Glassfiber Non Woven dust filter bags for filtration

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Our company can supple all kinds of glassfiber non woven bag filters.

Glass fiber is drawn from melted glass chon rule and is an organic non metallic material. Compared with traditional synthetic fibers, it has high tensile strength and small elongation at break, and very good high temperature resistance and chemical characters. with different chemical treatment and surface treatment, it is a relatively ideal high temperature resistant filtering material, however, glass fiber has bad folding strength and cannot endure relatively large filtering load.

High temperature

Wear resistance

Break resistance

Long service life


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100%   glassfiber



Air   Perm


Warp   Tensile Strength


Weft   Tensile Strength


Warp   Elongation


Weft   Elongation


Surge   Temperature




Chemical   Resistance:

Acid   excellent

Alkalis   poor

Oxidizing   Agents excellent


 Glassfiber Non Woven dust filter bags for filtration



Glassfiber Non Woven dust filter bags for filtration 








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Q:What is the standard for quartz sand filter after filtration?
Can effectively remove suspended substances in water, organic matter, colloid, sediment and so on.
Q:What are the imported brands, industrial filters and filter elements?. Both Chinese and English are best written. Thank you very much!
The best one to find out, write specifications,
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of centrifugal filters
By the strict definition, the centrifugal filtration only refers to the free surface layer on the surface of the cake layer, i.e., the filter cake layer is always filled with liquid
Q:Industrial factories with large water purification equipment, what kind of business will do? How much will the large water purification equipment cost?
According to the actual situation, there will be cuts to increase, the accessories used according to the origin performance is also very different.
Q:Where is the manufacturer of pure water equipment?
pretreatment, reverse osmosis, intermediate water tank, pump and EDI device, pure water tank, water pump, UV sterilizer, 0.2 or 0.5 m precision filter, water object (more than 15M Omega.CM) (New Technology)
Q:Do I need to add a filter before the industrial circulating water pump?
If after cleaning and pre film, the filter blockage will be reduced, and often do not clean, but the import filter is still needed,
Q:What are the categories of industrial water treatment equipment?
ozone sterilizing device and by the total processor, integrated water processor, physical-chemical treatment unit, chemical comprehensive water throughout the processor, permanent magnet processor, cyclone desander, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter
Q:Price trends: belt filter press, van filter press, filter equipment, industrial dust collection equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment
Belt filter press, van filter press, filter equipment, industrial dust cleaning equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, such products are now very competitive, prices are declining trend.
Q:What about the cooling performance of industrial refrigerators?
dry filter part blocked. Blocking the filter will reduce the refrigerant supply, the water cooler evaporation temperature is low, the evaporator fin will be frosted, refrigerant evaporation, flow into the back pipe and compressor continue to evaporate.
Q:Principle of on-line self-cleaning filter for industrial water treatment and forced backwashing
wash wash is put into operation before the preparation work is mainly to restore contact filter filtration and depth filtration effect, to ensure the water quality of medium SDI (pollution index) = 4.

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