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What do you think about the cutting hob?
Hob used for cutting, cutting out the shape of different blocks, similar volume, mainly used for Pier dishes to increase the shape of sensory effects, home braised beef / braised meat and other auxiliary materials, generally use this knife workCut hob basic attention is: cut a knife, rotating material 30-45 degrees, so that the cut out of different shapes, similar volume, to match the main ingredients
What does "hob" mean when cooking?
Say. You get with carrots. The first knife across a cut. The formation of an oblique incision. Then the carrots rotated 60 degrees. With this cut.
Gleason hob material marked as: G30 what material?
Gleason mark tool materials are: REX45, REX54 general REX76, G30, G50 but the same tool, G30 tool label tagging REX54 price than the price is much lower, and the M35 tool almost, so I suspect that this material is M35
What's the difference in shape and function of the shaper cutter, shaving cutter and gear hob?
There are pictures and documents in the attachment, and the processing methods and principles of each tool are explained
Recently, the design of gear hobs and their machining helical gears have been studied! Encountered some problems, I would like to ask for advice! Given the modulus, pressure angle, surface and axial dimensions of gear hob basic parameters such as displacement coefficient which is? There is the use of gear hob to process a bevel gear, the workpiece rotates, a tilt angle of the cutter, moving from top to bottom, is excuse me, the method of helical gear surface machined out of the relationship with the gear hob surface and axial dimensions, is gear hob surface, generating the the method of helical gear surface size?
To answer the first question of cross-section of a thread, is the shape and size of the axial section profile shaft open when the bus is also in this section marked normal profile refers to open along with the thread section perpendicular to the direction of the normal section size is in the size of this section for the second the problem, really is a little big, clear need space more, therefore, suggest that you download a book at the Forum (gear cutter design) the book look, on page 35 is down
M6-12 recommends the use of what their hob grinding, grinding wheel, a grinding method of hob can be good recommendation, currently with 60 of white corundum grinding wheel M12 hob grinding too slowly, a grinding wheel can grind a row of hob a tooth to wear 2-3 hours, but also easy to knife sub fire! Asks God to help solve!!!
Choose 60-70 purpose CBN grinding wheel. Instant coating is not too big a problem
The circular cutter mould heating cutting pearl cotton machine, mainly to do with the machine last name? Where can I get it?
Electric knife, but you said hob all heating, I really don't know. Should be generally punch processing. There are also hot knife processing, but not hob. A cold knife can also heat it. Cold hob heating, you can try....
If a pair of conjugate gears have different coefficients, can the hob be used in general? The addendum of the tooth is required
If the basic parameters of the gear are the same (m * ha * C *), and the tip of the tooth has no trimming, the hob can be used in general. When the addendum of the gear tooth is required, it should be analyzed. If the coefficient of variation between the two coefficients is not large, and the margin of repair is not very strict, there is a general possibility. If the X difference is large, it can not be universal, there will be the top of the tooth repair margin is too small phenomenon. Even when x=0 is rolling with the same knife, the average number of rolls is less, and the gears are smaller at the time of repair, while the number of teeth rolled seems larger.