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Product Description:

Product Description

NY150 XB200 XB250 XB350 Asbestos Rubber Sheet

Standard Dimensions(mm):

1270*3800, 1520*4100

1540*4580, 1520*2020

1520*1520, 1520*1350

1520*1020, 1270*1270

XB250 Asbestos Rubber Sheet is a kind of lining material for sealing. The product is suitable for the conditions

of the highest temperature of 250°C and the pressure below 4.0Mpa.


XB250 Asbestos Rubber Sheet is fit for the use of the flange connection of water and steam pipelines.

Technical Property of the Asbestos Rubber Sheet




Asbestos fiber and rubber


150 200 250 350 400 500 degrees C


1270*3800, 1520*4100, 1540*4580, 1520*2020, 1520*1520, 1520*1350, 1520*1020, 1270*1270


Red, Grey white, Green, Black etc.




1.6-2.0 g/cm3  

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Q:Standard for inspection of asbestos
China asbestos standard system includes nine national asbestos standards.GB/T 8071-2008 chrysotile asbestosGB 8072-1987 "sampling method for chrysotile asbestos"GB 8073-1987 "wet determination method for chrysotile asbestos"GB 6646.1-1986 "dry classification method for chrysotile asbestos"GB 6646.2-1986 "wet asbestos fiber length wet classification method"GB, 6646.3-1986 "quick wet classification method for chrysotile asbestos fiber length"GB, 6646.4-1986 "method for determination of specific surface area of chrysotile asbestos"GB, 6646.5-1986 "methods for determination of chrysotile asbestos and asbestos content."GB, 6646.6-1986 "method for moisture determination of chrysotile asbestos."The above criteria include a product standard, a sample preparation standard, and nine test method standards (in which appendix of GB 8071-2001 and appendix B specify two test methods).Other major asbestos products are standard:Standard for hygienic protection distance of asbestos products factory, standard number: GB18077-00, release time: 2005-1-28Hygienic standard for asbestos fibre in workshop air, standard number: GB16241-96, release time: 2005-1-28"Asbestos cement corrugated sheet and ridge tile" standard number: GB/T9772-96 release date: 2005-1-28"Asbestos rubber sheet" standard number: GB/T3985-95 release time: 2005-1-28
Q:What's the name of asbestos wood?
Asbestos consists of a fiber bundle, consisting of very long, very thin fibers that can be separated from each other. Asbestos is of high fire resistance, electrical insulation and thermal insulation. It is an important fireproof, insulating and heat insulating material.
Q:I China asbestos related laws and regulations,
There are many such articles in the Baidu library.Notice of the State Administration of safety supervision on strengthening dust hazard control in asbestos mine and asbestos products enterprisesGeneral Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine bulletin on the prohibition of asbestos use in automobiles and other productsAsbestos control regulations and their inspection methods and so on.
Q:How to produce fumed silica from asbestos tailings"
Hello! Produce fumed silica from asbestos tailings, but so far the domestic technology is not yet mature, Yunnan Dai application in the production of gas serpentine fumed silica patent, but did not realize industrialization.
Q:Would you please tell me how to clean the asbestos cylinder when repairing the engine? I studied a liquid, cleaning up more convenient and valuable?
Clean the asbestos pad general vehicle that, due to the high temperature and pressure cylinder, the cylinder pad on the adhesion, want to clean it's trouble, if you research the liquid can help repair personnel, faster and easier, cleaner to clean it, I feel you are in for repair personnel made a good thing.
Q:How to clean asbestos board? Five
If you use acid, alkali washing will corrode the equipment. This problem will be solved by switching to graphite coated asbestos sheets or pure graphite sheets! The specific product reference "Huilong sealing material".
Q:Will asbestos be poisonous when burned?
Other countries are looking at itQuality standards for indoor air asbestos concentrations are not available in all countries and are generally subject to the highest allowable concentration:China: chrysotile asbestos in the workshop has an air limit of 2 fibers / cubic meters.Carcinogenicity of asbestosAsbestos dust itself has no poison, it's the greatest harm from it, when these tiny dust is sucked into the human body, will be attached and deposition in the lungs, causing lung disease, asbestos has been the International Cancer Research Center for certain carcinogens.On the other hand, tiny asbestos dust flying into the air, being sucked into the lungs of the human body, after 20 to 40 years of incubation, it is likely to cause lung cancer and other lung diseases. This is the problem of asbestos pollution which has been paid attention to in different countries all over the world. In Europe, it is predicted that by 2020, deaths from lung cancer caused by asbestos pollution will reach 500 thousand people. In Japan, 100 thousand people are expected to die by 2040.Exposure to a certain amount of asbestos fiber or fiber may cause the following diseases:Lung cancer, stomach cancerMesothelioma, pleural or peritoneal cancer• Pneumoconiosis - scarring of the lungs due to fibrosis of the lungsAsbestos related disease symptoms often have a long incubation period, which may occur only about 10 to 40 years after exposure to asbestos (15~20 years of lung cancer, 20~40 years of mesothelioma).Hope that the above content to help you, I hope to adopt
Q:Are asbestos banned in China? Twenty
Amphibole asbestos were also banned in China, but in the International Conference on the prohibition of the use of asbestos ", Chinese, Canada, isothermal asbestos mineral resources of Russia top 3 countries in the world are opposed to prohibit the use of asbestos in the world"". Even disable asbestos related products, but before the use of asbestos containing building materials building will produce asbestos dust in the demolition process, some people even think that the building itself will emit asbestos, asbestos mining was abandoned after an open without treatment, will continue to have asbestos dust emitted into the air in. The disease caused by asbestos is a late disease and has a long incubation period. Therefore, every country will still have to face the problem of asbestos for a long time to come.
Q:What is the difference between the ceramic fiber cloth and the stone cotton cloth?
Ceramic fiber cloth is invented later, completely replace stone cotton cloth, asbestos cloth has carcinogenic function, and the strength of the ceramic fiber cloth is better. Beijing Fei Pufu
Q:How to solve the problem that asbestos products will leave white powder after high temperature aging
Strengthening the anti-aging property of asbestos products, adding high temperature and powder resistant chemicals in asbestos, so as to improve the service life and life span of asbestos products.

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