Welding Protection Vermiculite Coated Fireproof Blanket

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Product Description:

1. Specification of Vermiculite Coated Products:

Welding blankets are made from premium fiberglass woven fabrics, special treated on one side or both sides. The blankets are well-suited for welding, grinding spark and spatter protection for both personnel and equipment when doing component assembly or manual brazing, provides welding cloth in roll form or in prefabricated blankets. Blankets are hemmed with high temperature thread and can be grommetted. Suntex welding blankets are able to withstand temperature up to 12000C maximum, no itch to skin. Totally asbestos-free.


2. Product Description of Vermiculite Coated Products:

 Sizes available from 3' x 3' (0.9m x 0.9m) to 10' x 10' (3m x 3m). Customized sizes are available.

· 6 X 6 FT. (1.8 X 1.8 M), Rated 1022° F (550° C)


· ANSI / FM 4950 Approved for Welding Blankets


· Use horizontally in light to moderate exposure applications to protect autos, equipment or work area.


· Blanket confines welding sparks, spatter and grinding particulate.


· The fiberglass-based material is hemmed with high-strength fiberglass.



3. General Applications of Vermiculite Coated Products:


-Light duty - general purpose welding, light sparks and small spatter. Not recommended for horizontal application.


-Medium duty - heavier welding, sparks, spatter and light slag.


-Heavy duty - heavy sparks, spatter, slag and molten metal.


-Stress relief - choose soft materials recommended for Stress relief applications. The coated materials usually are not recommended for stress relief applications.


-Stiff material coated material has better abrasion resistance. Stiffer to allow spatter and slag to roll off easily.


-Soft material uncoated material is pliable. this material is easy to be draped over and wrapped around objects. it's usually use for stress relief applications.


-Weight and thickness of material the heavier and thicker material provide better protection and take longer to burn through

4. General Technical Data of Vermiculite Coated Products: 

 Welding Protection Vermiculite Coated Fireproof Blanket

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