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Does the forum superiors in the gear hobbing process, because the workpiece in addition to generating motion, and an attachment movement for generating helical gear so I want to ask the question is to spur gear hob, turning a lead, the workpiece will rotate (360* / gear hob the number of degrees) for helical gear hob the same rotation of a lead, because of the additional movement of the workpiece, the workpiece rotation degree will be how much? PS: suppose the hob is the same as the gear rotation
The width of the tooth has nothing to do with it. The supply per turn is fixed
What does "hob" mean when cooking?
The name of the hob block, not food, and irregular lumps, as long as the eggplant, cut the eggplant, cut, turn, turn, is the hob block
Gleason hob material marked as: G30 what material?
Gleason mark tool materials are: REX45, REX54 general REX76, G30, G50 but the same tool, G30 tool label tagging REX54 price than the price is much lower, and the M35 tool almost, so I suspect that this material is M35
My company is using hobbing - shaving processing technology, the amount of shaving measurement, cross rod spacing and shaving teeth life size difference of 0.12mm-0.15mmThe accuracy level of the hob is related to the accuracy of the processing gear. The gears we processed require 7 levels of accuracy. The hob before each order is a class a precision, which is in conformity with the standardRecently a group of B level precision hob, no difference in other parameters, not on the bed test work, I would like to consult friends, what will the accuracy grade of hob parameters of gear, like our shaving, shaving is not able to correct these errors?
Class a hob and B grade hob as you have the final shaving process hobbing to use, both can, technically, economically speaking, B is more reasonable. If the hobbing process is finished, it should be A or AA. The tooth profile error of gear hobbing process mainly originates from the precision, accuracy, hob cutter hob and gear blank datum correction, and hobbing process accuracy, tooth pitch accumulated mainly depends on the precision of hobbing machine precision and gear blank correction accuracy. Hob different levels of error in the 0.05MM level, so instead of using B hob, shaving allowance as far as possible to stay, that is, 0.15MM can. Pay attention to the roughness of the gear surface as it was before.
Known gear hobbing machine speed, knife, and hob modulus, the number of teeth of the workpiece, the processing thickness (Chi Kuan), how to calculate the processing hours?
A knife or two knives, stroke shaft speed to the number (small feed rate can be slower), how much processing height, very good ah!
Din 5480 8j precision involute spline with what grade of hob processing?
The accuracy of the drawing gear determines the hob grade, which is basically the same as the national standard. You can also see the West Germany 5480 standards.
Experts, EG, how much is the hobbing hob used in the actual production of engagement? Feed rate? What is the effect of spindle speed, machining accuracy? What is the M2 M2.5 M3 M3.5 M4 M5 / M6 M7 M8 M9 M10 engagement, the lathe is Chongqing 3180 thank you teachers, generous with your criticism
All kinds of modulus gear feed is not the same, generally the first knife is bigger, the back a few small knife. But some have a knife to survive.
The circular cutter mould heating cutting pearl cotton machine, mainly to do with the machine last name? Where can I get it?
I have seen this kind of equipment as fast as possible, and the product is as fast as running water