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I just bought a house with a half dead lawn that requires lots of water. The soil here has lots of clay in it and as a result, doesn't hold water well and needs excessive watering to keep a lawn green. My neighbor lives on a hill and reseeded his whole yard only to have his back yard (uphill) die on him because all the water ran down hill. Question is, how would I use vermiculite, perlite, or anything else to help my lawn retain water? I have used Scott's turf builder in an attempt to spread the roots of the grass and my lawn looks 100% better, but it still needs lots of water :(
Can have asbestos in it, especially in the past.
ok, i got that my red slider turtle might lay eggs. but what do i do with them how do i know if one even gets pregnant.
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I am teaching a children's art class and want to do a sculpture project with the kids. Some who have signed up are small and I am leary of giving them sharper tools to carve the plaster blocks I am making. I have instructions on mixing the plaster with vermiculite to make the plaster softer/slow down drying time. I have only found perlite- which is the same gardening-wise but I'm wondering if it will be the same for my purposes. I have found out vermiculite is clay based whereas perlite is rock I'm guessing I can experiment but figured I'd give a quick shout out first! Thanks!
vermiculite and perlite are two different things, but I don't believe either one is toxic. Vermiculite is what happens when the mineral mica is heated, perlite is a naturaly occuring mineral of volcanic origin. However, if you dry it out in your oven, depending on how much of it you have, I would not have the oven over 150 degrees. And have adequate ventilation. It may take overnight, again depending on how much of it there is. Just keep stirring it occasionally, and keep checking to see how fast it is drying.
How to use flower vermiculite?
Vermiculite used in agriculture and horticulture is a specially made expanded vermiculite, whose main function is to increase the aeration and water retention of soil (medium). Because of its fragile, with the use of time to extend, easy to medium dense and lost ventilation and water retention, so coarse vermiculite better than the use of long time, and the effect is good. Even the seeding medium of fine seeds and the covering for seeding are better with thicker ones. In horticulture, expanded vermiculite can be used for the cultivation of flowers, vegetables, fruits, seedlings, and so on. It is also suitable for planting lawns. Because it allows crops to get adequate moisture and nutrients from the early stages of growth, they allow plants to grow rapidly. It can be mixed with peat, peat, perlite, and it is also one of the main materials of the growing medium, and at the same time as the covering of seeding, adjusting the pH value of medium.
I have lost soOOOO many litters to molding even when i try so hard to ventilate it. Are chicken egg incubators good?
If you're having trouble with mold, try different incubating medias. Vermiculite, perlite, and spaghum moss all work well -- perhaps you could split the clutch carefully into several groups (if the eggs aren't stuck together) and try the different methods. Too much ventilation likely introduces mold spores. Start with sterile media in the first place and don't keep it too wet -- just slightly damp is best. Make sure your temps aren't too high -- if the temperature climbs over 90F for very long, your eggs will die and then they'll get moldy and rot. Can you describe your setup more fully? Maybe someone will be able to spot what you've been doing wrong. Good luck!
It is non-metallic, contains iron and magnesium, when heated it swells and expands into light worm-like pieces of vermiculite which is used as a medium for planting seeds. Thanks!
I have a friend of mine just grows them inbetween paper towels, every layer is more seeds, when he wants them or they are ready he pulls out a wad of damp paper towels from this plastic container scoops out his micros, throws more seed in those paper towels or new ones and into another tray it goes with a spritz of hydrogen peroxide, he never seems to be out and they are fresh and clean.
I am trying to propagate some trees from cutting for use as bosai material and I would like to know what soil or meduim is the best to use.
Nice question for the food category. Anyway, rice and flour won't get you the desired results. They both will absorb water like vermiculite, but are less willing to give up the moisture when needed. Plus they could change the soils acidity. Your best bet is to stick with the proportions that were given to you so you can enjoy the best crop
Both of them are lightweight aggregate and i want them for concrete.As the concrete strength is important for me i want the stronger !
You can hire some professionals for industrial vacuum system that helps in safely handling and removing vermiculite from your place. You can consult with a remodeling contractor, he can assist you in finding an industrial professional for this job.