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i have the power max xp652 water pump, 2 inch inlet and outlet, 6.5 horsepower, and says it can reach 100 psi. now i bought the pump so i can use it for my mobile detailing business, the problem is im barely getting 40 psi out the end and its not very much water to wash a car with. Im using a two inch suction hose to get it in, then right after the outlet i reduced it down to 3/4 inch into a 50 ft. garden hose. this only got me 40 psi and the nozzle was basically just spitting it out, so i tried using 50 ft. of 1/4 inch pressure washer hose and it didnt change anything still 40 psi. so please if there is any way i can up the psi, please tell me any ideas are good. i dont know if its just because i reduced it down too quick or if my suction hose is too big. someone who is into hydraulics please help.
I don't know anything about the xp652 , but if this pump goes in a well you also need a pressure tank and then a preassure switch , the pump starts it you the get a tank , if your tank has a bladder it will probably be preset at 30 psi but thats not where you get your pressure the switch has two little screws one will set how hard she blasts ( thats where your pump comes in) the other one sets how low your pressure gets before the pump turns on again , But if the xp652 is an outside system , ( outside of your regular weter pumping system then , Never mind .
Submersible pump reverse impact on the pump
Small amount of water, large current, long running time, easy overheating, or even burning pump.
think the water pump is behind the crank pulley but im not certain I've pulled apart the front end but I'm having a hard time getting the pulley off so I want to make sure the part im trying to pull off is not the wrong one.
Well as far as I can tell you may not have to remove the crankshaft pulley but I could be wrong. You will however have to remove the timing belt and you might as well replace it anyway since you're in this far. I unfortunately I don't have enough details as the one I did was several years ago.
I have 2000 ford ranger v6 3.0 I replaced the water pump ten months ago and all of a sudden it's running hot it only runs hot when I stop for a second at a red light or stop sign. I changed the radiator today but still is running hot. The top radiato hose going to the thermostat housing is building a lot of pressure and the water is bubbling in the reservoir what could be wrong? And I took the thermostat out last week
You waited too long, over heated the engine, and now have leaking head gaskets. If water is boiling in reservoir, that is DEFINITELY the problem. Take heart, though. Many times, all you need do is replace the head bolts and re-torque them to specifications. This will usualy un-warp the heads and restore good gasket seals on the Ford 3.0 engine. Compression is forcing air into the coolant. It's that simple. Untill your head get resealed, you will contiue to have boiling and overheating. GOOD LUCK!!
I have a 1995 Johnson 88 Outboard. It needs a water pump. I have everything loose except the shift rod that goes all the way through the unit How is it connected and how do I disconnect it?Thanks for your answers.
i think its a 3/8 screw looking from the back of the motor it will be on your port side under the carb....don't forget to lock your water pump.....
Well I know the water pump is leaking and its leaking fast. So I put water in the coolant reservoir and when I drive it acts fine but then when I stop and idle the coolant tank starts too over flow and spits the water out everywhere. Car still being at reg temperature the coolant reservoir is steaming/smoking? I can't tell which. But there doesn't seem to be water in the oil??? What's going on? If the water pump is replaced will this stop?
If you are loosing water due to a leak coming from your water pump the radiator can not hold pressure making the water over heat that is where the steam is coming from and as far as how long it will take you to replace the water pump time will tell if this is your first time it may take you 8 hours but like they say it is better to have tried than to have not tried at all.
I have a '97 Grand Prix with a 3800 V-6. There is a single bolt on the left side of the water pump that is directly behind the power steering pump pulley. How do you get the PS pump pulley off? I pulled a tricep trying to get this thing loose, and I'm no further now than when I started on it. Can anybody give me a tip on removing the pulley or the whole PS pump? I have a brand new water pump that I can't get on because of this fine piece of design by the brilliant engineers at GM!
you dont have to pull the power steeing pulley off...There three holes in the power steering pulley that allow access to two or possible three bolt that hold the pump to the bracket... Remove the belt, then get a deep either 13 mm or 10 mm socket and place it in one of the holes in the will find that when you remove the bolts, the pump will slide out of the way.... Do not remove any powersteeing lines or any other item from the power steering pump..You will only be causing yourself more work..... The brillant engineers at GM left you an out...All you have to do is look...ha ha
7.63Determine the isentropic efficency of a water pump when water enters as a saturated liquid at 96.5 kPa and exits at 5 MPa and 106 degrees C.Thanks
Isentropic Efficiency