Hardener Concrete sealing agent (lithium-based)

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Lithium-based concrete sealant is a silicate sealant of the lithium carrier, which is designed for the compaction, hardening, dust prevention and increasing wear resistance of the concrete. Polishing together with the floor base can add luster and enhance the hardness of the concrete, so it is often used in the concrete of the commercial warehouse floor. It can prevent concrete powder and weathering; inhibit toxic bacteria growth and improve wear resistance.

Product Characteristics

Lithium-based curing agent compared to potassium-based / sodium-based curing agent performance advantages
Harder and more wear resistant
Better sealability
Good corrosion resistance
Strong penetration
Not easy to alkali whitening

Product Parameter:

Q1The effect of the curing agent?

A1.Physical drying, coating and curing agent can make the coating drying speed is accelerated, the drying speed is accelerated, and the speed of construction can also be accelerated.

Chemical curing, combining the curing agent with the main paint, can improve the hardness, brightness and adhesion of the paint film, but also improve the chemical stability and anti-corrosion ability.

Curing agent can also improve the curing speed of the primer. When coating the paint, you need to wait until the paint is completely dry before coating the paint, and this time may take about two or three days, with the curing agent can save time.

A2 How long does it take to apply the topcoat after using the curing agent?

Q2 Depending on the environment, it may take about two or three days for the primer to dry thoroughly before applying the topcoat.

A3 Can the curing agent improve the hardness of the paint film?

Q3 Yes, it can improve the hardness of the paint film

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Q:What is the main difference between a one-component polyurethane and a polymer cement-based waterproof coating?
The definition of a one-component moisture-cured polyurethane resin coating is a reaction consisting of a hydroxyl-containing macromolecule compound such as a polyether ester resin, a polyester resin, an epoxy resin, castor oil, etc. and an excess of a polyisocyanate compound (reaction-NCO group and An OH-based animal husbandry ratio, i.e., NCO / OH & gt; 1), to produce a polyisocyanide prepolymer having an NCO group as an end group. When the prepolymer is applied on the surface of the object, the moisture in the air reacts with an NCO group in the prepolymer to form urea bonds to cure the film.
Q:Brush latex paint or stickers good wallpaper?
. From the decorative effect, the wallpaper is certainly better, more rich patterns, and the film is good can be repeatedly rubbed, resistant to stains than latex paint strong!
Q:I will do a painting on wood... can u guys tell me what kind of paint should I use?
If you're working on natural wood, as opposed to a panel that has been specifically prepped for an artist, the most important thing to do is to sand down the surface after each layer of primer. You will get best results by using a Gesso acrylic primer, and giving the surface several layers (sand down your surface between each layer after the paint has dried). You can basically use any paints you want after that - inks, watercolours, oils, acrylics - you'll get different results with each, but any of those media could give you interesting results. I recommend experimenting on a small piece of similar wood, just to check what looks best.
Q:what technique is the best for splatter painting???
There are no techniques for splatter painting. Just be creative and throw paint :) If I were splatter painting, I would close my eyes and throw paint randomly. Or you can fill balloons with paint and throw it at one certain place.
Q:Acrylic paint and textile pigment that is more suitable for painting on clothes? Is it harmful to the skin? What color will fade? Please specify
This is my personal feeling in the clothes and canvas shoes on a better dye, its advantages are particularly thin, and not like the crack will crack, and the price is particularly cheap, generally 12 colors of textile dyes about More than 20 dollars, the general sale of school supplies should be sold.
Q:What is the color of the color system and color mixing system
The color disappears in the dark. We are surrounded by natural or artificial objects, have a variety of colors and colors. These colors seem to be attached to the object. However, once the light is weakened or called dark, all objects lose their colors. We see the color, in fact, is a light for the media a feeling. Color is the feeling that people are excited to receive the excitement of the retina after receiving light stimulation to the brain center. 1) Newton's spectral light is electromagnetic waves, can produce color vision of light only part of the range of electromagnetic waves. While the human can feel the range (visible light), which is between 780 mm and 380 mm. The sun belongs to the visible light, Newton first experiment, the use of Mirror scattered sunlight, the formation of the spectrum. 2) monochromatic light and composite light this dispersion of the spectrum, even once again through the mirror will not spread again, known as monochromatic light. Most of the light we see in our daily light is the light of monochromatic light polymerization, called composite light. Composite light contains a variety of monochromatic light in different proportions, to produce a different color perception.
Q:Is the pigment poisonous? , I work in the paint line, every day is to do toner, what color has, all day there will be a lot of toner inhalation of the lungs, who can tell me that the toner is not poison ah?
Toxic ingredients are the main ingredients containing lead, people involved in lead too much damage to the brain and kidney organs, can not be long engaged in this work, but also regularly check the body!
Q:I want to dyed a white coat into the color of the picture 1, but there is no color of the dye, I want to own out, what color need to match? Is it pink and yellow? thank you very much!
Red, green and blue, can match all the colors.
Q:Giraffe paint and bauhinia paint which brand is good
They belong to the same grade, in the paint industry is second-tier brand.
Q:The chromatin is stained with alkaline dyes, where acetic acid magenta or gentian violet dye can be used. Although these two pigments are called alkaline, why is the pH of the solution acidic?
This type of dye ionization after the dye ion with a positive, can be combined with acidic substances into the salt. Microbial laboratory commonly used alkaline dyes are Meilan, methyl violet, ammonium oxalate crystal violet, acetic acid magenta, alkaline complex red, Red, malachite green and fan red, etc., in general, the bacteria easily stained with alkaline dyes.

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