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I wanted to use paint pens (black and white) to paint on a black and white basketball (black on white and white on black of course =P) and so I was wondering what would b good paint pens to use? water or oil base? brand? The basketball will b used so something that doesn't smudge
Paint pens are probably not a good idea. While paint pens can sustain water wear and other weather conditions, they tend to wear away when they get rubbed on and stuff. So if youre bouncing the basketball, its going to scratch off instantly. You could actually try painting with spray paint or something? It wont last forever, but you could still do it. Cover up the sections where you DONT want the black paint to go with tape, spray it, let it dry, then do the same with the while sections. That would look nice c:
Polymer mortar is a ton of tons of cubic meters. To give more than 1,500 tons a ton. How much money is converted into a cubic meter.
The density of polymer mortar than the cement mortar should also be about 1800 kg / cubic meters. That is, there are about 1.8 tons of 1 side, 1 ton 1500, 1 side about 2700 or so
Now what brand of paint is good
Nippon Nippon (China Famous Brand Japanese Brand Coatings Top Ten Brands)
What kind of paint is good for home improvement?
Antirust paint, for nail and steel structure of the rust treatment;
What are the pigments on the gourd?
Painting with a traditional Chinese painting, drawing a good dry, to the entire gourd on a layer of transparent paint (with polyester paint or varnish can be), paint and then coated with a layer, so that will not bleach.
Paint and the day the water on the human body what kind of harm
Long-term inhalation of benzene can lead to aplastic anemia.
Roland inkjet machine FJ-740K, the recent emergence of uneven gradient of the situation is very serious. If the picture is a pattern of gradient is the color of the separation of the situation, the color transition of the dividing line clear; if it is a solid color gradient, it will be doped with other colors (such as: blue and white gradient doping is not obvious yellow and green, black and white gradient Also doping is not obvious yellow and green).
For bottled compatible ink, in addition to looking at the manufacturers to buy the label, but also by observing the ink to distinguish. Since the colorant in the dye ink is soluble, the dye ink is transparent from the appearance. And the colorant in the pigment ink is insoluble and exists in the ink in a suspended state, from which the pigment ink is opaque.
Does the polymer lithium battery have a memory effect?
All lithium-ion batteries can not overcharge. Polymer lithium battery is actually a lithium-ion battery. Some misunderstandings on the market that the polymer lithium battery and ordinary lithium-ion battery is different, in fact, the user is no different, but in the battery structure, the two are somewhat different. In the strict sense of the polymer lithium-ion battery electrolyte should be a polymer composition, and ordinary lithium-ion battery electrolyte is liquid. In fact, the current market will be more flexible aluminum foil liquid electrolyte lithium-ion battery known as the polymer lithium battery, and the steel packaging liquid electrolyte lithium-ion battery known as ordinary lithium-ion battery. In fact, the true sense of the polymer lithium battery in the country only a few companies to produce, and because of the high capacity of the product is also limited.