vermiculite board best panel for stoves fireplace

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vermiculite board in the construction
1 Material:silver vermiculite
2 Working temp:1100 
3 Size:2440x1220mm, 2100x900mm,


4 Feature: innocuous;  rainproof;  insulative and mothproof.

5 Max working temp: 1100C

6 Continuous working temp: less than 1000C

7Cold crushing strength: 3hx800°C: 3.84MPa

8Heat Conductivity: 0.11W/mk







Bulk Density





Pressure Strength





Flexural Strength





Thermal Conductive








Temp. limit





Linear Shrinkage










Expanded vermiculite       


40-80mesh ,20-40mesh,10-40mesh,1-3mm,2-4mm,3-8 mm,4-8mm


40-80mesh ,20-40mesh,10-40mesh,1-3mm,2-4mm,3-8


Raw vermiculite:






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Q:Equipment to grow magic mushrooms at home?
No, you cannot it is not a safe substrate to use. If you are looking for a more soil in nature type substrate try buying Eco Earth that is a 100% pure cocofiber substrate. Please visit CrabbyWiki for further information regarding substrates.
Q:what is the fireproofing material?
Water, Soil, Horticultural vermiculite, perlite, blotter in a glass, and so on.
Q:Is it safe to dry out vermiculite (Perlite) in a oven and if so at what temperature.?
Vermiculite is not a carcinogen. In the past, it was often mixed with asbestos, which was a problem.
Q:why would a murderer put a body in vermiculite?
Vermiculite is not known to contain asbestos. Some home inspectors are more prone to cover themselves with Teflon, that is, put things in writing so there is no way they can be sued later. A good home inspector will know a lab nearby that will test the vermiculite for asbestos for under $100. Leave it alone. Was it causing a problem for you before the inspection? Asbestos is not a health problem unless it gets into the air and you breath it for long periods of time. Asbestos was in the pop-corn ceiling coating until '73. As long as it stays painted, it poses no problem. I'm not a technical expert, but inhaling tobacco fumes pose a greater health risk. If the vermiculite is not more than 6 thick, blow another 6 of cellulose or rock wool or fiber glass and get an R30 and keep yourself cool in summer and warm in winter.
Q:What substance is best for incubating ball python eggs? What substance if the mother incubates them herself?
Q:Pregnant snake! neew to knwo what bedding to use for eggs!?
If theres no male in the tank, the egg is not fertilized, so no baby gecko will hatch. Just dispose of it. Its normal for females to lay eggs without a male, but as I said they will not be fertilized, hence no hatchlings. However, if their is a male in the tank as well, then I would still dipose of it if you do not have any vermiculite or an incubator. OR you can wet paper towls and lay them in a Tupperware container and lay the egg on that, it should work.
Q:aquaballs to take the place of soil.what are they called/?
How long has this been going on? Wait a few days if you already haven't. If she's eating and keeping well, I don't see too much of an issue, but give the soil time to dry I guess.
Q:Mushroom Substrate?
I'm not entirely sure about the vermiculite but i wouldn't think it would be a good idea, wouldn't straw or shredded newspaper be a better idea!
Q:Cymbidium can use vermiculite or vermiculite mixed pine? Peanut shell?
In addition, vermiculite can also provide the crops with K, Mg, Ca, Fe and trace amounts of Mn, Cu, Zn and other elements. Vermiculite has the characteristics of water absorption, cation exchange and chemical composition, so it has many functions such as fertilizer preservation, water retention, water storage, air permeability, mineral fertilizer and so on.
Q:what is vermiculite?
Perl;ite floats and vermiculite is shiny and the fish try to eat it and die.

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