• Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Coils, Aluminum Foil-paper System 1
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Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Coils, Aluminum Foil-paper

Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Coils, Aluminum Foil-paper

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Item specifice

7000 Series,6000 Series,5000 Series,4000 Series,2000 Series,1000 Series,3000 Series
Surface Treatment:
Coated,Anodized,Embossed,Powder Coating,Sand Blasted,Holographic Impression,Composited,Printed,Brushed,Enameled Wire,Oxidized,Color Coated,Mill Finish,Polished
T3-T8,O-H112,T351-T651,T351-T851,Soft,Half Hard,Hard
Liner & Wad,Decorations,Door & Window,Heat Sink,Transportation Tools,Glass Wall,Food,Kitchen Use,Pharmaceutical,Seal & Closure,Insulation Material,Label & Tag

Product Description:

Specification of Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Foils, Aluminum Foil-paper from China:

1.Advantages of our Hot Rolled Checkered Steel Plate:

a) The unfairness of our checkered steel sheet must be less than 10mm each meter

b) The surface of our hot rolled checkered steel plate is free from bubble, scab, crack, fold, edge delamination and so on.

c) The height of our hot rolled checkered steel plate will be maintained between 0.20.3 times to thickness of steel substrate, but more than 0.5mm at least.


Applications of Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Foils, Aluminum Foil-paper from China:

1.Definition: The hot rolled steel sheet with raised pattern on surface. The raised pattern could be shaped as rhombus,bean or pea. There is not only one kind of pattern on the checkered steel sheet, but also a complex of two or more than two kinds of pattern on surface of one checkered steel sheet. It also could be called as grid steel sheet.

2.Character: The Hot Rolled Checkered Steel Plate possesses a variet of advantages, such as beauty in appearance,skip resistance and saving steel material.Generally speaking,in order to test the mechanical property or the quality of hot rolled checkered steel sheet, the shaping rate and the pattern height should be tested primarily.

3. In conclusion, the hot rolled checkered steel plate can usually be used in the industry of ship-building,boiler,automobil,tractor,train- building and architecture. In details, there are many demands for hot rolled checkered steel plate to make floor,ladder at workshop,work frame pedal,ship deck,car floor and so on.

Aluminum Coil
Alloy No.Thickness 
A1050,A1060, A1070,A1100,A1235,A12450.2-3.020-1900O,H12,H22,H14,H24,H16,H26,H18
Packing : Export wooden pallets, wooden case
Standards:ASTM-B209. EN573-1, GB/T3880.1-2006
Quality of material: totally free from defects like white rust, oil patches, roll marks, edge damage, camber, dents, holes, break lines, scratches and free from coil set
Application : Mainly used insigns, billboards, building exterior decoration, bus body, high-rise buildings and factories wall decoration, kitchen sink, lamp, fan leaves, with pieces of electronic, chemical equipment, sheet metal processing parts,     deep drawing or spinning hollowware, welding parts, heat exchangers, bell surface and disk, plate, kitchenware, decorations, reflective devices, ect
MOQ2.5 tons
Payment term:TT,L/C
Delivery Time15 days after 30% TT payment or receiving L/C copy
Kind attention : Specifications can be customized as the customer’s requirements. 


Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Coils, Aluminum Foil-paper

Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Coils, Aluminum Foil-paper

Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Coils, Aluminum Foil-paper

Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Coils, Aluminum Foil-paper


Production Flow of Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Foils, Aluminum Foil-paper from China:

1.The steel raw materials are first melted in an electric furnace. They are subjected to at least 12 hours of intense heat.

2.The mixture is cast into either large rectangular blooms, slabs or bar-like billets, before taking on a semisolid form.

This initial form of steel is then processed via forming operations that include hot rolling into bars, wires, plates and slabs.

3.The steel is subjected to annealing. This is a heat treatment in which the metal is first heated and then cooled under extreme, controlled conditions. The metal is thus treated for internal stresses and is duly softened and strengthened. This processing is also referred to as 'age hardening'. It requires careful monitoring of temperature and heating and cooling times. The aging temperature affects metal properties massively; while lower temperatures cause high strength and low fracture toughness (i.e., more brittle than ductile), higher temperatures result in a tougher material of lower strength (i.e., more ductile than brittle). Rapid cooling can produce a tough steel with no significant loss in strength. The heat treatment given to stainless steel depends on the type and grade of steel being produced.

4. Annealing or the heat treatment can lead to the development of a precipitate, known as scale. The scale can be removed via several methods, such as pickling, (nitric-hydrofluoric acid bath),electrocleaning(application of an electric current, using phosphoric acid and a cathode), etc.

5. Descaling of the material is introduced into the manufacturing process at different times, depending on the type of steel being produced. While the bar and wire forms have to be additionally treated with hot rolling,forging and extruding, the sheet and strip forms go through annealing after hot rolling.

6. Cutting operations in the manufacturing process are essential in obtaining the desired shape and size of the end product. Mechanical cutting involves the use of guillotine knives and high-speed steel blades for blanking (punching out the shape by shearing) and nibbling (cutting out a series of overlapping holes). It is also cut via flame cutting, a process that involves the use of a flame generated by oxygen, propane and iron powder. The plasma jet cutting method uses an ionized gas column to melt and cut the metal.

6. Manufacturing end products involve further shaping via heat-rolling, pressing, forging and extrusion. The material is then joined via welding and given the desired shape.


 FAQ of AA1050 C.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

What is the quality standard?

---Usually our standard is GB3880-2006

What is the largest width?

---It is 2300mm

How to guarantee the quality?

---Customers are welcome to our mill to visit and check the products. Besides, we can arrange a third party to test AA1050 C.C Aluminum Circles used for Cookware.


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Q:Is aluminum foil lunch box dangerous?
Products light weight, products meet the national food hygiene standards. Moreover, the recycling is convenient, and no harmful substances are produced during the treatment process, and the renewable resources are not polluted. Aluminum lunch box products are more used in aviation, food and cake food retail, update faster, consume more quantity. For sale in bulk. Cakes, food stores, cooking and finished food packaging are all packed with aluminum foil boxes. The product market is wide and the popularity is wide.Aluminum foil, has outstanding barrier properties, on the premise of sufficient thickness of aluminum foil, basically can completely block the gas and water, therefore, plastic soft packing materials, aluminum foil is used as a barrier material, and the aluminum foil has a lightweight, airtight and good cladding and a series of advantages.
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