• polished surface decorative vermiculite fireproof board for fireplace System 1
  • polished surface decorative vermiculite fireproof board for fireplace System 2
  • polished surface decorative vermiculite fireproof board for fireplace System 3
polished surface decorative vermiculite fireproof board for fireplace

polished surface decorative vermiculite fireproof board for fireplace

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magnesium oxide board 
CE certificate 
A grade non combustible(GB8624) 
green board

Products data


Chemical compositionMagnesium oxide,magnesium chlo-ride,saw dust,perlite,glass fiber cloth,non-woven cloth
MaterialModified magnesia cement

Fireproofing characteristicA grade non combustible(GB8624)


Intensity of bending resistance when dry18Mpa(GB/T7019-1997)

Intensity of bending resistance when  moisture-saturated condition22Mpa(GB/T7019-1997)

The rate of deformation when pick up the moisture0.26%(GA160-1997)

The shrinking rate when heated1.0%(GA160-1997)

Water permeabilitythere is no drop of water to emerge in the back(CNS13778)

Impact resistanceNo crack,strip and run through(CNS13778)

Thermal resistance1.14m2k/w(GB/T 13475-92)

Sound insulation≥44db(GBJ121-88)

Colorwhite or grey

Security100% does not include the asbestos,formaldehyde,and benzene

RadioactivityNot limited by the scope of application(GB6566-2001)


Q:I put a bunch of vermiculite (that is probably spelled wrong.) in a pot and then watered it down until the water was as deep as the vermiculite, then dipped the stems of the clippings in some root growth powder and stuck the stems in the vermiculite, I don‘t think the leaves were touching the wet vermiculite, but after a little over a weak the clippings were basicly reduced to slime. what went wrong?? was there to much water for them??? Was the vermiculite to much for the leaves?? I know that their leaves are very sensitive to water on them, but I am pretty sure they weren‘t touching the vermiculite/water mix. :S
I certainly have had the finest outcomes utilising an African Violet pot. in the previous I transplanted mine to those pots I had a similar problem. AV pots are available 2 products. there's a ceramic pot and a water reservoir. The water is going contained in the bottom area and the plant is contained in the pot on acceptable. It keeps the plant gently moist. I pot mine in Miracle Gro potting soil. it is been flowering progressively for about 18 months now. the hot blooms have diminished yet I certainly have a minimum of three new buds popping out. African Violet pots are accessible at backyard centers and, often times, at Wal Mart. I shop it in a west dealing with window and our residing house is amazingly cool.
Q:Planted a Baby Bel cheese round in the front yard. We‘re wondering how long it‘ll take her cheese tree to start producing cheese for harvest?
Cheese takes at least 13 months to grow. It starts out as a cheese turd and develops into a cheese culture. Pretty cool of your daughter to care about cheese when most people only know what cheese is when they accidentally wipe their butts and rub their face without washing their hands first. I've learned that the hard way many times.
Q:what have you all used for egg hatching? I am using perilite at the moment any pro's or con's to each. respond if you have personal experience with either.
do you mean a substrate for flooring or for shedding? for shedding i use spagnum moss its perfect! and easy to maintain, if you mean as a flooring i have a simple wood looking lino or vinyl floor tile as they are called, these are cheap, easy to maintain as they wipe clean and my geckos love them as they let the heat through and keep the heat from the bulb perfectly, you can find these at your local diy store or pound store. just wipe clean everymonth and they are perfect for little messes the critters create! i hope this helped good luck with whatever you choose!
Q:Can I have live plants with my beardie?? Thanks for the answers! Oh and is Vermiculite alright for him to live on?
Vermiculite Loose Fill Insulation
Q:i have a small container to use to incubate bearded dragon eggs but i‘m not to sure if potting soil is the right thing to use
Well, an oil leak can do that. So check the valve cover gaskets first.
Q:how to breed leopard geckos?
Just put a female and a male together. They both have to be over the age of 1 (12 months) and around the same size.
Q:what should i do with the eggs while i look for an incubator?
Honestly, you don't really need an incubator. What you can do is get some vermiculite and place some in a tin food pan. then set that in a larger tub with water inside(just be sure that the water doesn't go over the egg container. Next, put an underwater heater in the water and keep it at a steady temperature of about 80-85 degrees. Good luck! P.S. Keep the vermiculite moist but not soaked.
Q:Okay, i wanna make sure i did everything right. Okay so i got magic mushrooms spores (panama strain) and okay so i got the vermiculite, as directed, and brown rice flower, and put a bit of perlite. okay so once i made the mix i put it into 5 cups and injected the spores into the cup and put another layer of tin foil( so there‘s two layers of tin foil on it) okay, so after i did that i put a towel over it and put it in my closet a dark one, is there anything i need to do to make sure it grows, or just leave it? please tell me if i did anything wrong and this is just hypithectical, if i were to do this.
Make sure it gets alot of light and you sshould be all set.
Q:What was the mixture of stuff with topsoil? Vermiculite or sand or how did you mix your dirt?How did you fertilize?What did you plant? How did it do?(We are looking at Earth boxes for planting our small garden - because the deer, rabbits, etc eat our stuff and we can keep it out of reach by planting the tender stuff up on the deck.)
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Q:I looked in my snakes tank yesterday, and my female corn snake had laid eggs. I don‘t know what to do, I haven‘t done anything with them yet. But I would really like to know what to do so they dont die.
U first need to candle with a flash light like u wld do chicken eggs n make sure they r fertile, u will need vermiculite which u can get at most gardening places or lowes has it I believe, u mix tht with water n u want it to where it's wet but u cnt squeeze any water out. Do NOT flip the eggs. Keep them up right or u will kill the babies. If they have hardened already carefully pick the cluster up. Don't worry abt seperating them. Put the vermic n a container big enough to hold the eggs n make a divit in it where u r gnna place the eggs. Cover it with a lid n if u do not have an incubator u need to put them n a very warm constant temp room. Most colubrids don't need high egg heat n I know people tht jst leave all the eggs n a room n they hatch tht way. I wld google the exact temp they need to b at as I have ball pythons n am not sure of colubrids temps for eggs. Mama may bite u so b careful. Again remember do not let the eggs turn or flip. They have to stay n there exact upright position.

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