Photoluminescent Film Sheeting 8 Hours, 10 Hours

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$4.00 - 15.00 / roll
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TT or LC
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5 roll
Supply Capability:
50000 roll/month
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Product Description:

Specification of Photoluminescent Film Sheeting  8 Hours, 10 Hours:



PET type
Excellent for cutting

PVC type,
Screen and inkjet printable

Acrylic type
Screen and inkjet printable

Glow Duration

2/4/6/8/10 hours


5-10years Interior, 1-3years exterior




Fluorescent yellow


Walls, ceilings, doors, steps and other surfaces that provide exits or directional signage for emergency and evacuation


Technical Data (mcd/m2) of Photoluminescent Film Sheeting  8 Hours, 10 Hours:

excitation source is 1000 LX, test begin at saturating amount of excitation energy)

Emission peak

5 seconds

10 minutes

60 minutes

480 minutes

600 minutes








Typical Physical Properties of of Photoluminescent Film Sheeting  8 Hours, 10 Hours:


Thickness (film and adhesive)

9-11 mils

Service temperature range

-30°F to 200°F
-34°C to 90°C

Application temperature range
(air and substrate)

50°F to 100°F
10°C to 38°C

Applied shrinkage

0.031 inch
0.8 mm


Delivery and Payment of Photoluminescent Film Sheeting  8 Hours, 10 Hours:


Lead time:3-5days

Free samples, Shipping  cost should be paid by buyers

Bulk lead time

7-10 days more or less, based on your quantities



Terms of payment

T/T, L/C


Pictures of Photoluminescent Film Sheeting  8 Hours, 10 Hours:



 Photoluminescent Film Sheeting  8 Hours, 10 Hours

Package of Photoluminescent Film Sheeting  8 Hours, 10 Hours;

Photoluminescent Film Sheeting  8 Hours, 10 Hours

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