rutile titanium dioxide R6618-T

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Rutile Titanium dioxide      CAS NO:13463-67-7
ProductQuality IndexCharacteristicsApplication Fields
The content of titanium dioxide %≥94 zirconium, aluminum and TMP organic surface treated, narrow-size material distribution, good whiteness and high weather resistance R6618 with TMP surface treated can be used in both water based system and oil based system, such as all kinds of paints, paper-making,PE,PVC. But it cannot be uesd in the temperature of more than 180℃。If used in more than 180, it will be changed into gray.
The content of rutile%98
Oil absorption g/100g≤20
PH value of aqueous suspension6.5~8.0
Tint reducing power (Reynolds number)≥1800
Oil dispersion (Hegman)6.0
Residue on seive(45μm) %0.05
Resistivity Ω•m 80
Hiding Power≥0.915
Organic  treatmentTMP
(Organic silica)
The content of titanium dioxide %≥94zirconium,aluminum inorganic and organic  silica surface treated,high whiteness and glossiness, strong tinting strength, good weather resistance and dispersabilityR6618 with organic silica surface treated  can be used in oil base system, such as oil based paints, car paint, wood paint ,powder coatings,plastic,rubber, etc. This kind of titanium dioxide can be used in the temperature of more than 320.
The content of rutile%98
Oil absorption g/100g≤20
PH value of aqueous suspension6.5~8.0
Tint reducing power (Reynolds number)≥1800
Oil dispersion (Hegman)6.0
Residue on seive(45μm) %0.05
Resistivity Ω•m 80
Hiding Power≥0.915
Organic  treatmentOrganic silica

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Q:What are the main defects in paint?
After painting on the dry film produced by the defects are mainly pinholes, shrinkage, orange pattern, color, discoloration, quit, brush marks and wood is not clear;
Q:What is the coating voc, what harm
VOC, volatile organic matter, it is VotatileorganicCompound three words the first letter of the acronym, but sometimes with the total volatile organic TVOC to represent.
Q:Chemical fiber dyes toxic
Of course, non-toxic does not mean absolutely harmless.You have too much contact, do not pay attention to self-protection, but also cause different degrees of damage because these chemicals are somewhat corrupt and other factors that are detrimental to people.
Q:The economic impact of dyes
This year, the overall trend of the dye industry is still not fundamentally changed. Responding to the crisis of a hundred years, China's dye industry out of the trough, need to actively adjust the business development ideas.
Q:I will be painting my bathroom this week. It has peeling paint, and some smalll patch workI know I need to remove the loose paint, but any other steps before painting, and what type of paint should I use?
peeling paint usually means that the last person put latex over alkyd without priming first. Use a large handled paint scraper to get off as much peeled paint as you can then sandpaper the spots that the scraper didn't get. patch dings & gouges with drywall mud, let dry, sand & repeat. wash the walls with tsp-you can find it in the paint department- & water (use chemical resistant rubber gloves & safety glasses.)taking care not to wash off the drywall mud. rinse with clear water & let dry. Prime it--I use zinsser 123 primer/ sealer ( I always do 2 coats) & I find the best paint for the bathroom & kitchen is alkyd. You can buy low odor stuff nowadays.I always do 2 coats of paint as well. apply it to the wall then go down the wall from ceiling to floor in 1 long stroke then you won't get any roller marks.
Q:What are the benefits and usefulness of the paint?
The benefits of a variety of paints, decorative objects play a beautiful, practical, extended life, improve performance and so on. Its wide range of use, living in the doors and windows furniture, interior and exterior walls, floors, electrical appliances, handicrafts and other daily necessities , As well as the packaging industry, industry, aviation, national defense, scientific research and other aspects of all aspects are inseparable from the paint.
Q:What is the difference between thermal transfer ink and sublimation ink?
In fact, the best way to achieve pure cotton printing is digital direct injection, digital direct injection technology, the computer will be directly on the pattern of cotton fabric, to achieve WYSIWYG printing effect. Simple operation, completely break through the traditional screen printing on the color limit, digital printing can achieve 16.7 million color printing on the color, the color is extremely rich, because it does not use the intermediate carrier, so printed part of the breathable, comfortable, washed fastness 4 Level, repeated scrub does not fade. Due to the use of water-soluble supplies, does not contain any harmful to the human body chemical composition, it is environmentally friendly.
Q:Paint pigment dyes What is the difference
Dye: A colorant that is dissolved in organic or inorganic solvents, has a bright color, is well permeable to media (such as paper / cloth, etc.), but has a good light fastness / water resistance. / Diffusion / halo performance, can be flexible to play, to create a variety of special effects.
Q:Polymer batteries and 18650 batteries in the end which is more secure?
Each have the merits of the current technology 18650 failure rate is lower, and has solved the problem of explosion.
Q:Use talk about. Which is longer.
The black pigments made from dyes are stronger, but such black pigments are generally dissolved in water and they penetrate into the paper and may penetrate the back of the paper, so they have some technical hurdles in printing. Thus such black pigments are generally used to dry the solution very quickly or to try to accelerate the drying of the black pigment during printing. Other techniques have to use relatively hard paper or use special paper.

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