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Hob mainly used for processing what?
Ordinary monolithic hob can cut the pizza, a high precision hob can cut softer materials such as rubber, patchwork, cutting. Mechanical hob is used in lathe processing, the type is not clear.
The circular cutter mould heating cutting pearl cotton machine, mainly to do with the machine last name? Where can I get it?
Electric knife, but you said hob all heating, I really don't know. Should be generally punch processing. There are also hot knife processing, but not hob. A cold knife can also heat it. Cold hob heating, you can try....
What is the "hob" knife?
Ordinary cylindrical things use thisFor example, use cucumberFirst, at the end of a knife after the material roll chamfer an angle in a way called the beveled knife roller blade.Sorry, I can only find this one
When machining M3 worm gear on Y3150 hobbing machine, how to determine the rotation angle and direction of hob cutter head?
When using worm gear hob, the tool holder is zero to zero. Sub gear: clutch to the straight gear processing position, differential open, hang 36 teeth fixed number wheel, but with fixed number wheel 24 than worm gear teeth number to calculate the number of 4 teeth.
What is the number of hob head?
What is a single head hob? What is the number of hob heads: the number of heads (the head number or the number of teeth in the same law)Roll vortex due to vortex with a single head, double head, three head, it should also have the corresponding hob single head, double head, three points, often double or three units lack of hob can only use single head instead, how may be close to the workpiece in drawings is a technology problem.What is the fixed number: the amount of the call is only the quantitative numberIn hobbing adjustment, need to compute three gears, namely indexing hanging round I, feed, hanging wheel i: and differential gear i:. formula i_1=A_1 - Z_1/ (Z+ Z)...... (1) i_2=A_2 & f...... (2) i_3= (n - A_3 (+) /Z_1 (| Delta Z|) + /f (sin beta) / (n - m_n))...... (3) in the formula: A_1 - rolling gear machine indexing set number; A_2 rolled into a given number of gear machine; A_3 hobbing machine differential number; F hob vertical feed amount (mm/r); Z_1 - hob; Z - gear tooth number; Z supplement (micro workpiece tooth number the number of teeth), | Delta Z|
If a pair of conjugate gears have different coefficients, can the hob be used in general? The addendum of the tooth is required
We know that a pair of angle changing gears with unequal coefficient of change is not equal to 0, and his teeth are of different height. However, the tool edge is in accordance with the hob to pitch circle root circle direction follow certain dimensions of manufacturing tool edge starting point, and the gear tooth height because the modification coefficient is not the same as the height difference, top gear and gear tooth tangent, and this kind of hob is. The gear tooth top to the edge starting point is fixed, then the gear is cut after the addendum modification on the size difference is too much, so the hob is not universal
I produce high speed hob, M3, double headed, pressure angle 20 degrees, machined gear Z11 and Z9 gear. The normal line changes momentum 0.06~0.1 and does not dare to shave teeth. I analyze the reasons: long hob processing, less gear, gear inappropriate: in theory inappropriate. The machining tolerance is accumulated; the vibration is large; the accuracy of the hob; the accuracy of the gear hobbing machine. So far, I haven't solved it completely. But I told the gear factory to use the same hob to gear the Z43 gear, which is obviously much better. I hope you can correct me.
The number of teeth of the theory is not suitable to duotou hob tooth number, use 9-11 double thread hob, usually duotou hob is to improve work efficiency, and processing precision will be relatively lower is certain, usually will be reflected in the pitch, what equipment you use, and your equipment speed of working table can handle? Personal comments are for reference only
On the Y3150, ready to use left gear hob hobbing left gear. How to adjust machine tools? Thank you, heroes
The angle of the gear subtracts the angle of the knife, the table reverses, and the knife is still turning