Ceramic filter cartridge made by silicon clay kiln

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Product Description:

Ceramic filter cartridge
Material: Silicone clay
Production process: made by silicon clay kiln.
Usage: drinking water, purification, sterilization and pharmaceutical, electronics industry, sterile water, sterile water, high pure water preparation and the like.
Pros: good clean condition and high filtration precision. Long life, easy to clean and renewable.
Specifications: Length 10 inches
Weight: 300 g 500 g
External diameter: 58 mm to 68 mm
Inner diameter: 28 mm

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Q:Working principle of circulating water filter
Steel gravity valveless filter manufactured by the factory, with non-toxic anticorrosive coatings. Water filtration of 20m3/h to 175m3/h were all transported to the site, water filtration of 200m3/h to 500m3/h and 300m3/ to 750m3/h, from the factory to the system in the factory and welding into several parts,
Q:The tap size is too large in diameter are 30mm, no tap water filters, direct installation of suitable to do?
although the installation of a little trouble, but the replacement cycle is long
Q:What filters should be used for water with high levels of heavy metals?
Heavy metals in water bodies have many chemical forms, and their environmental behavior is very complex. Therefore, it is necessary to select the proper treatment method according to its chemical morphology and physical and chemical properties so as to remove it effectively from water.
Q:How do I put the filter in the aquarium?
That is to say, the fish will be drawn into the filter to carry out nitrification and remove the ammonia from the fish.
Q:How does the blue water purifier filter dirt, mud, water?
Hello, sediment rust water purifier general can water to filter out, but the water heavy metals, bacteria and viruses can filter out then you have to look at the water purifier is how,
Q:What's the reason for the turbidity of the fish tank? What filter works best?
The daily feeding amount, high - density high - filtration fish is not strong - drugs - indiscriminately will lead to poor quality of the water turbidity
Q:Y filter generally in the circulating water, water or backwater?
Because the main function of Y filter is to filter the larger particles of impurities in water, so as not to equipment (radiators, pumps, impellers, and other) caused by erosion, damage and congestion, it is usually installed in the water supply side.
Q:What brand is pre filter?
does not affect the water pressure, if you want, you can contact me
Q:What brand of water filter is good? Which brand is good?
Shallow sand filter is composed of a plurality of standard high-speed sand cylinder unit, which has a unique water distributor and a water collector, automatic flushing valve has a unique bidirectional, can realize the normal system operation in a standard high-speed sand cylinder individually backwashing, full automatic control program.
Q:How do you make a simple water filter?
1. take a plastic Coke bottles, remove the bottom seat, drill holes with a dozen red drill at the bottom of the bottle, the bottle plug with a glass tube made of rubber stopper, filter!

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