Manual Edge Banding Machine,Edge Bander, Furniture Machine

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Manual Edge Banding Machine,Edge Bander, Furniture Machine

This kind manual edge banding machine is very effective in the production of all kinds wooden furniture.It is much high speeded.

Manual Edge Banding Machine for gluing edges of PVC, melamine or veneer, on straight, round or free shaped panels


Curved Edge Banding Machine

Double Surface gluer, It is optional for end trimming function

Belt thickness


Belt width


Min. belt diameter


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Air pressure


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Q:Which is better, the furniture edge, the button strip and the edge banding strip?
Must be edge banding, and then the buckle bar, buckle is no way to use the edge banding is used, conditional use of edge banding, it is best to use edge banding, Dongguan Li Da plastic, specializing in the production of edge banding.
Q:What edge does solid wood cabinet use?
If it is log, good wood does not use edge banding. Of course, can also use the line edge.
Q:What is the door with good sealing edge?
With a wood emulsion
Q:What is the best glue for solid wood sealing?
White latex will do
Q:Pure white furniture edge after the dressing will open at the end, find a lot of kinds of paint, the paint is dry but too slow, want to find a white can be instantly dry paint
Or engage in equipment, see what reason end edge after the show mainly has several aspects, one is only one side of the saw, if it is open at the end, you saw the small saw blade is too high, it low, or with a pre wash milling is good, if the two sides open at the end, it is too big to glue look, what reason, if it is winter, due to low environmental temperature, glue just painted on the solidification, the pressure is not real, for glue, stick firmly, installing plate preheating device can solve the problem, the problem is not winter, edge glue painted edgeband sub pressure wheel pressure is not enough no, pressure, or your gum is not good quality, short solidification time, low temperature may also glue you to adjust, will cause this situation. If your edgeband side open at the end, it is your problem finishing knife adjustment, adjustment is too large, it is good to adjust
Q:Why is there glue on the board and the edges are not covered with glue?
What rubber do you buy? Please buy structural adhesive. The glue is firm.
Q:Melamine panels can be hand sealing it? No machine edge... Is it OK?
Yes, that is, the effect of edge banding is much worse than that of the machine
Q:What is the PVC banding strip for?
PVC edge banding is mainly used for furniture edge processing, is mainly composed of PVC, mainly with hot melt adhesive, hand edge generally use adhesive paste, but the heat or temperature change is easy to fall off the edge frequently.
Q:Is it easy to use an edge seal? Which one is better than a nail free glue?
Do not use glue gun, save labour, save time, quick drying, stronger than nail glue, high quality environmental protection product
Q:Integrated ceiling sealing edge role, not surrounded by edge can be?
Periphery must use the edge banding, these all are the matching use, for is beautiful looks, moreover also facilitates the gusset plate to close.

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