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Product Description:

Product  Description:

Creative made of water and sericite with superior color; without worrying about harmful substances. Inorganic mineral paint carefully for you to create a healthy and safe interior space.

Silicite and water in the indoor air reinforce with oxide ions, two cations that pull each other to form oxygen. Thus increasing the oxygen content in the air, for you and your family to bring fresh air like a forest.

As the main raw material, Sericite is a mineral formed by the Mesozoic period period of about 150 million years ago, due to the surface temperature rising under the magma and the solidified loess through thermal action. The main components of sericite include SiO2, Al2O3, K2O, CaO, Fe2O3, MgO, Na2O, etc. It has the effects of pore-removing waste and excess sebum, promoting blood circulation salt discharge and strengthening blood pressure, so it is often used in medicine and cosmetics raw materials, and sericite itself contains three effects. The effect of anions, far infrared is especially prominent than general ore.

Far-infrared release function

According to the characteristics of water-based anion environmental protection coating, release the far infrared line, release more than 91% of the far infrared line at room temperature, providing a warm and comfortable indoor environment.

* Far-infrared is a type of electromagnetic wave. It is easy to absorb organic matter, once absorbed, into heat.

Main Features:

Water-based anion environmental protection coating releases a large number of negative ions according to the characteristics of sericite.

The released negative ions combine with the water (positive ions) in the indoor moisture and become oxygen molecules, which form oxygen.

According to the characteristics of weak mica releasing fresh oxygen, thus creating a beneficial indoor environment for the human body.

The composition of sericite and its properties change after the water reaction occur, thus completing the exchange of moisture and active ions in the air and releasing negative ions (O2-), which combine with the cations present in the room to produce oxygen.

Product Specifications and Parameters:

Environmental Cleaning:

ASTM G21: Basic experiment report in 2009

1: No hyphae were found on the test level

2: On the test level, the area of mycelium is found to be less

 than 10% of the total area

3: The area of mycelium found on the test level is 10%-30%

 of the total area

4: The area of mycelium found on the test level is 30%-60%

 of the total area

5: On the test level, the area of mycelium is found to be more

 than 60% of the total area

Release the natural anions 400-800 / cc to keep the air fresh and purify the air.

Release infrared light, improve body activity, help deepen sleep, and inject vitality into life. Deodorant function of removing odor and harmful substances (deodorant rate of 90.3%).

Fire retardant, do not burn when fire, do not release any harmful gas.

Mycoproof function is significant.(bactericidal icide 99.9%)

Humidity adjustment function, without the use of a humidifier.

Anti-mildew and moss Xue resistance function.

Prevent the new home syndrome function.

Isolation of the electromagnetic wave function.

Remove the odor / adsorption and decomposition function

With excellent odor removal, adsorption and decomposition function, suitable for the toilet and pet room. The negative ions released by the main raw material sericite surround the malodorous micromolecules, combine with the evaporated warm water vapor (positive ions), and are absorbed by the sericite. And the components of sericite can decompose the stench, and no longer re-emitted, thus forming the function of removing the odor adsorption decomposition.

Nowadays home coating is no longer just beautify indoor environment, more provide important guarantee for you and your family health. Water environmental protection anion coatings made of natural ore —— sericite as the main raw materials, can release a large number of negative ions, purification, improve indoor air quality, make the indoor environment more comfortable, and water anion environmental protection coating does not contain formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and any other harmful substances harmful to human health is zero, construction without dust, micro odor, "dry" faster than organic paint, truly realize the construction of the day in the safety, green decoration.

The Product Use Case:


Q1 Negative ion release amount?

A1 Water-based negative ion environmental protection coating construction wall 673 / cm2

Q2 Why can negative ion paint brush that day to live that day?

A2 Inorganic mineral anion coatings inherit the characteristics of inorganic mineral coatings, excluding formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and other harmful substances harmful to human health. Follow the traditional construction method, reduce the difficulty of construction, construction without special protection.

Q3 Why does the anion coating have the function of removing the odor / adsorption and decomposition?

A3 The negative ions released by sericite, the main raw material of negative ion coating, are surrounded by malodorous micromolecules, combined with the evaporated warm water vapor (positive ions), and absorbed by sericite. And the components of sericite can decompose the stench, and no longer re-issued, thus forming the function of removing the odor adsorption decomposition.

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