Yongsen Classic Red Oak Color Antique Ecological Solid Wood Floor

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Product Description:

1、Material properties

Oak is widely used for decoration materials and furniture making, is the excellent material properties: heavy oak hard straight grain, coarse structure, elegant color texture appearance, very high mechanical strength, wear resistance, but the wood is not easy to dry sawing and cutting. Oak is widely used for decoration materials and furniture making, is the excellent material properties: heavy oak hard straight grain, coarse structure, elegant color texture appearance, very high mechanical strength, wear resistance, but the wood is not easy to dry sawing and cutting. Oak is a large number of applications in the decoration materials, furniture, sports equipment, shipbuilding, vehicles, flooring, etc.. Post surface of plywood as the ideal timber production slices of white oak, red oak is, the pattern there are straight and perpendicular to the grain of the difference, straight grain is beautiful, the price is slightly expensive.

2、Product Characteristics

1, has a more distinct mountain wood, and touch the surface with good texture;

2, toughness is excellent, can be processed into a variety of needs, a variety of bending, quite a sense of beauty.

3, solid texture, manufactured goods firm structure, long service life, used in many antique lattice windows and doors production;

4, the stability of the floor is relatively good.

5, higher grades, suitable for the production of European style furniture, Chinese classical furniture, a sense of thick, mahogany furniture is dignified and calm, but the price is lower than mahogany furniture. Cool, comfortable;

6, oak fine texture, tube inner hole more transgressive filling, is not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, strength, Europe and the United States used to store wine.

7, texture rich, beautiful, natural pattern;


1 material: Oak

Origin: Zhejiang

Style: European classical

Standard: Class A

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: anti-corrosion

Plate finish: 1

Surface shape: hand grasp pattern

Residual depression: no

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resist pressure: 1

Wear layer thickness: 3mm

Wear resistance: 1

Fading (grade): 1

Floor thickness: 18mm

Color: Red

Specifications: 910*122*18

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Classic Red Oak Color Antique Ecological Solid  Wood Floor

Yongsen Classic Red Oak Color Antique Ecological Solid  Wood Floor

Yongsen Classic Red Oak Color Antique Ecological Solid  Wood Floor




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Q:What is the best underlayment for floating engineered hardwood floors?
I would strongly suggest that you use the same manufacturer's underlayment. most of them come with attached moisture barrier (or thicker plastic). If not, make sure you install one first since you are installing on concrete slab. I have installed laminate wood on kitchen floors. but I personally prefer tiles in the kitchen, most durable, applicable, and appropriate kind of flooring for kitchen which is subject to extensive use and water contact. If you don't have kids in the house and not too many people, it's alright. I would recommend laminate wood though, very durable and easy to install. good luck!
Q:What is the best way to level a concrete floor before installing engineered hardwoods?
This may help you: use a thick underlayment like cork or foam that can help with the sound.
Q:The solid wood floor of the home after re painting
If you are home, recommend water-based wood floor paint, floor paint because of a large amount of harmful substances, oil paint is a standard that is known to influence the health of environmental protection, but this is still a great amount of family. If you do not rush to stay, with a large brand of paint can also maintain ventilation, put a few months well done, but do not use poor paint (release of harmful substances not environmental protection paint for 14 years, the oil paint will have TDI is colorless and tasteless, but will destroy nervous system).
Q:I have engineered wood floors and they look like they have lost their finish in several different spots.?
A DIY solution for your problem doesn't exist unless you are a flooring professional. In spite of what some people are saying around here, engineered floors can be refinished most of the time. We have done it numerous times with great success. The best advice I can give you is, contact a flooring contractor, let them take a look at your floor and give you an estimate on how much it will cost you to refinish. Most of these estimates are free so you won't have anything to lose. Also, a flooring contractor will be able to give you better advice after seeing the floor than you would get on this forum from people that can't understand the details of your problem. We have some sanding-refinishing advice on our website if you are interested, as well. Good luck with your problem,
Q:engineered hardwood flooring with two dogs?
Your aluminum oxide finish ( available on most prefinished wood now )is one of the tougher coats now .. I haven t heard of many scratching complaints. Keeping their nails trimmed is always a big help. GL
Q:Engineered hardwood floors vs. Pergo for a townhouse?
Hardwood flooring would give you the best resale for the money, but is expensive. Hardwood could run anywhere from 3 to 10 dollars per square foot. If it is scratched, it can be sanded and redone later on. Engineered is a hardwood floor, but cannot be refinished in case something happens. Also costs around 2.5 to 4 dollars square foot. Laminate looks a little cheaper, but will hold up better than hardwood or Engineered in the long run. I would suggest the Pergo 30 year warranty. Hardwood has to be nailed down to the floor, Engineered has to be tacked or glued down and laminate is free floating. In the case of the hardwood and engineered, you would have to pull up the ceramic tile. With laminate, you MAY not have to do that. Laminate in stock should cost around 2 to 4 dollars a square foot. A lot of laminate floors now look like the real thing. I suggest you do some window shopping to find out for yourself.
Q:which is the best choice of wood for engineered flooring?
If you install engineered hardwood the species of wood you use will make no difference as to its durability. Engineered is always prefinished and it is the durability of the finish, and the type of installation method that you need to be concerned with. Engineered hardwood can be nailed or stapled, glued to the subfloor, glued together and floated, or simply locked together and floated with no fasteners or glue at all. Of these methods it is best to always fasten the floor down. Nail, staple, or glue the boards to the floor and you will have a much more solid feel, and the boards will be much less likely to separate. Of the floors I have seen the best looking and toughest is Br-111 exotic hardwood. It is not outrageously expensive. Armstrong also makes some good hardwood, but steer clear of some of their products such as Bruce LocknFold or other floating hardwoods.
Q:Model 8703, the solid wood floor of a plate
Determine the species, the need to further determine the species, color, grade, price, specifications.4 currently on the market of wood flooring manufacturers and brands are dazzling, dizzying, three products meet the eye everywhere. So buy sure to know the floor of the brand and reputation. Try to buy well-known brand flooring.
Q:Huali wood flooring material good
It is the natural growth of the wood texture, is a poor conductor of heat, can play a role, cool comfortable and safe use, is an ideal material for the bedroom, living room, room decoration. Solid wood decorative style natural texture, recover the original simplicity, decrease in forest cover, vigorously promoting environmental protection today, the solid wood floor is more precious
Q:Engineered Wood Floors VS Hardwood Floors?
engineered wood is actually more durable since its designed to not warp or shrink, the finish is extremely durable & installation is easy hardwood will always be a classic & best for traditional homes, it can be sanded & restained

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