Round Wood Rod Sanding Polishing Sander Machine for minor diameter

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Product Description:

1. Descriptions of Round Wood Rod Sanding Polishing Sander Machine for minor diameter

Wood round bar sander, the main components include a base, a fuselage and a transmission and feeding device,The belt and the rubber wheel move in opposite directions, so that the round rod to be processed enters from the feeding end and rotates automatically, sanding and polishing during the rotation, and adjusting the angle of the rubber wheel by adjusting the bolt, according to the round rod The size and processing precision requirements achieve the purpose of adjusting the feeding speed. The utility model has the advantages of high production efficiency, safe operation, good sanding and polishing effect.

It have Single belt round bar sander and double belt round bar sander two type.


 2. Parameter of MM2012A Round Wood Rod Sanding Polishing Sander Machine for minor diameter





Single belt round bar sander

double belt round bar sander 

Drive wheel speed


abrasive Belt wheel speed


Feeding wheel


Feeding speed



Abrasive band specification


Sanding diameter



Motor power



Fan motor power 













Wooden round bar sanding and polishing


3. Features of Round Wood Rod Sanding Polishing Sander Machine for minor diameter

- Feeding rubber wheel, wear-resistant, convenient operation and maintenance, high gloss.

- High-quality motor, high efficiency and long service life.

- High wear-resistant adjustment handwheel for easy operation.

4. Images of Round Wood Rod Sanding Polishing Sander Machine for minor diameter

Round Wood Rod Sanding Polishing Sander Machine for minor diameter

Round Wood Rod Sanding Polishing Sander Machine for minor diameter

Round Wood Rod Sanding Polishing Sander Machine for minor diameter

Round Wood Rod Sanding Polishing Sander Machine for minor diameter

Round Wood Rod Sanding Polishing Sander Machine for minor diameter

5. Packages

Carton box or standard export plywood package

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Woodworking lathe low price from tens of thousands to have high ranging from 300 thousand, 300 thousand is the maximum of the lathe is easy to learn and good.
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High speed cut off is speed hit high, in general circumstances, high-speed cutting, surface finish is good.
Q:If the MC3026 number is copying lathe thimble type?
It is seldom used in copying woodworking lathe now, but now it is produced with tiger's numerical control woodworking lathe
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Q:What are the electrical faults in the CNC woodworking lathe?
The workbench stopped suddenly during the program operationThis phenomenon is usually caused by mechanical failure, but it may be caused by the failure of the control system. At this time, you can return the workbench to the origin and restart the processing program. If the work station is always running to a certain position, it should be a part of the transmission system damaged, deformed or stuck by a foreign object. First off, then check the nut and screw clearance or slide strip is too tight, the ball ball screw guide groove, there is no foreign body, there is no screw bending deformation, stepper motor reducer flexible gear is loose or foreign bodies stuck, if manual turning without exception, is the fault of control system, should be carried out according to the fault check 1.
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CNC woodworking lathe, workpiece smoothness and stability and accuracy of the equipment itself, but also related to the timber itself, and tool materials, cutting tools are related to the degree of sharpness.
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You find a circuit master to help you see, along the line to find the interface position, replace the sensor, first try, in the end is the problem of sensors, or the problem of machine distribution box
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Simple to use, individual 220 volts, 1.1 kilowatts, 2900 rpm, each branch of the motor on it
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The large column of the vehicle wood adopts a double knife layered turning, two knives in the axial distance of 1 cm gap, the total turning depth is in accordance with the designated proportion is divided into, so greatly reducing the cutting power of each knife. To avoid the vibration generated by the knife knife. (because the knife is the most difficult to grind, and two knives) due to produce turning force of column in the column two, beat so the column were much reduced, increased wood finish
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