Woodworking Band Saw Machine NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe

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Product Description:

NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe


Automatic lathe


Automatic Lathe Characteristics:


1.User-friendly operation,NC adjustable speed and stroke control

2.Alloyed cutting tool,suitable for various softwood and hardwood with smooth processing stroke

3. We make it with excellent electircal parts


Technical Data:





Max working length


Spindle speed


Machine dimensions


Total power


Dust exit


Air consumption


Net weight


Overall dimensions






















M ax diameter of workpiece


φ 1200

Max weight of workpiece



Max turning diameter


φ 300

MAX-roll finishing diameter


φ 300

Workpiece length


2000 ~ 2800

Turning precision

IT6 : Ra1.6 Roughness concentration

Roll finishing roughness concentration

Ra ≤ 0.8

Workpiece speed and feed speed

Main spindle


2 step ,6 ~ 500

Roll finishing range

Z-axis X-axis stepless

Roll finishing specification

Roll finishing pressure range


50 ~ 800

Roll finishing style

wo-wheeled two-way synchronization of hydraulic pressure roll

Roller wheel supporting style cantilever

support connected With bearing

Saddle turret

Turret size


230 × 2 30

Section of tool shank


40 × 40

Section of roller wheel bracket shank


65 × 55

Max travel of upper carriage



Max travel of lower carriage



Max travel of left saddle



Max travel of right saddle




Diameter of tailstock quill


φ 200

travel of tailstock quill



Model of tailstock center

Morse 6

Max travel of left tailstock



Max travel of right tailstock



Power system

Main motor model

VFG 160L -33.3-11-4

Rated Power of main motor



Rated speed of main motor



Main driving system belt model


rubberized canvas flat belt 80 × 5 × 3500

Rapid speed

Rapid speed of Z axis

m / min


Rapid speed of X axis

m / min


CNC system and servo

FANUC - 0i mate TD

Machine measurement and weight

L × W × H


5780 × 2720 × 1600






Woodworking Band  Saw Machine NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe

Woodworking Band  Saw Machine NC-Turning Lathe Automatic Lathe


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Q:How does joinery make furniture edge?
Melamine board usually refers to the plates a layer of impregnated paper in melamine veneer artificial board, artificial board market can see the commonly used medium density particleboard and MDF, which is commonly referred to as particleboard and MDF, plywood, according to different density density and melamine impregnated decorative paper with different thickness. The plate is divided into different levels; Blockboard Daixinban generally refers to say, is made of wood mosaic, attached to the surface of a layer of three plates.Cloakroom, lockers, kitchen cabinets are melamine plate production, and some of the door panels using other materials, regular manufacturers do not use blockboard production.Melamine plate is a kind of plate suitable for industrial production. It has the characteristics of no deformation and easy processing. And blockboard suitable for construction at the scene, can not use modern woodworking machinery processing. Both because of different materials, production and processing technology, there is no price comparison of horizontal meaning, and different habitats, different quality of the price difference.Blockboard Market is mixed, because Blockboard belong to artificial sheet, if the purchase of poor quality products, prone to sizing unqualified, lead to formaldehyde exceeded. In addition, some manufacturers in the production of Jerry built, wooden gap big, it is recommended to choose well-known manufacturers of products.
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General granulation, extrusion can be
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Don't need to feel it, make an unnecessary move if the sealing Oh, well, you'll find a little more vertical electric small needle nail is good, that is practical and does not affect the appearance.
Q:Does the cap have edge reinforcement?
Does the cap have edge reinforcement?Answer: does it mean the requirements of the lower left 2 node diagram of the circle?
Q:Do furniture edge banding, have environmental protection glue?
Pauchie furniture edge glue is used Henkel glue
Q:What is woodworking edge banding machine?. What role does it play?
Including many kinds of woodworking machinery, such as coating machine, laminating machine, sealing machine is one of them, is a kind of woodworking machine can automatically complete the work of the wood plate edge, straight edge and curve shaped edge theory (portable), but generally use the linear edge banding machine. In addition, according to the degree of automation, it is also divided into semi-automatic edge banding machine and automatic edge sealing machine. Wood edge bander main body, processing group and control system, semi automatic and automatic processing of the main difference is that group is not the same, generally only: semi automatic gluing, edge trimming, polishing, up and down; and automatic general: pre milling, gluing, sealing, edge next, rough trimming, refinement, profile tracking, scraping, polishing, slotting. I buckle, the first five, second seven, third fourth three shops, fifth, eight, sixth seven, seventh second, eighth seven, the last six. These two devices are used for furniture such as cabinet doors and other production, but generally small plants, usually with semi automatic is enough, I do not recommend you use automatic, it also saves the cost of the need! Semi automatic more than 20000 to more than 50000 automatic.
Q:Integrated ceiling sealing edge role, not surrounded by edge can be?
The aluminum buckle does not need glue to seal, one is the metal processing neat, the crevice is small and even, is not necessary, two is by the metal keel card, the assembly and disassembly is convenient, easy to open. Periphery also does not need to hit the rubber, hits is not good, but is ugly.
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What's the problem? My family is Lushuihe. What border banding?
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1. always check the rubber roller surface, remove impurities, and ensure uniform coating;2. always adjust the temperature of the temperature control system;3., the temperature should be reduced by 30-40 degrees during the working interval;4. when the environment and material temperature is near 15 degrees, the temperature of the upper roller should be set at 215 degrees, and the temperature of the groove should be set to 210 degrees centigrade;5. unused hot melt glue should be sealed to avoid contamination and moisture absorption.
Q:Should the bottom of the wardrobe be sealed with glass glue?
NeedIf the floor is not sealed, the bottom of the cabinet is easy to enter the water and become moldy.It is easy to swell and mildew density board.And the general density board, wardrobe seal plate, the lower layer is not edge..

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