high quality Aluminum foil mesh

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Material quality: the aluminum foil, HDPE film, HDPE mono filament

Can work: shading, natural ventilation, heat dissipation

Features: has the cool shade, water saving moisture, ventilation, energy saving, prevent condensation does not drop, furl shadow small features.

Use: this product is suitable for a energy-saving all kinds of high-grade greenhouse.

Q:I remember I begged my coach to let me use a wooden batI hated and still hate aluminum bats.1) They leave a bad after shock (vibration) in hands an arms when you make contact2) They can be very dangerous if one should fly through the air.
Q:I'm performing an experiment and cannot find the coefficient of kinetic friction of the material I'm usingAluminium Oxide Cloth 1.5 (80) , (by ROCKWELL ABRASIVE INDUSTRIES)This is a sandpaper of approx thickness 0.3 mm.what is the kinetic friction coefficient if two surfaces of the above mentioned sand paper are rubbed against each other ??Thanks to all :)
I doubt you'll ever find that info, since no one uses sandpaper for friction purposesSince you are doing an experiment, you should consider measuring the value yourself? Ff/Fn
Q:My daughter gave me a bag of almondsWhat recipes can I use it ?
No you can not make mylar from latexYou can't metal plate latex because the metal won't stretch.
Q:wood, paper clip, air, paper, plastic, steel nail, water, aluminum can
Girl Scouts peel down one strip of skin, make a furrow with a spoon, put mini marshmallows and chocolate chips in the furrow, replace the strip of peel, then wrap the whole thing in aluminum foilPut it on the grill or the fire and pull it out when you don't want to wait any longer.
Q:I was tasked by my chem teacher to find the thickness of a sheet of aluminum foilNow, the answer I came up with was about 0.011cm thickDoes this sound right to you?
How about feathers made of crepe paperYou should be able to get this at a party or craft storeJust cut a feather shape and put some angled slits at the long edges on either sideIt would be cool if you get two or three colors like green and purple or blue and blend the feathers that you glue onto your frameYou also could go to a sewing store a check out fabrics and details or just color your own feathers by cutting white oinion skin paper like a feather and water color or chalk.
Q:Give the orbital configuration of the aluminum (Al) atom.
1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p1 I typed aluminum electron configuration into Google Amazing how that works!
Q:My friend has court tomorrow after being arrested yesterday for being charged in las Vegas with her second charge of possessing paraphenalia consisting of Aluminum foil sheets used for blak tar heroin What are her likely consequences when she goes to court tomorrow for her second charge ?
The judge will set her bail and schedule a trial dateIf she can't make bail, she stays in jail until trial.
Q:Hi,I am making my mom a birthday cake tomorrowYesterday I baked and froze the two layers in 9quot; round baking pansI plan on taking them out of the freezer tomorrow morning, make the frosting then and decorate itHere's the thing though, a 9quot; two layer cake is way to much for two people and I don't want it to go to wasteI've seen 6quot; round pans before and I figured I could (carefully!) cut out two 6quot; circles (and freeze the leftover for cake truffles or somethingThink this will work? Any tips? Also, so that I can adjust the recipe, about how much frosting would I need for a two layer 6quot; cake?Thanks in advance, I'm a good cook but not much of a baker - I've never actually make a layer cake!
You could always make the whole cake and then freeze the leftover individual slices wrapped in aluminum foil or plastic wrap so your Mom can have a nice dessert when she feels like itThe frosting may get a bit messed up but the cake will still taste goodYou can of course cut the cake layers into 6 inch rounds using a templateI found this recipe for chocolate frosting for a six inch layer cakeIt looks fairly easy to makeIngredients For the chocolate frosting: 4 tablespoons unsalted butter 2 ounces unsweetened chocolate, chopped 2 cups confectioners’ sugar 1/4 cup milk 2 teaspoons vanilla extract Directions For the frosting: In a small, heavy saucepan, melt the butter and the chocolate over low heatIn a medium bowl, combine the confectioners’ sugar with the milk and vanilla and stir until smoothAdd the chocolate mixtureSet the bowl over another bowl half-filled with ice waterWith a rubber spatula, beat just until the frosting is thick enough to spreadSpread one cake layer with about one-fourth of the frostingSet the second layer on top and spread the remaining frosting on the sides and top of the cake, swirling with your spatula.
Q:How am I suppose to save tuna when I only use half a can?
This is the same advice I gave someone else who wanted to avoid silver polish: If you're trying to remove a specific stain or blotch, a small amount of white toothpaste (not gel, not children's sugary kind) on a washcloth will often do itIf you're trying to take tarnish off a piece (let's say a sugar bowl, for this example) follow this method: Take a large, ordinary kitchen pot with a metal interior (no ceramic lining or enamel, please) and fill it with water, high enough that the bowl can be completely submergedBring the water to a boil, and stir in a quarter cup of regular baking sodaTake a piece of aluminum foil, a foot square or so, ball it up, and drop it into the waterThen, gently place your sugar bowl in the waterWatch carefully, because you don't want to ding the bowl against the side of the potIn a few minutes, you will see the tarnish cling to the foil and away from the bowlUsing tongs, gently remove the bowl from the boiling water when you are satisfied that the tarnish has been removedThe bowl will be extremely hot to the touchIf you have more items, repeat the process, refreshing the baking soda each timeAn advantage to this method is that only the metal oxide, and not the clean, pretty silver underneath, is removed and therefore preserves the item longer than an abrasive methodThe disadvantage, though, is that it exposes the item to heat, so if there's been a repair you run the risk of ungluing the repairAlso, remember that silver is soft and becomes softer when exposed to high heat, so be very gentle with your silver piece to avoid denting or disfigurementGood luck.
Q:we are having chicken veggie foil packs.my hubby wants the potatoes on the grill also.any suggestions as to how to do it.how long they should cook.etc?thanks!
I cut potatoes into slices, add sliced sweet onion, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, garlic powder and rosemaryI take sheets of aluminum foil, one per person, spray it with a little cooking spray and put a big handful in the center of each, fold the foil into a packet, suprisingly,they cook relatively quickly, they should be done before your chickenGood luck, I hope you like them:o)

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