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edge bander machine

his kind manual edge banding machine is very effective in the production of all kinds wooden furniture.


Manual PVC Wooden Edge Banding Machine

Belt thickness


Banding Width


Min banding diameter


Feed speed


Manual Edge Banding Machine for gluing edges of PVC, melamine or veneer, on straight, round or free shaped panels

Advantages and Features

1. portable model;

2. can work on straight edges like inside the arc or out side the arc or circle.

3. New glue extraction system ensuring glue evenly applied to tapes;

4.Short time for warming up around 5-7 minutes;

5. Larger glue tank with litte increase on machine weight;

6. Adjustable feeding speed, feeding tape at speed around 2-6 meters per minute;

7. Longer working life due to improvements on the components;

8. Suitable for low temperature hot-melt glue (below 200 degree C)

9. All electric components are UL and CSA certificated.

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Q:What is the PVC banding strip for?
PVC edge banding is mainly used for furniture edge processing, is mainly composed of PVC, mainly with hot melt adhesive, hand edge generally use adhesive paste, but the heat or temperature change is easy to fall off the edge frequently.
Q:Is it good to have edge metal or PVC at home?
The metal is strong and the PVC is worse, but the edges of the PVC will not be scratched
Q:What's the meaning of the "environmentally friendly edible wax" seal written on the wooden floor?
The floor is wood pulp after treatment of wax exposed edges, is moisture-proof, not afraid of water.
Q:Edge sealing machine, plastic pot middle part of hot melt adhesive can not melt, what is the matter?
Maybe the bottom of the pot hasn't been cleanedIt could be that the heating system is out of order
Q:Edge sealing machine, furniture, or paste the edge of furniture, good, what is the difference?
It's better to stick veneers, although environmental protection may not be so neat and smooth
Q:The best window tile the edge? Answer urgently. Thank you
I looked at the front of the reply, feeling is the choice of marble is better, you can choose black Jinsha, white jazz, beige marble series, although it is said that the marble radiation, why grade decoration will choose it, but not the wall ground in large area this does not matter, the threshold sill board is best choice of natural stone stone, artificial stone appearance was flattered, no more than the hardness of artificial stone, natural stone, with long scratches easily into the dust, not for a long time to, if it is because of the natural stone is not long enough for two pieces of good, on the not so obvious, the two pieces or three pieces can be, the most important the future is on the table cloth mat can be customized, the seam is even less to
Q:PVC what's the glue for the edge banding?
Some plants use glue glue, some glue with hot melt glue, glue we have, welcome to contact
Q:I would like to ask, do furniture, what is the furniture full edge?
1, refers to the furniture edge banding process, each edge should be completed by hand edge;2, there are two kinds of edge banding:The wooden edge banding strip is mainly suitable for pasting and decorating the edges of the solid wood furniture plate, and the operation can only be accomplished by hand pasting. Paste wood edge adhesive is a water-soluble adhesive or strong adhesive paste, as long as the edge of the plate profile is flat on the line, there is no specific requirements in the environmental temperature.PVC edge banding strip can be divided into flat PVC edge banding strip and special-shaped edge banding strip according to its shape. Flat edge banding is mainly used in furniture, kitchenware, teaching equipment, laboratory, door industry, decoration and other industries. Mainly used for particleboard and MDF section sealed, to prevent the closing, decoration, the plate itself containing harmful gas volatilization, prevent moisture in adverse factors such as damage etc..3, man-made board made of furniture did not do all edge treatment, do not buy. Those who made use of wood-based panel furniture parts processing on the edge is very strict restrictions, especially the use of particleboard made furniture should be asked all the edge, so as to limit the harmful substances in artificial board release, but many manufacturers in order to save materials, only the local edge, so best not to buy furniture.
Q:Cabinet edge is bad, can use glass glue to bear edge?
It's better not to use glass glue. It's not finished and the time will not be long. I suggest you find some special glue for woodworking.
Q:Why does my fully automatic edge sealing machine seal a thick MDF, half of the board has glue, and half does not have the problem of removing the board?
You are common problems, I don't know if you use edge machine what is the specific structure, but it is certain that the plate with the glue vertical axis does not cause, that is to say the transportation guide shaft below the gum is not vertical, processing method depends on the structure of your machine, sealing machine has many with glue pot verticality adjusting device, adjust side pasting shaft and the plate completely consistent, can achieve the purpose of uniform coating; of course there is a glue pot sealing machine is not adjustable angle, if it is not to worry, the gap can be through a bolt mounting hole of the glue pot bracket to adjust the purpose of. There is also a relatively rare reason is that the plastic shaft is not glue, rubber line is always half the height of the plastic shaft, resulting in the top of the board is generally no glue. This situation checks whether there is dirty plastic door, blocking the mouth of gum, or glue temperature on the high side, too fast back glue. In that case, clean up the dirt and lower the glue temperature.

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