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Product Description

Inorganic mineral sense coating —— has a three-dimensional sense of green health coating

Inorganic mineral sense coating with its endless changing three-dimensional texture, multi-choice of personality collocation, to show a unique spatial perspective, rich and vivid, refreshing. And with personality creation to meet the overall decoration style, so that the texture coating in the filling to show their own unique style! This new artistic texture coating, brought the smooth era of wall body coating brought into a new era of natural environmental protection type concave and convex coating. It can replace the wallpaper, and it is more environmentally friendly, economical, and personalized. Textured coating has no radiation, light weight, realistic effect, through different construction technology, techniques and techniques, to create infinite special decoration effect.

Product Characteristics

Inorganic mineral sense paint it is mainly suitable for residential buildings, villas, hotels, office buildings and other buildings of the interior and exterior wall decoration role. Natural environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, both waterproof and have good air permeability, decorative texture is strong, three-dimensional decorative grain production casually. The use of texture paint shows a unique spatial perspective, rich and vivid, and can be refreshing.

Product Parameter

1. Material dosage: according to the specific construction effect, the general average is 1.5-3.5 kg / square meter.

2. Dry knot time: 4 hours, 48 hours of hard work.

3. Color: deploy according to customer requirements.

Product application cases


Q1 What is textured paint?

A1 texture coating is uneven surface, with the hand touch has a sense of texture paint. With its infinite change of three-dimensional texture, multi-choice of personality collocation, to show a unique spatial perspective.

Q2 texture coating has what advantages and disadvantages?

A2 advantage: simple sense paint and general paint difference lies in the simple sense paint is more vivid, simple sense is the coating material after the daub on the wall is called simple sense. As a new type of art paint, it can bring the smooth era of wall body coating into a new era of natural environmental protection type concave and convex coating. Can be used to replace the wallpaper, in the use of only when also more environmentally friendly, economic, personalized.

Disadvantages: the disadvantage of texture coating is that it is very difficult during construction. If the construction process is not good, it will not achieve its effect. And it will be a little more expensive than the regular paint price above.

Q3 What are the characteristics of the texture coating?

A3 natural environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, both waterproof and has good air permeability;

Decoration texture is strong, three-dimensional decorative lines are random, and have a strong aging resistance;

Anti-alkali anticorrosion, water resistance, no skin, no cracking, no fade, its excellent quality to ensure use for more than ten years.

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Q:I want to have a paint fight at my b'day but don't know how much paint to get. Thanks.
tempura paints-will wash out of clothes normal paint- wear rubbish or old clothes you don't wear anymore, just in case the paint wont come off fabric paint- for the 2nd, 3rd and fourth idea :-) to make things interesting: 1) blow up a balloon (relatively small) 2) put the paint inside 3) fill it as much as you can ( the heavier, the better splash it will make) wear white: 1) once you have finished 2) take off the white item of clothing 3) leave it to dry 4) there you have a memory of the birthday and a cool clothing item ! wall paint: 1) get a giant sheet (bed sheet) 2) pin it to the wall with nails or drawing pins 3) get a paintbrush 4) splat the paint all over the wall and whatever you want to paint on it floor paint: 1) sheet on the floor 2) grab a tray or plate 3) put paint in each one 4)use your hands and feet, make a trail, make a picture with hand prints !
Q:Hot days want to paint a piece of clothing, but do not know how to proceed, what materials and tools? Clothes must also be white? Please help master ah! The The Detailed points, points can also be added
Hand-painted textile pigments and acrylic paint are waterproof, hand-painted textile pigments are specially painted in the fabric above the fabric.
Q:Are the pigeons and cinnabar mixed together and can they be used as tattoo dyes?
No scientific basis, like tattoos can be concerned about the tattoo stickers, and then look at tattoo stickers, will be mentioned in detail. Tattoos need to be cautious not blindly,
Q:What does paint thinner do? Not for house purposes for canvas oil paintings.
by paint thinner you are implying for use with oils. it thins oils to a watery consistency you can use it to wash your brushes, although it is not as thorough as turp. basically,,,you can still paint with it, as opposed to turp which is too strong and breaks down the binders.
Q:Paint with petrol is an oily or water-based paint
Petrochemical paint with dilute the paint is oily paint, oily paint is commonly known as organic solvent-based paint.
Q:Photo Printer Dye Ink and Pigment Ink What's the difference?
Pigment of the ink is more light, the color is not so bright, dye ink is not fast, bright colors, we are the manufacturer of printer ink manufacturers
Q:what is milk paint is it more exspensive then normal paint? does it have a strong odor?
I don't know that it is more expensive, really. Most of them are powder that you mix with water and you use them very thin, it's kind of like painting with milk powder in water. It has no odor to speak of, because it's basically milk and mineral pigment. I wouldn't use it outdoors in a damp climate like where I live but it is great for furniture or interior walls. It sort of soaks into wood, and it definitely takes a second coat to get complete coverage but one coat will give that weathered antiquey look. It has no sheen whatsoever, and if you want a washable surface you pretty much have to varnish it after.
Q:What is the difference between the pigment and the dye?
It is not possible to discolor water as a standard to distinguish between dyes and pigments. The difference is that the coloring of the object is different and the dye can penetrate into the interior of the object, such as inside the fiber, and the pigment can only act on the surface of the object, such as the surface of the fabric.
Q:Sichuan Guangya Polymer Chemical Co., Ltd. treatment
Ability to determine the post, is to let the sage in office, who can work In the human resource management to attract, select, use and training and other aspects of the introduction of market mechanisms, through open competition, preferred employment, enable those who are on the flat, let the next.
Q:which paint is better latex or enamel
With respect to paints enamel is a fanciful term, implying that an ordinary latex or oil-based paint has the same properties as true, fired vitreous enamel. Some enamel paints have been made by adding varnish to oil-based paint. The term sometimes refers to oil-modified polyesters that were introduced in the early 1930s. The oil is required to stop or enhance the crosslinking of the paint in order to achieve sufficient flexibility of the paint film. Typically the term enamel paint is used to describe oil-based covering products, usually with a significant amount of gloss in them, however recently many latex or water-based paints have adopted the term as well. The term today means hard surfaced paint and usually is in reference to paint brands of higher quality, floor coatings of a high gloss finish, or spray paints. Most all interior paints are acrylic latex and are water based. An Oil-Base High-Gloss Enamel has Exceptional adhesion on previously painted or properly prepared and primed surfaces such as interior and exterior wood, drywall, plaster, masonry, metal, well-bonded wallpaper, brick, stucco, aluminum and cinder block. Not recommended for floors. NOTE: All oil-based paint yellows over time. This natural effect is most noticeable with light colors applied in areas with limited exposure to sunlight. It also has to be cleaned up with mineral spirits. Best for outside use. You should use a resperator if you use inside. Hope this helps

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