Acrylic Elastomeric Waterproof Coating for Interior and Exterior Wall

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Acrylic Elastomeric Waterproof Coating

Interior and Exterior Wall  



Acrylic Elastomeric Waterproof Coating for Interior and Exterior Wall is made of crosslink elastomeric acrylic emulsion, titanium dioxide, fillers and auxiliary agents. It's a fluid applied coating that's green and easy to use. It brings smooth surface, soft color and fine membrane. It has good sealing, adhesive and alkali resistant performance. It's available in different colors.

Technical specifications
(GB/T9756-2001) (GB1858-2001) (GB/T9755-2001).

1) Solid content (%): 55
2) Elongation rate (%): ≤250
3) Tensile strength (MPa):
4) Scrub resistance (Time): 1500
5) Artificial aging resistance (500h): no blister, no flake, no crack, no pulverization.

1. The membrane has good elasticity and extensiveness. It's especially used on substrates where cracks are prone to occur and on the heat-insulating mortar layer of the exterior wall.
2. Good waterproof ability. It's applied on roof, balcony, etc where waterproof is required.
3. The membrane can be brushed into various appearances such as the figure of orange skin, dots and fish scale.
4. Colorful coatings show a bright and uniform color.

It's applied as decorative protection to surface of all kinds of concrete wall, cement mortar wall and light weight insulating board made of inorganic materials.

1. The substrate must be flat, firm, dry and clean before application it. The water content of the substrate shouldn't exceed 10% and PH value should be less than 10.
2. Old coating should be cleaned off the substrate. There should be no ash, dirt and oil stains Cracks over 1.5mm wide should be filled and brushed even.
3. Brushing a sealing coating before application of it is recommended.
4. Fully mix the coating before application.
5. It can be applied by roller, brush or other professional painting kits.
6. Requirement on job conditions: It should be applied when ambient temperature is above 5 celsius degree. When there's rain and heavy wind, it shouldn't be used.
7. There should be interval of above 24 hours after brushing the prime coating and before applying the top coating.
8. The newly made top coating should be kept from intensive sunlight. Curing of it under coverage should be at least 2 days. Meanwhile, it should be kept from water.

1. Jobsite temperature should be above 5 celsius degree. On rainy and windy days, it's better to avoid application of it on exterior wall. Once the wall has been wet by rain, application of it should be seven days later at earliest. Meanwhile, do not use it and polyurethane coating together on interior wall.
2. Fully agitate the coating before application.
3. Please clean the tools in short time after finishing work. The brush and roller that's used for one type of coating shouldn't be used for another so as not to incur chemical reaction. Spray some water on the surface of the coating residual and tightly cover the drum which should be stored in a room above 0 celsius degree and used up in short time.
4. This series of coating is nontoxic and noncorrosive. But if it gets into eyes, please wash with clean water right away and seek medical advice.

Package and Storage

Package: 25kg/drum;
Consumption: 4.5m2/kg;
Storage: Sealed storage under temperature between 5 to 35 degree C. Its shelf life is one year.

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