wash the car, with the deterioration of the environment, the pH of the substances in the air, fall on the car, if not timely cleaning, acid substances will soon penetrate into the paint, the paint to leave the spot, it is difficult to remove.(2) in the process of driving, the sand particles with air form great friction and scratch the paintwork. Protect car paint main products are: wax, film, glaze three kinds. Waxing is one of the most common protections, especially for new cars.(3) the purpose of waxing is not only to make the car light up, but the most direct purpose is to isolate the dirt and permeate the car paint. Film and glaze are chemical fibers that do not give the car a direct shine, but the actual effect is also very common.
Q:How do I remove the wax on plastic?
Use the hair dryer to dissolve the solid wax, and then quickly use the toilet paper and other absorbent cotton cloth to dry
Q:Which cars are made in China use engineering plastic fuel tanks?
From the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, the weight of the plastic tank generally only metal tank 1/2, can directly reduce the vehicle weight, thereby reducing the overall energy consumption, in addition, the reuse rate of plastic fuel tank can reach more than 90%.But this does not mean that all cars must use the plastic tank, according to the specific configuration and technical standard of each car, such as the large passenger cars and trucks almost all use the tin tank, because the tank of the car itself, the space occupied by the weight and did not have much effect.
Q:Who knows the plastic material of car door plank what to have, how to distinguish?
Plastic is a new material used by simulation car model manufacturers. Many varieties of plastic, the main varieties of more than 50 kinds of production, is the largest model of thermoplastic plastics, mainly polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene, ABS engineering plastics, organic glass sheet, foam sheet etc..
Q:What about the plastic taste of the car floor mats?
If the above approach can remove the smell of plastic, and is heated into hot water a pungent odor, just thinking of this by not possible plastic material is not good, it will be harmful to health, or give it more secure
Q:How to use plastic selon car?
Hood: SA8633 (thermal stability, hardness, spraying), SA8664 (mineral enhancement, thermal stability, dimensional stability)Automotive engine cooling system: SE8563 (high strength, salt resistance, hydrolysis resistance, stress resistance)Air conditioner air outlet: PET1200, PET1300 (glass fiber reinforced); PET1210M, PET1305M (glass fiber mineral reinforced); SE9553P (high impact, high heat resistance, electroplating and spray level)Car door handle: PET/PBT, G8230, PET/PBTFR8230 (alloy reinforced, alloy reinforced flame retardant); PET/PC 4600, PET/PC G4620 (PET alloy, alloy glass fiber reinforced)Car battery box: PPE, NF5310, PPE, NF5320, PPENF5330 (halogen-free flame retardant, heat resistant / high flow / high impact)
Q:How do you maintain the dashboard and plastic parts of the car?
If a rainy day, plastic parts to provide long-term intimate protection, you can choose to do a plastic film coating. Cars will used plastic crystal coating is repair automotive plastic parts whitening and ensure a period of time not to return "white" super high hardness, glass fiber coating agent. After construction, it can restore the luster of the plastic piece itself, and add a protective film to the outer part of the plastic piece, so that the luster of the reduction is more lasting, and the effect is more remarkable.
Q:When the paint is sprayed on the plastic, how do you remove it?
Cleaning agent or gasoline long wipe, plastic is high polymer, not afraid of organic solvents, but acetone and chloroform is not good, will hurt the plastic.Car decoration shop has self-adhesive detergent, plastic parts can be removed paint.

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