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Can the cryogenic phase control the cooling rate?
1, the principle of liquid nitrogen refrigeration: storage of liquid nitrogen in the container through the liquid in the sublimation of heat to take away the heat of the workpiece heat. Liquid nitrogen refrigeration can not be reused after the need to add a new liquid nitrogen, a large range of cooling rate, cooling temperature range of 0-196 degrees C.
I would like to ask how the process of cryogenic treatment
The air is compressed to 0.5MPa, or 22.5MPa, can reduce the water cooling, after expansion machine (piston or turbine), the temperature dropped to close to the liquid temperature to the fractionation tower after liquefaction, become rich liquid, the liquid oxygen into a fractionating tower, liquid oxygen, nitrogen is directly sent out after heat exchanger. Inlet air cooling.
What is the meaning of vacuum cooling in heat treatment
In order to eliminate residual austenite after heat treatment, after quenching or tempering
Ultra low pressure casting mold useful, how to arrange the process? Thank you
While casting field production high temperature is about 660 degrees, some die casting production Aluminum Alloy temperature of 740 degrees, copper alloy die-casting production temperature even up to about one thousand degrees, the temperature and the ambient temperature, the temperature fluctuation is bigger, hot and cold alternating stress caused by the greater! That is, the stress produced in the production process is very large, even if the cryogenic treatment, the stability of the role of the size of the casting mold and plastic mold is not obvious! As for how you choose, you might as well try!
Cryogenic treatment to improve what performance?
Improve the impact toughness of the workpiece;Improve the internal stress distribution and improve the fatigue strength;Improve the corrosion resistance of the workpiece;
How many changes in the properties of the cryogenic metal?
The name of the processing content specification / processing content of the original service life (sub / piece) after the service life (times / pieces)1 milling cutter milling keyway 7.5-2NT 40034352 step drilling hole Phi: 1.2, 23, 1331004163 milling cutter milling air hole Phi 11.5, 32-2NT
What is a cryogenic fast line
Equipment is compressor, heat exchanger and expander (or throttle). The compressor and expander generally use a reciprocating or turbine. Commonly used heat exchanger coil type, shell and tube type or plate heat exchanger. Deep freezing technology, can the nature of the study of materials near absolute zero, and can be used for the separation of liquid and gas mixture of gases. Industry can get liquid oxygen, liquid, gas, etc.; Can be effectively separated from the air
What is the meaning of cryogenic technology in the mechanical process, what is the specific practice?
Treatment of -130 DEG C is said to be a new and strong treatment process of cryogenic treatment to improve the wear resistance and toughness of materials and to improve the overall service life