vermiculite board best panel for stoves fireplace

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vermiculite board in the construction
1 Material:silver vermiculite
2 Working temp:1100 
3 Size:2440x1220mm, 2100x900mm,


4 Feature: innocuous;  rainproof;  insulative and mothproof.

5 Max working temp: 1100C

6 Continuous working temp: less than 1000C

7Cold crushing strength: 3hx800°C: 3.84MPa

8Heat Conductivity: 0.11W/mk







Bulk Density





Pressure Strength





Flexural Strength





Thermal Conductive








Temp. limit





Linear Shrinkage










Expanded vermiculite       


40-80mesh ,20-40mesh,10-40mesh,1-3mm,2-4mm,3-8 mm,4-8mm


40-80mesh ,20-40mesh,10-40mesh,1-3mm,2-4mm,3-8


Raw vermiculite:






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Q:I want to sound insulate my walls and celings /floors?
You go right ahead and do what feels right. That's the beauty of being American, you can do what you want !
Q:Favorite Box Turtle Substrate?
The vermiculite will only have a very small chance of having asbestos in it. typically the suspect vermiculite came from one area in Montana and was a very small portion of the total amount mined. as for laying insulation on top of the vermiculite -- yeah, no problem in doing that.
Q:Asphalt expansion vermiculite process and material requirements
Asphalt expanded vermiculite products are made of expanded vermiculite and hot asphalt by mixing, pouring, molding and pressing.
Q:Is it safe to dry out vermiculite (Perlite) in a oven and if so at what temperature.?
The smoke (like all and all smoke that's inhaled) can surely include cancer causing agents. Fortunately THC has anti-tumor homes! To hinder cancer causing agents in marijuana it's first-class to make use of a water pipe (bong) and even higher, a vaporizer.
Q:Do you know what this white stuff in my flower pot is?
Southwest Vermiculite Co., Inc. 5119 Edith Blvd. N.E. Phone: 505 345 1633
Q:Water resources are faced with the crisis of shortage and pollution. Can perlite and vermiculite be used for water treatment?
Perlite and vermiculite are not readily available, and need to be processed by corresponding processing equipment with a certain process. Generally, perlite needs not fine powder, which can be called coarse powder, and some areas are called coarse sand.To set the perlite processing equipment according to the final requirements, some broken process need to be broken by the jaw crusher, and then if the finished products need a lot of powder grinding processing by perlite mill, can achieve a finished product; if the product requires a large amount of coarse sand, with a jaw crusher finely, with efficient crusher, after perlite through the sieve screening, can get the corresponding size of perlite particles.
Q:I need help on how to make a home made incubator with a 10 gallon tank a heat mat perlite or eco earth!!!?
yes take him to the ER
Q:Five-Lined Skink Care?
Any kind of heat put directly on the hair is harmful. I think your question is, which is LESS harmful. Yes, ceramic is pretty darn good. It also gives off a nice shine. Have fun.
Q:Ive been exposed to Asbestos, how concerned should i be??
There are 6 different forms of asbestos, and the mineral with the highly dangerous asbestos is vermiculite, which was used only for insulation and as an additive to potting soils and fertilizer. The type of asbestos used in popcorn ceilings came from a different type of mineral that is much less toxic, and the asbestos is generally bound together by paint and plaster, so very little dust was likely to be generated. It takes a large amount of exposure to non-vermiculite types of asbestos, so its unlikely that 7 months of exposure will cause any serious problems. Also, mesothelioma generally develops after many years of having asbestosis, which is inflammation of the lung from asbestos fibers that get embedded into the tissues. For the most part, you don't need to worry about mesothelioma unless you have asbestosis. Asbestos does not cause lung cancers besides mesothelioma.
Q:what kinds of natural resources exist in Antarctica?

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