KMF 800 Manual Edge Banding Machine

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Product Description:

KMF 800 Manual Edge Banding Machine Characteristics:

  1. It can finish the edge sealing work independently.

  2. Machine can seal straight-edge, arc-edge.

  3. The machine can be used for large-sized wooden boards and half-finished wooden products.

  4. It can be automatic cut off sealing side.

Technical Datas



Total Power


Tape Thickness


Width of Tape


Feeding Speed


Glue Working Temperature

200°C below

Glue Pot Capacity


Machine Net Weight


Machine Size


Packing Size


Technical Data :

Mini radius of banding : 20mm

Feeding speed  : 2-6 meter/min

Thickness of banding :0.3-3.0mm

Width of banding tape:10-60mm

Working temperature : 200°C below

Motor Power         : 25W

Total Power         : 650W

Power supply        : 220V/50-60HZ ,110V/50-60hz

Glue pot capacity   :320ml

Net weight          :9.2kg

Machine Size        :410 x 370 x 450mm

Material of tape    : PVC , Venner , melamine

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Q:How much is the furniture edge banding machine?
What kind do you want, fully automatic, and semi automatic, imported and domestic? The price varies greatly.
Q:Please tell me how to adjust the thickness of edge banding. Also help to explain the R knife, profiling wheel, taper wheel, and the side pressure wheel. Thank you very much
Not far from the glue pot, there is a digital mechanical manual adjustment handle. It can be adjusted to 1-4 mm thickness according to the thickness of edge banding. Be careful。 Now buy the edge of the market are not thick enough,.1 mm, are 0.8 or 0.9. Turn it down, please
Q:Is there any good sealing method for paint free door?
Lacquer free. Edge banding boards have many colors and are not easy to break
Q:The difference with the closing edge?
Are you an engineer?With the closing edge actually Datong small guide.The edge can be understood as.Can not be understood as edge.
Q:Why does our family seal edge fall off, cabinet experience deformation?
A whole wardrobe is good, and its edge is also very important. Edge sealing is good, directly affect the cabinet deformation. Small manufacturers and small workshops are not, and basically the use of artificial sealing edge, sealing effect is poor, and even fall off, deformation, affecting the normal use of the wardrobe. I saw Elijah, edge line, edge machine good estimation.Cabinet deformation, then with the wardrobe plate, door frame and so on, as well as the assembly is not closely related. In small factories or small workshops produced wardrobe, prone to Jerry built, wardrobe panels, door frames thickness does not meet the standards, assembly does not meet the specifications, and even cabinet size is too large or small. So out of the so-called whole wardrobe, of course, may be deformed and twisted.
Q:What is the difference between manual edge banding and machine edge banding?
The machine is certainly not much better than manual veneer, stitching in place, not prone to glue glue evenly through the end of the phenomenon
Q:Manual edge sealing machine price
You gonna pay? What products are the main products? I also have an aluminum foil bag and that kind of edge sealing machine,
Q:TV background wall mosaic tile, generally with what material edge, edge with what do not want to use the artificial marble, feeling too heavy, too Chinese
Edge can be used stone lines, wood lines, gypsum lines, titanium, stainless steel. Look at the effects of your collocation.
Q:My semi-automatic edge sealing machine, the edge is not good, how to adjust?
The first point is well sealed, and then sealed with glue
Q:Why does my fully automatic edge sealing machine seal a thick MDF, half of the board has glue, and half does not have the problem of removing the board?
You are common problems, I don't know if you use edge machine what is the specific structure, but it is certain that the plate with the glue vertical axis does not cause, that is to say the transportation guide shaft below the gum is not vertical, processing method depends on the structure of your machine, sealing machine has many with glue pot verticality adjusting device, adjust side pasting shaft and the plate completely consistent, can achieve the purpose of uniform coating; of course there is a glue pot sealing machine is not adjustable angle, if it is not to worry, the gap can be through a bolt mounting hole of the glue pot bracket to adjust the purpose of. There is also a relatively rare reason is that the plastic shaft is not glue, rubber line is always half the height of the plastic shaft, resulting in the top of the board is generally no glue. This situation checks whether there is dirty plastic door, blocking the mouth of gum, or glue temperature on the high side, too fast back glue. In that case, clean up the dirt and lower the glue temperature.

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