expanded vermiculite for construction building material

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1000 pc
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200000 pc/month

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Hebei China (Mainland)

Model Number:



2-4mm, 3-6mm



Grain size:

relatively even, no impurities

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:PE bags, ton bags
Delivery Detail:15 days


expanded vermiculite for building material 
silver and gold color 
factory price

expanded vermiculite for construction building material


Product specification:


Manufacturing Technique:Crude & Expanded / Exfoliated
Grade / Size:





Factory Location:Liaoning, China

Unit Weight:

(for reference)

  • Crude: 640-1120kg/CBM

  • Expanded/Exfoliated: 64-160kg/CBM


Light to dark brown

Moisture loss at 100°c


PH (in water)



  • horticulture soil amendment

  • construction insulation material

  • animal feed

Package:100L PE bags packed in ton bag/carton/pallet


Order information to customers:


Payment:LC at sight or optional TT
Free samples:

           Yes, but express fee should be paid by customers.

We will pay you back if you place the order.

Monthly output:2000ton/month



Expanded vermiculite:

Garden's vermiculite has the following features:

  • Inorganic, inert and sterile.

  • Non abrasive.

  • Ultra light weight.

  • Free from disease, weeds and insects.

  • Slightly alkaline.

  • High cation-exchange.

  • Excellent aeration characteristics.

  • High water holding capacity

  • Insulating.

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Q:What can vermiculite dos?
The expanded vermiculite is widely used, but its main purpose is still to be used as building material.
Q:Is Eco Earth Moss good for incubating Leopard Gecko Eggs?
we use a small 18inch viv, with the eggs placed in a small tub containing moist perlite with a heat mat linked to a thermostat so they eggs are at a constant temperature. this way works really well as some of our eggs hatched after only 36 days...and they were at the lower temps for females as well. in the past though we have used the same setup only in a polystyrene fish box. once we even managed to incubate eggs successfully in the airing cupboard!!
Q:Can i use vermiculite for a bedding box for my quail?
To find the amount of water you'll need just divide the amount of vermiculite by 6, and multiply by 4. This is because, with a ratio of 6:4, the water weight should be 4/6 the vermiculite weight. so 25.1*(4/6) = 16.733 g water
Q:is soil still good after it dries out. (the kind that comes in a bag with the little white things in it)?
Hi Ashmita The mixing of different soils is one of the recommendations made by Mel Bartholomew and used by square foot gardeners all over the world. The thinking behind it is to ensure a balanced blend of nutrients for the plants. Perlite or vermiculite is added to the mixture to increase the water holding capacity of the soil and therefore make water easily available to the plants. As far as adding hormones is concerned, I suppose it would depend on which hormones are added. A lot of people make a tea out of Alfalfa, a grass which includes a natural growth regulator hormone called Triacontanol. Some people swear by the benefits of this organic tea so again, it will depend on which hormones are added. I don't know why you are asking this question unless you have seen someone mixing soils or talking about it but it seems to work very well for square foot gardeners. You can read all about it by typing Square Foot Gardening into a search engine. I hope this helps you Johnny
Q:Is vermiculite safe to use in potting soil?
I wouldn't recommend either one. Get yourself something solid such as tile, laminate, paper towel, or newspaper.
Q:What paint should I use for hood?
Alton. Prime location for IOW, good for kids families, local shops, goods choice of schools, has one of the best colleges in Hampshire, a good size supermarket.... only prob the houses are a bit expensive!
Q:Leopard gecko egg Help?
You can use the wet moss as the last option. But you can also consider buying vermiculite, perlite, or hatch rite from the online stores.
Q:glass blowing without a kiln?
i have no idea what that is so i dont know im sorry but maybe you could look in home depot they always have what my dad he is a pest person
Q:Materials/ingerdients for growing magic mushrooms? pf tek?
I guess you are using a torch. The annealing process begins by reducing the temperature of the glass using the edges and end of the flame so the glass has as little stress in it as possible Then the ideal is use a controlled temperature source (kiln) that will hold at the high end and slowly drop - unlike stuff in the air where the hotter it is, the faster it cools - usually cracking. Vermiculite is a fairly high temp insulator that is available cheap at garden centers for making soil mixes. The most common use for torch workers is to put a quantity in a crock pot or an electric skillet. Neither of these get hot enough to truly anneal the glass in a short time, but by heating the vermiculite the flame annealed glass does not chill quite as fast. Eventually you will have to get a kiln as you make bigger beads or thicker glass in sculptures, etc.
Q:What do I do, my bearded dragon just laid eggs?
Well I'm not an expert but I do know that when you get the eggs you put them in vermiculite and water and then put them in the incubator at 85°F with humidity levels at 40-50%. So I think the other alternative would to get another terrarium with the lights and heating with a hydrometer and thermometer and put it at the right humidity levels and heat. Hope this helps.

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