Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board

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Introduction of Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board:

Light burned magnesium oxide power,It is suitable for building materials and fireproof material,because its content is more than 85%,and its price is two times the price magnesite,what’s more no impurities.Its fireproof performance is better than the magnesite.

Technical Data of Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board:

Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board

Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board

Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board

Applications of Inorganic Noncombustible Composite Board:

Fire resistance board series:used in the tunnel ceiling, steel structure column, beam,horizontal floor, fire partition wall, and room dividers.

Decorative board series:used in the hotels, office building, residential renovation.

Substrate board series:used in ceiling, partition, fireproof door core,warehouse board and lining board.

Sound absorption board series:used in the subways,bus stations, theaters, factories, and other public building.

Safe: 100% does not include such harmful substances as asbestos and etc, and no nasty smell before and after application.No toxic gas after burned under high temperature .No radiation. It is Eco-friendly.


Light burned magnesium oxide power,It is suitable for building materials and fireproof material,because its content is more than 85%,and its price is two times the price magnesite,what’s more no impurities.Its fireproof performance is better than the magnesite.


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A:Sample order 3-5working days,bulk order 15-20days working days.


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Q:Vermiculite, soilless cultivation, horticulture, vermiculite, the use of coarse?
Vermiculite is a kind of mica material which is formed when the silicate material is heated at high temperature. In the course of heating, water loses rapidly and expands, and the volume after expansion is equivalent to 8-20 times of the original volume. Thus, the aeration pore and water holding capacity of the substance are increased. 2. the density of vermiculite was 130-180 kg / cubic meter, and it was neutral to alkaline (ph7-9). Vermiculite can absorb up to 500-650 liters of water per cubic meter of water. After steam disinfection, can release the appropriate amount of potassium, calcium, magnesium.
Q:How to apply the quota of cement and vermiculite insulation layers?
The present price is the separation of quantity and price.Here, the amount consumed. The consumption of fixed consumption is only the price of a natural machine. The corresponding "04 consumption quota" in Guizhou."Consumption corresponding to the so-called price is fixed base price, respectively, corresponding to the combination of talent prices. The corresponding books, such as "Guizhou city 08 price list", because different regions of the price list is not the sameFor example, we want to build a brick wall now 1.3 cubic meters of water mixing, Lane corresponding to the fixed quota items such as 3-1, the consumer can find the corresponding item is brick mixing.
Q:CRICKET BREEDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
you have to have worked in an industry that sprayed asbestos, shipyards..and worked w/o a mask and smoked unfiltered cigarettes for 15 years to get asbestosis. Your kids are fine.
Q:used wooden spoon to mix vermiculite is the spoon still ok to use in food after washing?
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Q:How much cement does the vermiculite heat preservation layer need?
Vermiculite is a kind of hydrate, which is blocky, flaky and granular. It is the product of weathering and alteration of natural mineral such as biotite. The interlayer water molecule is ignited at high temperature, and the volume is increased by 18-25 times. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, aluminum, iron, magnesium, silicate and other ingredients. Vermiculite has higher layer charge number, so it has higher cation exchange capacity and stronger cation exchange adsorption capacity. Characteristics: light weight, and good adsorption properties, not decay, can be used for 3-5 years (unlike the humus, coconut shell, clothing and other perishable)
Q:is vermiculite and perlite the same thing?
this is a sight for seriouse answers not dumb jokes...grow up...there is no such thing as a south american vermiculite snail and snails dont cough let alone do their mothers abandon them because they neve get raised by there mother .... ***
Q:My female leopard gecko has had eggs in her for over 3 weeks and wont lay them. What can I do?
I would just use a tupperware box filled about 2/3 full of perlite or vermiculite. Make sure the perlite or vermiculite is just damp and not wet when you put the eggs in. btw ur humidity is way too high. And make sure when you buy ur vermiculite or perlite you dont buy the miracle gro kind. The kind has fertilizer in it and will help mold grow in your box (especially if the humidity is 90% O.o) You can also just keep the incubator in a warm spot with a thermometer inside of it to check the temperature. If you want a female, keep it around 80-82 degrees F. If you want a mixed sex keep it around 85 F. If you want a male keep it around 88 F. I wouldnt recomend buying a hovabator unless your leos are laying eggs like crazy. Personally, i think buying an incuator is a waste of money. I hope this helps :D
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I suggest checking out the thread on this forum, there are countless DIY options available for rack systems.
Q:Leopard Gecko Eggs infertile?
Q:Can vermiculite take the place of soil? Is it okay to plant seeds directly in vermiculite?
Vermiculite is a kind of thermal insulation material, garden cultivation can play the role of heat preservation and water conservation, but the plants contain little trace elements, it can not replace the soil. But seeds can be planted directly in just inside.

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