rutile titanium dioxide R6638

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The characteristics of the product

R6638 is a multipurpose water-based rutile titanium dioxide produced by silicon, aluminum and organic treated. It is suitable for papermaking with a high demand of water dispersion, water-based paint especially interior and exterior emulsion paint and water-based ink and so on.

Quality index

The content of titanium dioxide %          ≥93.0

Brightness %                          97.5

PH value of aqueous suspension          6.5~8.5

Oil absorption g/100g                 20

Tint reducing power (Reynolds number)    1800

The content of rutile %                  97.5

Water dispersion %                     85

Screenings(45μm) %               0.05

Resistivity Ω•m                     80

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Q:What is the main difference between a one-component polyurethane and a polymer cement-based waterproof coating?
One-component moisture-curing polyurethane resin coating, can be dry at low temperatures, theoretically below 0 ℃ can also be cured and dried. In practical applications, due to the surface of the coating by the ice limit (the surface of the coating if the water, below 0 ℃ will be frozen), is not easy to construction, generally not less than 0 ℃ when the normal construction. Relative humidity in the range of 30% -98%, single-component moisture curing polyurethane resin coating drying curing. Not affected. In the winter, fog, and even in the rainy day of the wet construction surface can also be a good construction, the normal dry curing, after the construction of 1-2h after the touch can be dry. The coating is wet curing type, and its curing drying is affected by the humidity in the air, if the air humidity is less than 30%, the curing of the film is much slower, and sometimes curing is not complete, the film performance by Impact; humidity is too high, dry curing speed too fast, the construction and storage to bring a lot of difficulties, especially in the high temperature
Q:The difference between thermal transfer ink and pigment ink
Thermal transfer ink is printed on coated articles and chemical fiber clothing on the pigment ink waterproof and anti-ultraviolet coefficient is much better
Q:What is the difference between home improvement paint and engineering paint?
For non-specialized people, the distinction between engineering paint and the nature of household paint is a bit difficult. Since we can not distinguish from the essence, then we can from the appearance, shape or packaging to distinguish. Home paint the shape of the packaging are generally more atmospheric, and looks more formal, like Xiaobian recommend to everyone for these paint pictures, in the paint on the note, also marked the home paint. The engineering paint the shape of the packaging, although the design is not so delicate home paint, but most of the engineering paint packaging is relatively simple.
Q:Pigment ink and dye ink have a shelf life? The general can be saved after how long it can be saved
After opening the general preservation time is half a year, but this should ensure that the ink is not subject to 2 times the case of pollution
Q:Paint furniture and paint-free furniture which pollution?
With a variety of decorative materials used. The ground material is best not to use a single material, because the ground material in the interior materials used in the relatively large proportion, if the choice of a single material will cause indoor air in a harmful substances exceeded.
Q:What is the difference between steel structure fireproof coating and cable fireproof coating?
Certainly there is a difference, the first use are not the same, which is also a difference in the composition. There is a problem, see swimsuit name
Q:Painting Jumps?
A varnish,primer,or a sealant. They have tons of names for it. You can go to hardware stores or basically any superstore,even Walmart has a paint department,and just ask.Tell them you need a top coat,a finisher for the wood. Most jumps are wood right? They will be able to get you what you need.
Q:It is best to buy their own harmless dyes with what grass to do paint
Red - madder: moss red in the week before that by the considerable attention. The main types of Dongyang Qian, Western Qian, Indian Qian three kinds. Used in China belong to Dongyang Qian, its stained parts in the roots, dyed hue orange, but because of different varieties, and have different hue. "Book of Songs" there is "stripe clothing Ru 藘, chat with entertainment", "East Gate of the 墠, Ru 藘 in Osaka" and other sentences.
Q:What is the difference between paint or paint?
Paint is a kind of paint, paint is divided into oil paint, water-based paint, powder coating and so on. In China is generally considered that the paint is water-based paint, is used to brush the surface of the building, the paint is used to brush the metal used, in fact, this is a wrong understanding. Paint contains paint, which can be divided into water and oily paint. With the development of petrochemical industry, chemical products emerging, modern paint has been out of the tradition of oil production paint, more and more paint products made by chemical synthesis, the type of paint, the use of more and more occasions. So the difference between them is that the paint is a class of paint. The meaning of paint is broader. Coatings include oil (paint), water-based paint, powder coating. Paint: Flowable liquid coating. Including paint and water-based paint; paint: organic solvent as a medium or high solid, solvent-free oily paint; water-based paint: water can be dissolved or water-dispersed paint.
Q:What is the difference between the pigment and the dye?
Dye and pigment, it is soluble in water, alcohol, oil or other solvents and other liquids in the color of the material. Dye solution can penetrate the wood, and wood composition (cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose) complex physical and chemical reactions, can make the wood color and not to blur the texture of wood, can make wood dyed and fast s color

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