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Product Description:

With F-220 series , you can band  any work piece of straight or curve all by yourself with perfect final product. Edge banding on furniture manufacturing and house fitment .

After heating the hot melt glue to a setting temperature , and the glue melt completely, the engine drive the gluing axe gelatinizes glue on the edge banding tape. Thus make the edge banding tape can stick on the wooden board firmly .

Temperature : 5°-40°

Power supply:220V/50-60HZ

Hot melt glue:120-180°C

General requirement:the edge of the workpiece going to be banded should be even, and the banding tape should be limp and bendable

Technical Data :

Model No  : F-220A

Mini Radius of banding : 20mm

Heating power  : 1.8KW

Speed adjustment:simens tranducer

Feeding speed   : 1-18m/min

Net weight      :290KG

Gross weight    :350KG

Machine size    : 1180 x 830 x 1150mm

Measurement     :1480 x 950 x 1220mm

Material of tape : PVC ,melamine , veneer

Thickness of tape : 0.3-3.0mm

Width of tape     :10-50mm

Stape of workpiece: straight , irregular, bevel

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Q:Heat transfer edge sealing machine which good?
You can use a device, that is, according to your product shape, if the door and medal shape exactly the same, you can completely use a device,. If not the same, it is necessary to make different knives according to your products, and hot stamping rubber wheel. For further information, call me; 14763909633; Li Jichao. I am Lin Woodworking Equipment Co. Ltd. Please call me again before the next Baidu (stamping edge machine) Lin supply special medal wooden rhinoceros stamping sealing machine. Ha-ha
Q:Which kind of portable edge banding machine is easy to use?
Portable edge banding machine, I have bought 3 units, or can say a 123. Specifically, that section of good, it depends on what you use boards, what to do. With MDF, density, board quality is good, the main line is sealed, with JBD80 this can be, about 2900 yuan. Seal curve edge multi speed JBT90, the price of 3500 yuan up and down. But if a wood particleboard, loose, or buy a double-sided adhesive. JBT102 the price is more than 6000, remember. I bought 2 from Luban woodworking machinery company, and it was smooth and sticky. Good luck。
Q:How to install stainless steel edge banding?
RBI glass adhesive
Q:Can I change the edge of the furniture? How do I operate it?
Edge paint free plate can be changed, you go to the edge of paint free plate sales shop together with the choice of color and width, bought the white glue or adhesive sticker on it, but the welt is a live, they don't stick.
Q:Why 3D wooden door up and down without edge?
3D wooden door up and down without edge, because you want to make the air flow ~ ~ because wood is a dry shrink wet swelling thing, if the full edge, the product easily deformation ~ ~!
Q:My straight line edge sealing machine just started in one or two hours trip, and then the interval is getting shorter and shorter, and now a hop on the hop, what's the matter?
There's something wrong with the current or coil
Q:Manual edge sealing machine price
There is a Shunda machine to do the straight line edge sealing machine, the quality is good, used for 8 years.
Q:Should the bottom of the wardrobe be sealed with glass glue?
NeedIf the floor is not sealed, the bottom of the cabinet is easy to enter the water and become moldy.It is easy to swell and mildew density board.And the general density board, wardrobe seal plate, the lower layer is not edge..
Q:Ikea or B&Q have no cutting board, there is no edge of the service?
I opened a furniture factory to a drawing, you can be processed edge punching, you just go back installed just fine
Q:Huali woodworking machinery automatic sealing machine 105 do well?
Machines can be, but good adjustment and stability of the machine

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