Petant Design Malt Strage Silo with Factory Direct Price

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Product Description:

Petant Design Malt Strage Silo with Factory Direct Price

Main Features for Malt Storage Silo



Quality Standard




Body Plate

By Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Plate,

275-600g/m2 Galvanization

China National Standard with Quality Report


Our Corrugated Steel Plate Production Line is IMPORTED


Bolts and Screws


Hot Dip Galvanized, Taiwan Imported, Strengthened, Max Sealing

Quality Strength Report

Imported from Taiwan





Enforcement Rib Stiffeners


Sidewall stiffeners are manufactured from min. 350 N/mm² tensile high strength steel with zinc coating of 275 g/m². This type of stiffeners easily transit the vertical loads during loading or unloading, environment loads of the silo.

China National Standard with Quality Report

Can be inside or outside rib

Rigorous calculation to meet full silo strength safety





Wind Ring


Hot Dip Galvanized

For additional support for higher wind areas, the wind ring is attached directly to the stiffeners. The rings strengthen the silo providing reinforcement against damaging wind.

China National Standard with Quality Report

Rigorous calculation to meet the anti-wind needs for sea port area or windy area






A standard manhole door is located in the second ring of the silo. Double size door with strong frame and block system

China National Standard with Quality Report

Easy for the ascendant to inspect and maintenance, ensure the safety of the silo.







SRON offers both ladders and stairs as outside climbing options. Stairs offer a shallow 8” step that decreases the incline angle for an easier, safer, and more comfortable climb.

China National Standard with Quality Report

Can be installed inside and outside of the silo, Easy for the ascendant to inspect and maintenance, ensure the safety of the silo.


Inside Ladder


Ladder inside silo, simple vertical or cage type ladder are available for your choice

China National Standard with Quality Report

Detail Asseccory for Malt Storage Silo


Structure for Malt Storage Silo

  • Galvanized Coating: 275-600g/m2

  • Bottom Type: Flat or Hopper Type

  • Gas-tightness: Perfect Gas-tightness

  • Auxillary System:Drying,Cleaning,Dedusting,Lifting and Conveying

  • Monitoring System: Temperature and Moisture Supervision SIMENS PLC

  • Silo Life: 25-40 Years

  • Installation and Debugging: Engineers Sevice Overseas for Transportable Silo


Petant Design Malt Strage Silo with Factory Direct Price

Petant Design Malt Strage Silo with Factory Direct Price

Petant Design Malt Strage Silo with Factory Direct Price

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First note that in this problem, the height h refers only to the height of the cylindrical portion of the silo, not including the domed part (which would add another r ft to the height). The formulas given for the volume surface area include both portions of the silo. Begin by finding an expression of h in terms of r. V = pi(r^2)(h) + (2/3)(pi)(r^3) 497(pi) = pi(r^2)h + (2/3)(pi)(r^3) 497(pi) - (2/3)(pi)(r^3) = pi(r^2)h [497(pi) - (2/3)(pi)(r^3)] / (pi)(r^2) = h 497/r^2 - (2/3)r = h Now, using the formula for the surface area and substituting for h in terms of r, the function f(r) that calculates the amount of material needed based on the radius of the silo is: f(r) = (pi)(3r^2 + 2rh) f(r) = (pi)[3r^2 + 2r(497/r^2 - (2/3)r)] f(r) = (pi)[3r^2 + 994/r - (4/3)r^2] f(r) = (pi)( (5/3)r^2 + 994/r ) Use the First Derivative Test to find the value of r where f(r) takes on its minimal value. f '(r) = (pi)( (10/3)r - 994/r^2 ) 0 = (pi)( (10/3)r - 994/r^2 ) 0 = (10/3)r - 994/r^2 994/r^2 = (10/3)r 994 = (10/3)r^3 2982/10 = r^3 cbrt(2982/10) = r 6.6809 = r h = 497/r^2 - (2/3)r h = 497/6.6809^2 - (2/3)6.6809 h = 497/44.6346 - 4.4539 h = 11.1349 - 4.4539 h = 6.6710 Actually, there's a lot of rounding error in that value of h. If you use a calculator and don't round off, you'll see that the height h is the same as the radius r (accurate to 9 decimal places). Regardless, when rounded to one decimal place your answers are: r = 6.7 ft h = 6.7 ft (again, not including the domed portion of the silo; 13.4 ft with the dome). Edited to add: Cidyah beat me to the punch... but unfortunately, Cidyah did not calculate h in terms of r correctly... the total volume of the silo is 497(pi) according to the question. Everything else he/she did in terms of methodology is spot on; but unfortunately his/her final answers end up being incorrect.
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