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i live in a condo complex that was built in 1974 in california. there is sheet insulation in the walls. what are the chances this is asbestos versus fiberglass. the clean air act of 1970 addresses the issue, however, the EPA as i understand it never stated it was a hazardous product.?????
no not at all my mothers car is a 2004 explorer with 64000 miles on it and she just got new tires 2 weeks ago so they last pretty pretty sure the manufacturer would put the best tires possible on your car since they made it they should know what tires would work best on your car
you put 25 grams of iron powder and 1 gram of salt in a resaelable plestic bag, and add 30 grams of vermiculite to the bag, seal the bag, shake it to mix the contents, then add 5 Ml of water to it and mix the contents again. what happens?????
nothing, the salt water will NOT react with iron, however the rion will just replace a few of the ions of the mineral and still probally nothing will happen
I have 1 male and 3 females, and I have changed the vermiculite out in the past, not anymore trying not to distrube the eggs.
you're having the same problem i am having! we incubate at around 81 degrees but they all mold! we had one hatch but it died after three weeks sorry im not much help but at least now you know you're not the only one. it sounds like your doing everything right just keep trying!
I have had this egg for about a month now in a plastic incubator that I made from a plastic bowl and vermiculite. The egg has filled out and started to change colors but only half the egg has changed colors. Is this egg still good or what? I hope I am not hoping and Waiting for nothing.
put it up to a light and see if there is anything inside.
Hi. My sulcata just lay 20 eggs. I have a chick incubator that was given to me. What are the procedure that is needed to incubate my sulcata eggs? I'm been doing some research online some say to incubate them in a closed container, and some say to incubate them in an open container? Can Yahoo Answer provide me with a definite answer as to how to incubate the eggs? Also a exact detail as to what are the procedure and what stuff to look for doing incubation. Do I need to spray mist water on the eggs? Thanks.
It is also called Vermiculite in Denmark:
I have four rooted cuttings of Plumeria. They were all in a pot with Miracle grow soil on the bottom, and Vermiculite for the rest. All four were in one pot until they rooted. Well, they did and they were doing great, and then I put them in seperate pots, and the medium I used was a mixture of sand, perlite, vermiculite, and Miracle Grow soil. They aren‘t doing so well anymore and it has been two weeks. They aren‘t dying, they just quit growing. Should I put them back into the same kind of medium they were in to begin with? Or should I just leave them alone, as I am afraid to keep re-planting them.
grow it in soil-based potting mix with added sharp sand, in full light sounds like you don't have the sharp dranaige you once had. add more rough sand to it, like lava sand. i hate perlite, have not had good results with it. stick with the natural stuff. make sure you don't have spider mite, as that's a common problem indoors. water moderately, fertilize monthly. no worries with repotting, as long as you're gentle and don't let the roots dry out in the process.
Do you have to freeze the seeds before you plant them? What kind of soil do they need? How much watering do they need? How long until they sprout? What then?Thanks for answering
Sequoia seeds do best soaked overnight in distilled water then chilled for more than 60 days in damp sand at 37 F. They do not need to be frozen just chilled in the fridge in a sandwich bag. About 40%-90% (depending on age and condition of seed) will sprout by 5 weeks but some will be sooner. Two germination methods The baggie method is to keep them in their stratification baggie with a suitably moist germinating mix. Vermiculite works fine, sand or even between damp paper towels. Only one damp towel on top though because they need light to germinate. The baggie is then stored under grow lights at moderate room temperature. You should not let the bag get warm or they may rot. Do not use an incandescent lamp only fluorescent or grow lights that do not heat the seeds. When the seeds begin to germinate, you remove the small plants, known as germinants, and plant them in a suitable container. Sprinkle them on soilless potting media for seed starts. Then lightly sprinkle a layer of the soilless media over the seeds. Make sure that you don't cover them too deeply they only need about 1/3 of their width, which means it is best to just barely cover them up. Set up lights. Even fluorescent lights will work for germination. Place a clear plastic cover over the media or mist very frequently to keep them just moist. Redwoods can be fed with a fertilizer for acid loving plants, they like a pH that is on the acid end from 4.5 to 6.5 in sandy loam. Apply fertilizer Valentines, Labor, Christmas days or spring, fall winter when water is available in the soil once they are planted out in full sun. N-P-K ratios should be 3-1-2 or 3-1-1 or a multiple of those like 6-2-4 at most. These are not fast growing trees.
Both of them are lightweight aggregate and i want them for concrete.As the concrete strength is important for me i want the stronger !
You can hire some professionals for industrial vacuum system that helps in safely handling and removing vermiculite from your place. You can consult with a remodeling contractor, he can assist you in finding an industrial professional for this job.