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Product Description:

Product Description:

Exterior wall inorganic building coating is the alkali metal silicate and silicon sol as the main binder, using the method of brushing, spraying or roll coating, forming a thin decorative coating on the building, made by the professional team research and development formula, does not contain formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

Water-based inorganic coating is a water-based architectural and decorative coating based on pure natural inorganic mineral raw materials, whose main component is oxidized modified potassium silicate and the product structure is a reticulated multi-sphere molecular combination. The inorganic components in the coating and the inorganic substances in the substrate undergo chemical reaction to form new inorganic substances, which are integrated with the substrate and not easy to fall off. The modified potassium silicate is compatible with various inorganic pigments, which not only keeps the original color but also plays a curing role and makes the coating film less likely to fade. Based on the above principles, it contributes to the natural environmental protection, fire retardant, aging resistance and super weather resistance of water-based inorganic coatings.

The reaction principle of inorganic mineral coatings

Product Characteristics

1. Inorganic coating is filled with mineral materials to form a breathable and petrification film. The film is long lasting and won't peel off so it saved any film stripping in the future maintainance. The film color is resistant to alkali  or yellowing;

2. Non toxic, no pungent smell, no formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals or other harmful substances, no radiation hazards;

3. Due to the inertia of inorganic oxide pigments, inorganic coating is UV resistant and natural color stable on the plateau of 3000 meters altitude;

4. Fire proof and flame retardancy: The coating is smoke free. The flammable point of the mineral materials used in the coating is up to 1200 ℃, qualifying for the A1 GB national standard of fire retardation. Thus the coating is suitable for all types of public places, oil depots and chemical plants where fire proof is a top concern;

5. After chemical reaction, Gber inorganic coating forms a petrification film with the substrat. The film expands and shrinks freely and can withstand the continuous test at a range of minus 60 ℃ - 50 ℃;

6. Mildew and sterilization do not breed moss. Gber inorganic mineral coating is of weakly alkaline. The raw natural mineral composition don't breed mold or moss;

7. The coating application is simple. It can be rolled, brushed or sprayed. The applicator doesn't require special protection at the construction sites;

8. Inorganic coating is waterproof and breathable. It is not easy to crack or blister. The coating depots and penetrates into the wall and forms a common layer. The film surface matrix is smaller than that of the water molecules and greater than that of water vapor. So the film has the same one-way breathing performance as that of human skin: the water vapor can breath freely to keep the coating surface dry but water won't penetrate the film.

Product Research & Development Laboratory:

The company is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and technical services, and it is one of the leading enterprises in the production of inorganic coatings in China. The company has independent research and development team, participate in the formulation of inorganic paint industry standards, both production scale and market share are in the forefront of the country. Factory workshop has an annual output of tens of thousands of tons of water inorganic mineral coating production line, and supporting research and development testing center, office conference room, staff rooms, etc, the factory through the third party environmental impact assessment, advanced manufacturing equipment machine, perfect living facilities, the factory production environment, or enterprise staff living environment, has reached the relevant national and local government of environmental protection, energy conservation and safety regulations and standards.

With the enhancement of consumer environmental protection and health concept, the development of environmental protection of inorganic paint products will become the development trend of China and even the world paint industry.

Product Specifications and Parameters:

Product construction steps

Product application cases


Q1 Why is the inorganic paint resistant to salt spray?

A1 Combined with cement and other mineral matrix, petrochemical effect, integrated, common inert, coating is not easy to pan-alkali, not easy to yellowing;

Q2 Why does inorganic paint not breed moss?

A2 Waterborne inorganic mineral coating is weakly alkaline, and the raw material is a natural mineral composition, does not breed mold, moss.

Q3 Why is the inorganic coating weather-resistant?

A3 After the petrochemical reaction of inorganic coating is similar to the building matrix, the expansion and shrinkage are consistent, and can withstand the continuous test of minus 60-50;

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Q:Dulux paint, Nippon Paint and Mickey children paint, which is better?
Depends on a brand is good, can be measured from many aspects, different standards will have different results.
Q:Just paint with the brush how the furniture in addition to taste ah?
With a basin or a small bucket like a container filled with cold water, and then add the right amount of vinegar on the ventilated room, and open the furniture door. This can be appropriate to evaporate moisture to protect the wall paint surface, but also absorb the elimination of residual odor;
Q:What is the physical state of a polymer? Which can be divided into several
Several physical forms of the polymer are: solid (more common), liquid (in fact, the sol state), liquid crystal (sub-soluble liquid crystal and thermotropic liquid crystal)
Q:Paint furniture and paint-free furniture which pollution?
With a variety of decorative materials used. The ground material is best not to use a single material, because the ground material in the interior materials used in the relatively large proportion, if the choice of a single material will cause indoor air in a harmful substances exceeded.
Q:Is there a waterproof and moldy coating?
I have to tell you that the benefits of paint is waterproof and mildew, it is the use of imported materials, an international certification, the quality is very good, is an absolute reliable good paint.
Q:What is the difference between toner and pigment?
Toner is a dry paint, also known as pastry, the biggest feature is that no need to add thinner to reconcile the coating directly on the screen, the hue of the mutual mixing is also carried out directly on the screen, with paint painting both oil painting Heavy and colorful watercolor Smart feeling, and the painting is convenient, unique painting effect, by the Western painter's respected.
Q:I know that paint and plastic are made of oil as raw materials, I would like to know what the two of them in the end what are the common points and differences.
Plastic paint to thermoplastic acrylic resin as the base, supplemented by high-grade additives and pigments from the deployment of standard plastic paint. The paint has a high hardness, high gloss, high score fullness, good adhesion between layers, easy construction and other characteristics, widely used in plastic substrate coating products. Such as plastic toys, plastic daily necessities, electrical products, plastic handicrafts and so on.
Q:Paintbrush wall with beautiful or beautiful paint? Is that good quality? Is that good for the body?
Applicable is Haihong paint
Q:What is the difference between mixed water and clean water in environmental protection?
Mixed water paint and water paint is the color difference, the same brand with the grade of water and mixed water paint, the environmental index is the same. If it is different grades of paint, certainly the better the quality, the higher the environmental index.
Q:Who is the paint in which the invention?
Chinese people at the latest in the 13th century BC has been invented the use of paint. 1976 unearthed in Anyang City, Henan Province, "good man" tomb (buried in the 13th century AD), her paint on the coffin is proof. "Paint is probably the oldest industrial plastic known to mankind." In ancient China, the organization and management of the paint industry was very tidy, with private paint workshops and national production centers. The Paris Oriental Art Museum holds a painted wooden glass, and the engraved inscriptions of the cups illustrate the name of the five officials who participated in the production of seven craftsmen and production centers in addition to the four years of the year. This cup of wine shows the Chinese people have two thousand years ago on the manufacturing process of view; the other hand, the cup also shows that the production is likely to have used the modern industrial production line as the process. As early as the second century BC, the Chinese people have discovered the important chemical properties of the paint and found a way to change the process through the lacquer of the paint. It was found that by placing a few crab shells in the paint, the paint would remain liquid Will dry out. BC 120 years of "Huainanzi" a book and the twelfth century, Lee's mention of the crab shell can make the paint to maintain the special function of the liquid. Modern scientists have confirmed that there is a chemical composition that inhibits the activity of certain enzymes in a shell structure, and one of the enzymes is a hardened enzyme. Paint can be maintained by chemical means long liquid, which makes China's biochemical process has a bad industrial prototype model.

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