light bulk density perlite vermiculite fire board

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Product Description:


Density 220-+10% 
compress strength >=0.49 
thermal conductivity 298K-+2K 
working temperature 900C 
linerashrinkage 923K(650C)

Perlite insulation board


Product introduction:

Perlite insulation board , is also called FEG waterproofing perlite insulation board, its main ingredient is

 expanded perlite particle,reinforced fiber ,mixing in heat resistant inorganic natural sepiolite, inorganic 

modified binder and high temperature resistant polymer moisture repellent, by the physical synthesis 

technology, in the specific temperature condition, pressure forming.




1.light weight,, water proofing, sound proofing, heat insulation character. 

3.Good water-proof property,

4.low thermal conductivity, 

5.light bulk density, .

6.high strength,

7.excellent chemical stability, 



10. any processing, nontoxic.

11.In 1200C tem condition, fire endurance can be up to 90-120 minutes 




1. Ships, core board of fire door in house, industry furnace, public buildings ‘s roof, 

swimming pool, barn, Cold Storage, boiler.


2. Heat and cold project 







Thermal Conductivity(w/m.k)


Compression Strength(Kpa)


Quality Moisture Rate(%)


Hydrophobicity (%)


Working Temperature(°C)


Common Size(mm)

600*300  1050*950, 

Min. Thickness:25mm





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Q:how do you clone house plants?
Most plants, all you do is cut off a leaf and put it in some rooting media (Rootone, vermiculite, etc) and keep it warm and watered until roots appear, then plant it. Most of the time, you don't refer to this method of propogation for house plants, its commonly just called taking a cutting. When I hear 'cloning', its generally somebody trying to start a grow op for cannabis.
Q:The role of vermiculite
After mining, ore vermiculite rolling, screening, puffing and other physical processes after thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproof and insulation is the main raw material and filling material decoration materials and other industries, has been widely used in gardening, warm baby fever, posts, Sachet, construction, metallurgy, oil, chemical, shipbuilding practice, etc. industrial.
Q:Germinating Maple Seeds?
some moss, even peat moss from a garden center, mixed with regular potting soil close enough.
Q:Do you cover bearded dragon eggs while incubating them?
i'd imagine that this may be very adequate until eventually you get an incubator. imagine about this. reptiles lay eggs contained in the sand and the daylight keeps it warmth. The sunlight is going up, the daylight is going down. and there is cloud conceal. So with that throughout the time of recommendations, the temperature varies. in case you want yet another quick restore, take some stones. positioned them into the oven until eventually they are warm. Then let them relax adequate to the position you experience that the temperature is about correct. Rocks carry warmth and radiate it for a lengthy time period. some human beings, who stay contained in the desolate tract absolutely warmth their properties at evening, by utilising putting them contained in the residing house windows in the course of the day. Sand also holds warmth for a lengthy time period. So purely warmth up some stones, burry them contained in the sand, and then positioned the eggs over them (no longer touching). the nice and cozy temperature will radiate upward. Then purely rotate the eggs from time to time. Mabye even %. a touch sand round them, on the thanks to carry the nice and cozy temperature in and disperse it better flippantly. i'd discover out the perfect temperature and then stick a thermometer contained in the sand purely to envision it. Temperature must be maintained at round 80 5 degrees. purely positioned the thermometer in quite some places. you'd be surprised how a lot straightforward that straightforward produces, exceedingly thinking the the temperature at your residence is possibly round seventy 2 degrees already. so that you in reality want to develop the temperature around the eggs by utilising a trifling ten degrees. do not freak out. it truly is totally treated. )
Q:I need to repot my Cactus..miracle grow or succulent soil?
Vermiculite can stick to the beardie as she lays her eggs and has been known to cause eye problems to lizards who have used it to lay their eggs in. It's a great incubating medium, though. But I'd recommend using EcoEarth/Bed-a-Beast for her to lay the eggs in. You can then move the eggs to the incubator with vermiculite (no additives like the other answerer said) or perlite (which I find that I have better success with when it comes to gecko eggs...again, no additives). Be sure to keep the eggs in the same position as they were laid.
Q:Western yellow bellied racer layed eggsHELP?
first. get the snake out. have faith me, he will exchange into dragon chow quickly. they are additionally of distinctive environments, racers want extra humidity and a distinctive surroundings all mutually. Get yet another cage and in case you may not discover the money for it, launch the snake.
Q:How do I germinate the Venus Fly Trap seeds?
Q:Replanting worth it or not?
It probably is not worth it. Not knowing all the varities, makes it hard to comment. But petunias and any other flowers, not worth the bother.The Hosta is a tropical plant,and should be planted in half plain potting mix(no fertiliser),and half light river sand.They should never bre planted just in topsoil. Dirt from garden beds contains all manner of viruses and tiny nematodes, or grubs.The Hosta is a sulker. It may recover, but will sulk for ages.The other wrong thing is you don't water daily. Your killing them with kindness. Only water when top of pot is dry.And remember size of plant. Water in the summer twice weekly, or when dry, and in winter, once or twice a fortnight.Then again Hosta likes sun, but some may not.Also do not fertilise until they need it. Plants recovering are more likely to die from over-feeding and over-watering. Good Luck!
Q:Leopard Gecko advice.HELP PLZ?
the easiest way to help a leopard gecko shed is to make a humid hid and it is very easy to make and the things you need to make you probably already have around you house. all you got to do it get a plastic jar like what the leopard gecko first came in or you can use a plastic jar like for sour cream and you just cut a hole in it and use a lighter to smooth the edges then out paper towels in it or moss then spray water in it and that will work perfectly for shedding to see how to do it go to youtube and type in leopard gecko humid hid and people will show you how to make one it is easy
Q:Lizard egg incubation?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Lizard egg incubation? I have a Western Fence Lizard who is obviously carrying eggs. I want her to lay them somewhere safe where I can take care of them till they hatch. So. Can I move them once they are laid or will that kill them? How moist/warm/dark should their environment be? What kind of soil/bedding should I.

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