Good quality wood lathe for sale

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Good quality wood lathe for sale

It is one of the common equipment that apply in furniture industry and wooden decorative art & craft industry.It mainly use in processing all kinds of shaping retro-rotary work-piece with template or copy shaper for example round bar,whorl pillar Rome pillar,crystal pillar,whorl wood line,wooden stair banister and the back of solid wood chair.

Main technology Dates

Max cutting length1000mm1500mm2000mm
Max cutting Dia.320mm320mm420mm
Rotary speed of main arbor750,1250,1750,2250r/min750,1250,1750,2250r/min750,1250,1750,2250r/min
Motor power / Voltage frequency2.2kw(3HP) / 380V 50Hz2.2kw(3HP) / 380V 50Hz2.2kw(3HP) / 380V 50Hz
Weight of machine480kg530kg750kg
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)2100×950×1250mm2600×950×1250mm3200×950×1450mm

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Q:If the MC3026 number is copying lathe thimble type?
The lathe thimble is measured with a caliper to see what size the backseat is almost universal
Q:If you have to play eccentric, you can only do clamps, and it's troublesome. A second-hand drill machine is only a few hundred. Regular holes can be played
Beads machine of professional make up is the best fast and smooth but do you think the car is not something else.Large lathe can than professional car beads beads machine a lot longer
Q:What are the advantages of woodworking furniture in CNC lathes?
In brief, the efficiency is high, the speed is quick, the processing flower pattern, the size, the size standard are exactly the same! And numerical control, a lot of flower patterns, patterns can be processed, convenient, simple operation.
Q:How to solve the leakage of machine tools?
Many methods of processing machinery parts in modern mechanical manufacturing: in addition to cutting, forging, welding and casting, stamping, extrusion, etc., all belong to high precision and surface roughness of the thin parts are generally required for final processing of cutting method in machine tool. Machine tools play an important role in the modernization of national economy.
Q:What's the use of a clutch in a numerically controlled woodworking lathe?
Yes, we do not use the clutch, we use spindle servo motor to control, accurate indexing, no error
Q:What do you need for a homemade woodworking lathe?
Homemade woodworking lathes require the following:1, hand wood drill;2, with seat bearings;3, 40 cm, a section of aluminum alloy track;4, a piece of wood as the base.5, installation:
Q:Woodworking CNC lathe with what cutter processing, product smoothness is good, processing products without polishing, no burr, not broken material
High speed cut off is speed hit high, in general circumstances, high-speed cutting, surface finish is good.
Q:Want to buy a woodworking lathe, which brand is better?
Try to find a big factory to buy, after-sale and warranty will be guaranteed points, the general price of the NC to tens of thousands of dollars,
Q:One time processing three to five stair column CNC woodworking lathe prices, seek expert answer
CNC woodworking lathe, want to fast, the speed must be high, you want to once three to five axis, the day, how much centrifugal force, ah, but also speed, but also a lot of roots, I am afraid difficult ah.
Q:Which woodworking lathe is the most professional in the market?
Intelligent automatic spindle speed change to prevent the end of the wooden car, due to cylindrical bending, breaking off the cylinder from the machine, causing danger. Reduce the trouble of replacing the belt groove to reduce the speed of grinding directly. In the process of machining, the rotation speed and the speed of the tool can be increased without affecting the process due to the rotation of the main body. Especially in the processing of large column, fast slow shaft stigma;

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