fireproof insulation vermiculite board stone wool insulation

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Product Description:


sound insulation vermiculite board on sale
1 Sound insulation 
2 Fireproof 
3 Light weight but strong 
4 Easy construction

Product Name: good acoustic performance sound insulation vermiculite board on sale

1. Product description

Product Performance
Thermal conductivity(BS 874: Part 2: 1986)0.221 W/mK
Flexural Strength(longitudianal)4.27 MPa
Flexural Strength(transverse)4118N
Moisture Movement0.06%
Moisture Content9%
Resistance to continuous heating80 °c
Surface AlkalinitypH 7-10
Non-combustibility(face Boards)

BS EN ISO 1182: 2002

BS476: Part 4

GB8624-1997, Grade A

Heat of conbustion(face boards)BS EN ISO 1716: 2002
Building regulations classfication(face boars)Euro Class A1
Fire rated partition

2 hour FRP

BS EN 1364-1

BS 476: Part 22


Water tightness to ASTM C1185

No droplets observed behind the panel, Test of 24 hours at 250 mm water head

Partition stiffnesss-heavy duty grade

(BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex A)


Resistance to structureal damage by multiple impacts from a large soft body

-heavy duty grade( BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex E)

No collapse of dislocation

Surface damage by hard body impact- heavy duty grade(BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex B)


Effects of door slamming-heavy duty grade

BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex B


resistance to crowd pressure-heavy duty grade

BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex G

No collapse of damage

Resitance to anchorage(high level wall cupboard)eccentric downward

BS 5234; Part2: 1992, Annex K

No damage or detachment of anchor
Anchorge Load45 kg

Acoustic performance

- 60 mm thick

- 75 mm thick

- 100 mm thick

- 120 mm thick

- 150 mm thick

38 dB

40 dB

42 dB

44 dB

46 dB

Specitication and PCS per 20 foot container
2270 * 610 * 60 mm315 pcs, 436 m²
2270 * 610 * 75 mm252 pcs, 349 m²
2270 * 610 * 90 mm207 pcs, 287 m²
2270 * 610 * 100 mm189 pcs, 262 m²
2270 * 610 * 120 mm153 pcs, 212 m²
2270 * 610 * 150 mm126 pcs, 175 m²
2270 * 610 * 180 mm99 pcs, 138 m²
Main Materials
Surface panelfibre reinforced calcium silicon board or cement calcoum silicon board
Core materialscement, EPS, fly ash, sand

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Q:for indoor growers(that grow buds)?
Have to mix your own soil. It's easy enough. I usually start with a bagged top soil, add peat moss, perlite and vermiculite. The consistence should be so that if you grab a handful of the mix, the squeeze it together and open you fist, the soil ball should fall apart easily with the wiggle of the fingers. The shows that by sticking together, the mix will hold water, and by falling apart easily., that the soil holds air for oxygen to get to the roots. the best type of fertilizer for growing anything that will flower is one higher in phosphorous, not nitrogen. Nitrogen promotes top growth, If you use something like 15-30-15, then the plant will expend most of its energy into growing roots, to become pot bound, then form buds and flowers. use this for all plants grown inside, ornamental or smokeable.
Q:How much cement does the vermiculite heat preservation layer need?
Cement and expanded vermiculite, cement should be no less than 325, usually choose 425 ordinary Portland cement. The volume ratio of cement and expanded vermiculite is generally 1:5, which is economical and reasonable. Cement and sand aspect than the general 1:1. Site inspection method: mix the cement paste with fine powder and knead it by hand.
Q:New born leopard gecko help?
I do not recommend using aspen. In the wild, snakes look for moist places to lay their eggs, such as an underground burrow or inside of a rotting log. Unless the aspen is moist, they may not lay their eggs there. Be sure to remove the water bowl so it doesn't lay in there. I use moist coconut fiber and/or moss in the nest box. I later transfer the eggs to vermiculite before placing them in the incubator. Corn snakes lay 7 to 14 days after shedding. They do not protect their eggs and won't care if you take them like the last answer thinks.
Q:how long for lavender seeds to sprout above soil?
Why from seed , did you consider taking cuttings, It may be the wrong season for the seed to be planted and grow. hint put your soil in a small pot, don't pack down, sprinkle the seeds on top, then just spray the top to settle in the seeds, don't pack down, wait until you see the second set of leaves, then lightly liq. fertilize and water thoroughly once a week I hope this may work. 50-100 seeds per 4 inch pot. they may need some light sun to start up. I never have grown this species from seed.
Q:what material would you use when starting plants vegetatively?
I can no longer buy either in my area as it was found harmful to angle worms.
Q:Is the vermiculite the leopard gecko egg is sitting on supos to be cold and moist?
Use open container with moist vermiculite and place in the incubator. The eggs should be half buried. The temps should be at 30-32C for a mixed brood. Higher temps for females and lower for males. You can spray once a week and also at this time is let in some fresh air, since eggs need oxygen. Was your sulcata mated, been in contact with male? The eggs could be infertile. Anyway, as the other people has suggested, these tortoises get huge and too many unwanted ones. It might be cool to incubate your first clutch, but I would not recommend doing it and trying to make a buck. Good luck.
Q:Planting Norway Maple seeds?
lol what a ****** retard, you cant even plant a seed lol
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of vermiculite insulation?
Catch a fish, and bury it below each plant, and then host a huge dinner.
Q:why doesn't mica expand or contract upon wetting or drying?
As long as you wipe the excessive water away and the water is not cold there should be no problem. It's more beneficial to the eggs if they're buried, otherwise they are unable to take the moisture from the substrate they're being incubated in.
Q:Please help improve my clay-like soil (The Organic Way)?
a million. composting 2. manure 3. If its a tilled field then perfect tilling practices at the same time with tilling on the appropriate intensity and tilling whilst the moisture content textile is nice 4. Planting perennial legumes in with perennial fields 5. perfect grazing concepts 6. stop or cut back using guy-made chemical compounds of any type (fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide) to sell soil organism improve. 7. Crop rotation 8. installation drainage tiles and/or ditches to straight away do away with extra water

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