silvery white expanded vermiculite Used in industrial and Agriculture

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Silvery white vermiculite with insulation, frost resistance, antibacterial, fire, water absorption, sound absorption performance

Silvery white vermiculite with insulation, frost resistance, antibacterial, fire, water absorption,absorption and other excellent performance, in 800 ~ 1000 ℃ calcination under 0.5 ~ 1 minutes,the volume can increase 8 ~ 15 times, up to 30 times. The proportion of 50-200kg/m3 after expansion, the color changed to silver white, expanded vermiculite generation loose. Silvery whitevermiculite are widely used in building, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, machinery,electric power, petroleum, environmental protection and transport sectors, mainly foreigninsulation, in construction, packing and agriculture, gardening etc.. Silvery white vermiculite are widely used in industrial production. Its specifications: 4-325 inequality


The chemical composition of silvery white vermiculite as follows:


SiO2       Al2O3     Fe2O3   MgO     TiO2      K2O    Na2O42.7613.944.1324.620.875.941.61CaOFeOTiOP2O5MnOH2OBurning vector1.421.535.710.060.0431.323.71

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Q:What can vermiculite do?
Vermiculite product is vermiculite ore through high temperature extruded articles, with loose and light weight, is a kind of building insulation materials, flower cultivation used mainly using its loose and reduce the pot soil weight, for a long time will crush doesn't work, it is necessary to replace the.
Q:why are my bearded dragon eggs grey?
why not get another one, you know what you can expect out of it I personally use an Easton 2-piece (graphite shaft / fibreglass blade)
Q:Small amount of vermiculite was knocked into our bathroom. How concerned should I be about asbestos?
idk if the clear spots mean anything but i would say that doesn't sound right... idk try incubating them anyways. leave the eggs stuck together! if you move them it could do more damage than if you leave them. just start placing the eggs about 1/2-1 inch apart and press down with your thumb to make a nice lil hole for the egg b4 you put it in the incubator. no its not a good idea to move the eggs everyday. well first of all you shouldn't need to moisten the vermiculite every day! just spray it good once b4 you put the eggs in and leave it. if it makes u feel better get a hydrometer (measures moisture) and put it in the cup/container next to the eggs and ours tends to stay in the green section which means moderatly humid which is working perfectly fine for me so far. maybe ur cups are the problem. for our incubator we got the kind of containers with the snap on lids. you can get them at target or walmart. and than we just SET the lid on top, don't snap it on just set it on top of the container so the eggs are covered but air can still circulate. kay i hope this helps you!
Q:How can i root tropical hibiscus?
Take cuttings (not hard wood) remove lower leaves the hump where the leaves are is called a node. That is where new roots will grow from. Get some vermiculite, per-lite or sharp sand. I prefer them in order given. Wet the medium (vermiculite) evenly and place cuttings in it. Try to keep your fingers and contaminates out of the mix. It can be done in trays or pots or in a old aquarium. Drainage is good or just keep the mix moist not soggy. Place in warm bright spot. A green house of fruit jar or plastic tent could be used if wilting starts. Fewer leaves are better than a lot. Cuttings should be about 6. Root stimulator or hormone could be used in mix to expedite faster rooting.
Q:Where can I buy vermiculite in Southern Maine?
Vermiculite may contain asbestos, so yes it is bad for an infant to eat it!
Q:lots of cornsnake questions?
It will blow away if there's any wind and the vermiculite is dry. Might stick to any fruit or vegetables and I don't think you want to eat vermiculite. If you think it will stay on the ground where you put it, I can't see how it would do any harm as a mulch.
Q:What do i do if my bearded dragon is pregant?
Sorry, can't answer all your questions, best to google search on nesting. But, you definitely need to raise the temperature for her as I didn't realise mine was pregnant and she suffered a lot due to my not supplementing her additionally nor raising them temp.!
Q:Im planning to cultivate mushrooms. So, the question is what grain(s) do I have to substitute for rye grains?
I got a tranny from the junk yard for $130 and paid a buddy $50 bucks to help me swap them. It's been working fine for the last 2 years. There's no way I'd spend $1200 on a transmission but I do my own work so I don't have to. I plan to get one for my Geo Metro and put it in for under $200. A used tranny is cheaper than a new car by far.
Q:if i obtained a magic mushroom how would i grow additional magic mushrooms from it?
Mark the top of each egg with a felt-tipped marker and never rotate the eggs. Bury the eggs half-way in moist vermiculite and put the cover on. Now, weigh the box with the most accurate and precise scale you can get. Place the box in a warm place, such as the back of the top of your refrigerator. Reweigh the box each week. If it has lost weight, add a ml of water for each gram lost.
Q:vegetative propagation of african violets?
Leaf cuttings are the most popular method of propagation. Quite often violets will produce suckers from the main stem. These can be separated from the mother plant and put into their own little pots. See source for more information about African violets.

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