Silver/ White/ Golden Vermiculite Board for Fire Insulation

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Packaging Detail:Box, Fumigation-free pallet ,plastic stretch film,paper corner,Wrapping Tape


Product Description


Vermiculite Insulation Board

 Vermiculite Insulation Board Characteristics:   

1. The fireproofing grade is A grade, under the circumstances of 1000 centigrade degrees after one hour. 

2. When the vermiculite board(brick) face to fire or high temperature circumstance, it is non-deformable. 

3. Water-tolerant, insulate against heat and sound. 


Vermiculite Insulation Board Technical Data: 

Process temperature: 1100

Bending strength: 0.574~4.96Mpa

Density: 400kgs/M3----900kgs/M3

Compression strength: 0.690~4.90Mpa

Thermal conductivity: Max.0.20W/mK at 600Max.0.128W/mk at 34.51

Insulativity : Min.10MΩ at normal temperature

The minimum thickness: 15mm

The maximum thickness: 50mm


Vermiculite Insulation Board Application: 

1. Fire resistant core for fire doors

2. Fire resistant walls and ceilings 

3. Fire brick in stove, electric heater, storage heater ,furnace and fireplace etc.

4. Heat insulation boards in planes, trains, cars, ships, ovens and pipes etc.

5. Heat preservation and sound insulation boards for walls 

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Q:bearded dragon incubation?
Diatomaceous earths. Perlite and Vermiculite (expanded).
Q:Outdoor Vermiculture Bin for Chicago Weather?
It's probably fine -- just keep it moist. However, it has no nutrients in it, so you're essentially going to need to supply everything, including micronutrients. Also, because it's so light weight, plants with much upper growth, like tomato, will just tip over and pull out. Is there a particular reason you want to use just vermiculite? If you're going for soilless culture, I'd use straight sand before vermiculite.
Q:corn snake about to lay eggs should I incubate in moss or vermiculite?
Q:What can vermiculite be used instead on?
Generally speaking, rotten leaves are the best. They are better than vermiculite. But the decaying soil will decay over time, and the volume of culture soil will decrease gradually.
Q:Water resources are faced with the crisis of shortage or pollution. Can perlite and vermiculite be used for water treatment?
The molecular structure of perlite and vermiculite determines that they can absorb and adsorb water molecules in large amounts and filter harmful substances in water molecules during this process. They can be used for water storage and filtration.
Q:Why would there be shiny metallic stuff in the pot of my avocado tree?
it is the white crystals in the potting soil. you can buy a bag at walmart etc. to mix in with the potting soil to hold in the moisture a little longer. annetta51
Q:Why am I finding GOLD in my garden?
Put them in a plastic shoe box you can get them at WalMart and get some coconut fiber and put some in the shoe box and ad a Little bit of water and keep it moist don't throw the eggs out keep them for 2 months and see what happens. Good luck.
Q:Witch one is stronger (Perlit or vermiculite)?
You can hire some professionals for industrial vacuum system that helps in safely handling and removing vermiculite from your place. You can consult with a remodeling contractor, he can assist you in finding an industrial professional for this job.
Q:What is vermiculite made of?
expanded clay (hydroton)
Q:Japanese cake/pastry with self-heating packet inside plastic wrapper?
Put enough water in the container to make the vermiculite wet and and the squeeze out the excess water . That is what I do . I do the same for all my incubation boxes

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