High Intensity Ece 104R Reflective Tape Reflective Car Stickers

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Product Description:

Free Samples High Intensity Ece 104R Reflective Tape 

Product Description

Product Name:

Free Samples High Intensity Ece 104R Reflective Tape




Imported film,can bo screen printed,very good durability,long term reflectivity

Main Application:


Operating temperature:


Service life: 

7 years



Packaging & Delivery

  • Size:0.05*45.72m/0.05*50m 

  • 1Roll/box,24box/Carton

Product Show:


Company Information

CNBM International Corp.,established in 2004,is the business entity for trade and logistics of CNBM Group,a state-owned company under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervison and Administration Commission of the State Council of People's Republic of China.

We are the fiberglass materials division of CNBM International Corporation.Over the past decade we have been developed into a leading manufacturer of fiberglass mesh cloth in China.We mainly supply various kinds of reflective materials and fiberglass products.  

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Q:Are fire extinguishers Osha mandated on forklifts?
Black is the most effective background for most suspended effects coatings. Mirrors are a black background with the reflective material in front of that - look at the back of one, it won't be silver or white, and the coatings are surprisingly thin. Reflective finishes demand very fair surfaces, so it is excellent that you know all about that, and you should be well on the way to a stunning effect finish. You can combine the effect material with the background coats - but only the very top layer will reflect so the effect is reduced. If you apply as the manufacturer instructs, the result will be the best. If you are very knowledgeable and highly experienced you might use alternative application methods and techniques but this is generally not a good idea unless you really know what you are doing. Good luck.
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thermal vision works by detecting radiated heat, so if you reflect the heat away from the camera/detector the camera will not be able to see you. You can reflect heat using a reflective surface e.g tin foil, but this would also reflect heat towards the camera. The best way to appear invisible is to coat one side of the shiny material with a black material (this absorbs radiated heat) and wear the thing with the shiny surface facing inwards, so the black surface is on the outside. This will stop radiated heat getting to the camera.
Q:Make all kinds of reflective words
Is the use of reflective stickers reflective material with adhesive, made by hand or machine cutting or carving screen printing process the theme and content of stickers. The main functions of reflective paste are: due to the characteristics of reflective materials: light can be reflected in the direction of the light source. The influence of color reflective stickers reflective material and restrictions, there are silver white, red, [that] yellow, blue, green, orange and other common colors can choose, red silk printing or after processing can become more color reflective stickers, but its color all cannot do without the above six kinds of color; the most commonly used only red, yellow, blue and white color.
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