NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe & Woodworking Band Saw Machine

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Product Description:

 NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe


Automatic lathe


Automatic Lathe Characteristics:


1.User-friendly operation,NC adjustable speed and stroke control

2.Alloyed cutting tool,suitable for various softwood and hardwood with smooth processing stroke

3. We make it with excellent electircal parts


Technical Data:





M ax diameter of workpiece


φ 1200

Max weight of workpiece



Max turning diameter


φ 300

MAX-roll finishing diameter


φ 300

Workpiece length


2000 ~ 2800

Turning precision

IT6 : Ra1.6 Roughness concentration

Roll finishing roughness concentration

Ra ≤ 0.8

Workpiece speed and feed speed

Main spindle


2 step ,6 ~ 500

Roll finishing range

Z-axis X-axis stepless

Roll finishing specification

Roll finishing pressure range


50 ~ 800

Roll finishing style

wo-wheeled two-way synchronization of hydraulic pressure roll

Roller wheel supporting style cantilever

support connected With bearing

Saddle turret

Turret size


230 × 2 30

Section of tool shank


40 × 40

Section of roller wheel bracket shank


65 × 55

Max travel of upper carriage



Max travel of lower carriage



Max travel of left saddle



Max travel of right saddle




Diameter of tailstock quill


φ 200

travel of tailstock quill



Model of tailstock center

Morse 6

Max travel of left tailstock



Max travel of right tailstock



Power system

Main motor model

VFG 160L -33.3-11-4

Rated Power of main motor



Rated speed of main motor



Main driving system belt model


rubberized canvas flat belt 80 × 5 × 3500

Rapid speed

Rapid speed of Z axis

m / min


Rapid speed of X axis

m / min


CNC system and servo

FANUC - 0i mate TD

Machine measurement and weight

L × W × H


5780 × 2720 × 1600





NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe & Woodworking Band  Saw Machine

NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe & Woodworking Band  Saw Machine


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Q:Melamine laminate veneer how edge?
With the edge, it depends on what you want style edge, general furniture edge with PVC glue, if you want some noble, with Aluminum Alloy edge, you can go to specific Chinese edge network to see, there are the general steps of edge!
Q:How much is the furniture edge banding machine?
Enter the Italian woodworking machinery website to see, do the panel furniture equipment, but the products are high-end
Q:How to seal the edge of the cabinet?
EO what formaldehyde release ah... Or EO particleboard with white latex seal ah, but thin thickness
Q:Do furniture edge banding, have environmental protection glue?
You like to go to the store to see next buy better, now most of the glue are said to be no environmental formaldehyde, actually which has special environmental protection, are all gimmicks (PS because I often listen to the mixed adhesive network of excellence forum in rubber industry technical personnel tells) so buy gum best buy big brand quality good, well after the first ventilation to use on the line.
Q:Detailed steps of edge sealing and veneer overlaying in furniture production
The answer to the 80home fashion furniture is very standardPlate sanding refers to the customer will need to add the wood edge or due to stitching caused by surface roughness of substrate enough through the wide breadth sanding machine for sanding processing, mainly in order to achieve the purpose of smooth surface for hot pressing plate is not uniform throughout the compression of thick sand is light foaming. An attached sander function, sometimes plate thickness does not meet the regular customer needs, only by sanding again and again to reduce the thickness of the thickness of demand until close to the customer so far. Because the accurate thickness of sanding machine can be accurate to about 10S, so with the caliper can reach the thickness of purpose.A process is in fact in the preparation of the veneer veneer veneer cutting industry. Because of the impact of natural conditions, the conventional width veneer are generally restricted in a dozen centimeters (some more narrow, of course there are some more wide), so must pass before veneer and veneer edge stitching, there will be a lot of white edge (also is the color difference and the middle) if you do not cut off together will be very ugly, in order to make the stitching seam is not too obvious to do so to seal, then as long as two edges to splice line can be better. There are special cutting veneer veneer cutting general machine, cutting machine blade length of two or three meters, basically can satisfy the needs of
Q:Has any friend ever used an automatic curve edge sealing machine?
There are no fully automated curve edge banding machines unless, of course, you buy CNC, which is inefficientCurve edge can only be semi-automatic
Q:Who can tell me the name of this kind of edge sealing wood paper? Anyway, not called edge banding, Taobao only the kind of 1MM thick PVC
Veneer Edge banding. There are many treasures in Amoy 1. Hope to help you, thank you, please adopt
Q:Why 3D wooden door up and down without edge?
3D wooden door up and down without edge, because you want to make the air flow ~ ~ because wood is a dry shrink wet swelling thing, if the full edge, the product easily deformation ~ ~!
Q:My straight line edge sealing machine just started in one or two hours trip, and then the interval is getting shorter and shorter, and now a hop on the hop, what's the matter?
I told you here, we didn't have any food for the repairs
Q:South Hing edge machine before the block after the action no action to repair block
You'd better have it repaired by the manufacturerSealing machine is suitable for medium density fiberboard, blockboard, wood, particleboard, plywood and other linear polymer doors, edge trimming, disposable with double-sided adhesive tape cutting edge edge tape pressing, block, chamfering, rough trimming, refinementScraping, polishing and other functions, the edge is exquisite and smooth, feel good, sealing line straight and smooth. The equipment is stable, reliable, durable and moderate in price. It is especially suitable for manufacturers of large and medium-sized furniture, cabinets and other panel furniture

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