chemical stability perlite vermiculite fire board

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Density 220-+10% 
compress strength >=0.49 
thermal conductivity 298K-+2K 
working temperature 900C 
linerashrinkage 923K(650C)

Perlite insulation board 

Product introduction:

Perlite insulation board , is also called FEG waterproofing perlite insulation board, its main ingredient is

 expanded perlite particle,reinforced fiber ,mixing in heat resistant inorganic natural sepiolite, inorganic 

modified binder and high temperature resistant polymer moisture repellent, by the physical synthesis 

technology, in the specific temperature condition, pressure forming.


1.light weight,, water proofing, sound proofing, heat insulation character. 

3.Good water-proof property,

4.low thermal conductivity, 

5.light bulk density, .

6.high strength,

7.excellent chemical stability, 



10. any processing, nontoxic.

11.In 1200C tem condition, fire endurance can be up to 90-120 minutes.




1. Ships, core board of fire door in house, industry furnace, public buildings ‘s roof, 

swimming pool, barn, Cold Storage, boiler.


2. Heat and cold project  








Thermal Conductivity(w/m.k)


Compression Strength(Kpa)


Quality Moisture Rate(%)


Hydrophobicity (%)


Working Temperature(°C)


Common Size(mm)

600*300  1050*950, 

Min. Thickness:25mm



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Q:what should I do ,7 years ago I exposed to asbestose fibers for one time ?
There are a variety of different forms of asbestos. Most of the forms are not particularly dangerous, but the dangerous forms are really bad. The worst form is vermiculite, which was sold as insulation for houses. This stuff looks like small pieces of popcorn made out of mica. So, unless you were exposed to vermiculite, chances are you will never have a problem. Also, it usually takes chronic exposure to asbestos over several years to cause lung problems (but there are rare exceptions). You can't undo what's been done, so all you can do at this point if you are concerned is to make an appointment with a pulmonary specialist and get a chest x-ray. The doc can recommend a schedule for monitoring your lungs - maybe chest x-rays every 7-10 years.
Q:will leopard geckos lay their eggs in the humidity box if they dont have an egglaying box?
i was going to say pretty mutch what he said
Q:what material would you use when starting plants vegetatively?
Vermiculite is generally used outdoors for moisture retention and soil conditioning. Perlite is best used in potting soils for houseplants. I don't believe either is appropriate for compost. Compost should be made up of organic matter only.
Q:What does vermiculite look like?
Vermiculite is a silicate material, expanded at 800~1000 degrees high temperature. Different types of building materials stores are available.
Q:Two quick herb garden questions about cat poo/pee and vermiculite?
Q:I need to make a raised bed vegtable garden for a senior community and their residents to use.?
No on pressure treated lumber. Redwood cedar may be too costly. Untreated lumber would last for a number of years. Search a salvage yard for oak beams, concrete blocks, bricks; just don't use mortar. I'm unsure if you would want to try tires. Stack fill with dirt as you build the wall. Not sure of any possible leaching of chemicals tho they would last for ages. Seems the major challenge is the 3 feet high requirement. Need to consider something that will not collapse from the pressure of the dirt. Ideally, inter-locking landscape blocks would hold the best but suspect exceeds your budget. Assume that's for the seniors ease of access.
Q:about my pet grass hopper?
The grass hopper is a plant eater. It feeds on grass not just hop on them like the name suggests. However that piece of information will not get you anywhere in keeping it for a pet. Honestly, you are the first person I heard of keeping grasshoppers for pets. I used to catch them when I was a kid and they don't survive outside their natural habitat. I have tried feeding them with grass but the poor things still die and they just couldn't adjust.
Q:My orchid plants leaves are turning yellow and falling offam I giving too much waTER OR NOT ENOUGH?
From what you have said, obviously they have been through an ordeal due to being dried out and being shipped. Being dried out is not necessarily a problem, because some orchid genus endure periods of drought in their natural environment. Others, however, cannot tolerate it. So, to really help you, we need to know what kind of orchids you bought. One thing I would be wondering about is if they experienced severe cold during shipping. They may be losing leaves due to this rather than due to anything you have done, and now that they are in a less stressful environment again they may recover just fine, albeit with a loss of some foliage. Again, knowing what orchids you have would be helpful in giving suggestions as to how you can best care for them. There are literally thousands of different kinds, each with its own needs as far as light, water, temperature, and humidity go. One thing that rarely helps and that often is fatal is over-, not under-watering. If you planted them in good quality orchid mix, watering them every couple of days is too much.
Q:Tarantula Question??
All peppers, hot or sweet, need about the same conditions. How hot they are depends mostly on the genetics of the peppers. Regular starting mix works fine if you are starting them from seed. In warm weather, you can also plant them directly into the ground. Plant them maybe 1/4 inch deep, and keep them well watered. Grow them in full sun. That's about it, except that you should watch out for pests.
Q:Anyone got any suggestions on how to grow a seqouia?
Sequoia seeds do best soaked overnight in distilled water then chilled for more than 60 days in damp sand at 37 F. They do not need to be frozen just chilled in the fridge in a sandwich bag. About 40%-90% (depending on age and condition of seed) will sprout by 5 weeks but some will be sooner. Two germination methods The baggie method is to keep them in their stratification baggie with a suitably moist germinating mix. Vermiculite works fine, sand or even between damp paper towels. Only one damp towel on top though because they need light to germinate. The baggie is then stored under grow lights at moderate room temperature. You should not let the bag get warm or they may rot. Do not use an incandescent lamp only fluorescent or grow lights that do not heat the seeds. When the seeds begin to germinate, you remove the small plants, known as germinants, and plant them in a suitable container. Sprinkle them on soilless potting media for seed starts. Then lightly sprinkle a layer of the soilless media over the seeds. Make sure that you don't cover them too deeply they only need about 1/3 of their width, which means it is best to just barely cover them up. Set up lights. Even fluorescent lights will work for germination. Place a clear plastic cover over the media or mist very frequently to keep them just moist. Redwoods can be fed with a fertilizer for acid loving plants, they like a pH that is on the acid end from 4.5 to 6.5 in sandy loam. Apply fertilizer Valentines, Labor, Christmas days or spring, fall winter when water is available in the soil once they are planted out in full sun. N-P-K ratios should be 3-1-2 or 3-1-1 or a multiple of those like 6-2-4 at most. These are not fast growing trees.

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