Titanium Dioxide A101 Denitrifying Catalyst

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Product Description:


Product Description of Titanium Dioxide Anatase :

A201,  Anatase titanium dioxide pigment  , which is specially designed  with  the characterized by its High Purity & High Gloss,insoluble in water, non-toxic, insoluble in water, soluble in hot and concentrated strong acid and alkali, it  is the material carrier of SCR denitrifying catalyst.


                                TDS of the Titanium Dioxide Anatase A201

BETspecific surface       m2/g150±10
Crystal Size                   nm10-20
Aggregate SizeD50       um1-2
Rutile                           %≤0.5
PH(10%water suspension )1.2-3.0
Loss on ignition           %≤5.0
TiO2                           %≥90
SO42-                         %3-6
P2O5                       ppm≤4000
Fe                             ppm≤50
K2O                         ppm≤100
Na2O                       ppm≤100
Water                          %≤3


 Suggest for Use of Titanium Dioxide Anatase :


A201 is the material carrier of SCR denitrifying catalyst.

●    The production of denitrifying catalyst for the treatment of smoke gas in power plant (coal, oil, or refuse burning)

●    Refinery, coking plant and glass plant and tail gas of automobile and boat.

●    Solar panel catalyst. 


Advantage of  Titanium Dioxide Anatase A201  :


It has large specific surface area, high catalytic activity, goods stability, goods resistance to sulfur, long life. 


Safety Of Titanium Dioxide  :


As a matter of good industrial hygiene, gloves and safety glasses with side shields or better eye protection should betworn when handing Tio2,For more information, refer to the MSDS.


Packing details  of  Titanium Dioxide Anatase  :

25kg/bag, or  50kg/bag, even 1MT/bag will according to your need. the bag can be PP bag or paper bag. One 20 Feet  container can be load22MT witout pallet , if with pallet , can be 20 MT .


package of Titanium Dioxide



pallet of Titanium Dioxide



Product Storage of Titanium Dioxide Anatase :



The shelf of Tio2 is indefinite as the material is kept from direct contact with moisture.



store of Titanium Dioxide


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Dyegod, a compound chemical enterprise, engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and deep processing of powder products. Specializing in the production of high quality titanium dioxide anatase and rutile, including food grade titanium dioxide, enamel and ceramic grade titanium dioxide, fiber grade titanium dioxide, welding grade titanium dioxide, lithopone and other fine powder.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shandong, China
Year Established 1970
Annual Output Value Above US$100 Million
Main Markets North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Africa; Oceania; Mid East; Eastern Asia; Western Europe; Southern Europ; South Asia
Company Certifications REACH, ROSH,SVHC 53 Items Certificate ,SGS,CIQ,ISO9001:2008

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Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

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Nearest Port Qingdao Port
Export Percentage 61% - 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 100-200 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;Spainsh; Farsi;French;German
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 90,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 3
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered; Buyer Label Offered;OEM
Product Price Range Rock Bottom Price With Best Quality
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