High Temperature Crepe Paper Printed Masking Tape Price

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China main port
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10000 roll
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30000000 roll/month

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Describtion of High Temperature Crepe Paper Printed Masking Tape Price

Masking tape is using crepe paper as backing material and coated with natural rubber adhesive

Standard size: 24mm*30, 48mm*30m,0.99m*1800m,1.22m*1800, etc.

Application : widely used for painting masking, furniture, shoe material production, auotmobile painting.


Item No.



Initial Tack

Holding Power


Tensile Strength







High Temperature Crepe Paper Printed Masking Tape Price

High Temperature Crepe Paper Printed Masking Tape Price

High Temperature Crepe Paper Printed Masking Tape Price

Pakaging & Shiping

Packaging Detail

standard packing / genuine packing / as per customer's packing instruction

Delivery Detail

15 ~ 30 days after receiving the deposit

High Temperature Crepe Paper Printed Masking Tape Price

Our service of High Temperature Crepe Paper Printed Masking Tape Price

1. We have good and professional team

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High Temperature Crepe Paper Printed Masking Tape Price


Company Information

High Temperature Crepe Paper Printed Masking Tape Price

CNBM International Corp., established in 2004, is the business entity fortrade and logistics of CNBM Group, a state-owned company under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of People’s Republic of China.

Adhero Technology is the adhesive tape division of CNBM International Corporation. Over the past decade we have been developed into a leading manufacturer of adhesive tapes in China. We mainly supply various kinds of adhesive tapes as BOPP packing tape, cloth duct tape, double sided taoes, PVC tapes, Aluminum foil tape etc.

High Temperature Crepe Paper Printed Masking Tape Price

High Temperature Crepe Paper Printed Masking Tape Price


FAQ: What are your company advantages? 

  1. Stable financial status and sound reputation as a state invested corporation under the direct administration of the State Council of PRC;
    2. CNBM’s worldwide influence as one of the 500 global fortunes specializing in building materials including adhesive tapes;
    3. More than a decade’s exporting experience and technology in adhesive tape industry;
    4. Preferential shipping channels, with a separate team dealing with shipping.



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