Potassium Nitrate Industrial Grade Construction Chemical

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1000 kg
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500000 kg/month

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Product Description:

Potassium Nitrate Industrial Grade Construction Chemical


Molecular formula: KNO3
Molecular weight: 101.10

It is colorless rhomboidal crystal or powder particle. Relative density is 2.1109; melting point is 333℃. It resolves and emits oxygen at 400℃ and become potassium nitrite. It is soluble in water(0℃, 13.3g/100gH2O;30℃, 

45.8g/100H2O;100℃, 246.0g/100gH2O), insoluble in alcohol, soluble in liquid ammonia and glycerol.

Industrial use: 

it is raw material for the production of black powder, ignition harness and fireworks; it is used as salt bath in mechanical heat 

treatment; used to produce color ceramic glaze, glass refining agent, lens, optical glass, kinescope glass and etc. It is also be

 used to produce Penicilline potassium salt, as color former and preservative for meat product.

Executive Standard :

 national standard GB/T 1918-2011.


specification    inspection item


industrial grade (GB/T1918-2011)

high-class product

top quality product

qualified product


% ≥





% ≤




chloride(in Clˉ)

% ≤




water insoluble

% ≤




sulfate(in SO4ˉ)

% ≤



moisture rate

% ≤




% ≤


Potassium Nitrate Industrial Grade Construction Chemical


plastic woven bag or paper-plastic compound bag, inner plastic bag;polythelene bag, net weight is 25/50KG.

Protection: Please wear respirator to avoid Potassium nitrate dust inhalation to protect respiratory organ; and please wear 

work clothes and latex gloves to protect skin.

in dry, cool and ventilated warehouse, be away from heat and fire source. The temperature should not over 30℃, and relative

 humidity should less than 80%. In addition, it should separate from reducing agent, acids,
Inflammable matters and reactive metal powder.


1.Q: What is MOQ?

  A: Our MOQ is 1 TON. 

2.Q: Could you offer free sample?

  A: We can provide free samples to you for quality testing. 

3.Q: What about your packing?

  A: For liquid: Flexitank, or IBC tank 1000L

For powder:Woven fabric bag with plastic film liner(  25kg or 1000kg)

 Clients’ packing is workable.

4.Q: How about your productive capacity?

  A: 150000 tons/Year. 

5.Q: What is your delivery time?

  A: Within 7 days after received deposit or L/C at sight.


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The nature of the catalyst is to play a catalytic role in reducing (or increasing) the anti

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