MC9020 single feeding and single discharge wood round stick Processing equipment machine

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Product Description:

1. Description of the wood round stick Processing equipment machine

Wood round stick making machine is mainly used for making long bamboo and wood materials, round wooden strips into round bars and smooth square bars. The machine can be customized according to diameter of the wooden handle. wood round stick making machine is widely used for processing industrial and agricultural milling shovel, hoe, hoe, daily mop and tools, and can also process wooden uneven bars, martial arts sticks, rolling sticks, pillars, balustrades, etc. wooden product. As well as the processing of cylindrical, ancient buildings, round beams for building, furniture decoration, and round wood decoration.

We can provide process diameter from 6~20,15~50/60, 20~80,30~100,50~120,80~150,100~200 mm.

It have  3 type, A  Single in and single out  B double in and single out  C Double in and double out , for new user we recommend C type. 


2. Parameter of wood round stick Processing equipment machine








 Single in and single out  B double in and single out  C Double in and double out , for new user we recommend C type

Main motor power (kw)





Feeding motor power(kw)





Worm wheel decelerator

50:1  60 type



Processing diameter





Feeding speed

3~5m/min double pully gear

Spindle speed




Shortest processing length



Largest chipping allowance diameter




760*560*820, (860/970/1100)*650*980,





We also provide Max. Processing diameter: 100mm,120mm, 150mm and 200mm


3. Images of wood round stick Processing equipment machine


MC9020 single feeding and single discharge wood round stick Processing equipment machine

MC9020 single feeding and single discharge wood round stick Processing equipment machine

MC9020 single feeding and single discharge wood round stick Processing equipment machine

MC9020 single feeding and single discharge wood round stick Processing equipment machine

4. Packages

Standard export plywood package for MC9020 single feeding and single discharge wood round stick Processing equipment machine 


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Q:Woodworking lathe double knife Lita good or good
Due to the biaxial baiting complex, positioning and other factors, speed and real effect we have seen is not faster than us (especially more than 6 cm above the edge of the column from the center set of processing speed of processing them is at least half of biaxial slower than us.) So we have seen many customers who use the double axle lathe, because of this reason, we bought the double axle and only used single axle. Achieve true speed and effectiveness. Or do you want to look at them personally and compare them in actual machining.
Q:What are the advantages of woodworking furniture in CNC lathes?
In brief, the efficiency is high, the speed is quick, the processing flower pattern, the size, the size standard are exactly the same! And numerical control, a lot of flower patterns, patterns can be processed, convenient, simple operation.
Q:Woodworking CNC lathe with what cutter processing, product smoothness is good, processing products without polishing, no burr, not broken material
Directly with Hauck energy equipment, installed on the lathe, can be directly processed high finish
Q:What software is simple for woodworking CNC lathe?
Handle operation, buy a lathe, also need own to buy a computer, do with drawing software, in reference to the U disk, the U disk is inserted into the handle, trouble, change the drawings are too complicated, so most manufacturers use in the system.
Q:Woodworking gong machine how to use?
Operation notes:1. operators should be trained and qualified to master the operating essentials of the machine tools.2. when the machine tool is being repaired or not used, please cut off the main power supply.3., often to keep the machine clean and lubrication, before starting the machine to check whether there are wrenches, screws and other foreign objects, will be clearBe clean. Check whether the tool, spindle, lifting handwheel, plate and so on are locked so that they work under normal conditions to ensure safety.4., the use of special-shaped blade, the blade of the amount of extension, compaction degree, balance status, etc., should strictly meet the safety requirements.5., should focus on the operation, a firm body.6. machine tools should be handled by special personnel. Non operating personnel are strictly forbidden to touch switches, cutting tools, etc., so as to avoid accidents.7. suitable jigs should be used when milling small workpieces.8. when the spindle reaches the rated speed, milling can be carried out.9. machine tool spindle jacket, lifting screw and other moving parts should be regularly filled with lubricating oil to maintain lubrication, the machine spindle is high speedRotating parts, the main shaft bearings in the assembly has been filled with appropriate advanced grease, through the prescribed time running test, in line with technical requirements.
Q:Markov profiling woodworking lathe 3038 how to use?
The lathe used to process wood appeared earlier. At the end of fifteenth Century, Europe has a simple carpenter manpower and animal power wind and hydraulic driven sawing machine. In 1791, the British S. Bentham has invented a planer, single shaft woodworking milling machine, engraving and milling machine and woodworking drilling machine etc.. In 1805, the British M.I. Buzin Neil invented the circular sawing machine. In 1828, the United States W. Wood Wirth invented thicknesser. In 1834, American G. page and J.A. Fahey invented the slotting machine and the tenon machine respectively. In 1880, the invention of the sawing machine. In 1900, a multi band saw machine was invented. Since then, with the development of electronic technology and computer technology, a variety of automatic woodworking machine tools have emerged.
Q:Woodworking CNC lathe how to reduce material jitter?
Wood processing is the jitter will cause the car out of the product was not regular, when this situation generally occurs in the small wood is too long
Q:Where is the woodworking CNC lathe?
1 double wooden car two knives, one after the other, two knife on the axial distance of 1 cm gap at the same time, in accordance with the proportion of good wood, the total turning depth we are divided according to the specified proportion, two knives are cylindrical curve operation, so greatly reduces each knife cutting force. The cutting amount of the rear cutter (the shaping knife) is greatly reduced, so the shaping knife is comparatively stable. To avoid the vibration generated by the knife knife. (because the knife is the most difficult to grind, and two knives) due to produce turning force of column in the column two, beat so the column were much reduced, increased wood finish. This situation can speed up the improvement of finish.2, professional import software, mapping, using photos, photographs, scanning, quick mapping; manual programming is segmented manual programming is not standard, we are programming software automatically generated. Accurate to one percent millimeters, accurate, and fast. The computer can generate more intuitive columnar, cut can be arbitrarily measured, modified size.3, intelligent protection countertops, to prevent collisions;4, intelligent automatic spindle speed change, to prevent the end of the wooden car, due to cylindrical bending, breaking off the cylinder from the machine, causing danger. Reduce the trouble of replacing the belt groove to reduce the speed of grinding directly. In the process of machining, the rotation speed and the speed of the tool can be increased without affecting the process due to the rotation of the main body. Especially in the processing of large column, fast slow shaft stigma;
Q:How to lubricate and maintain CNC woodworking lathe?
Maintenance of abnormal machining accuracy of NC machine tools
Q:Could you tell me if the lathe can be used as a woodworking lathe?
Yes, you can change the tool slide to ordinary slide and woodworking!

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