Silo Engineering Grain Silo 500T - 8000T

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Silo Engineering Grain Silo 500T - 8000T

Quick Details




600 - 10000m3




D7 - 25m


10 - 90T



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:container
Delivery Detail:30 days after down payment


Anyang Lipp Silo Engineering Grain Silo 500T - 8000T

                                                           Silo Elevation



Diameter: 3.5 - 25 m

Height:  5 - 25 m

Thickness: 2.0 - 4.0 mm

Capacity: 100 - 8000 ton per silo

Material: galvanized steel

(Galvanized rate ≥ 275g/m2)


Anyang Lipp Silo Engineering Grain Silo 500T - 8000T


 Datas for Silo Engineering Grain Silo 500T - 8000T



Roof System

Roof Sheet

δ1.0mm,  Galvanized steel 

Anyang Lipp Silo Engineering Grain Silo 500T - 8000T


Section steel

Roof platform

Ø1.5-3.0m, Checkered steel plate

Upper tension ring

Ø1.5-3.0m, Carbon steel plate

Bottom tension ring

Ø3.0-25m, Carbon steel plate

Loading hole

δ4.0mm,    Carbon steel plate

Man hole

δ6.0mm,    Carbon steel plate

Vent hole

δ4.0mm,    Carbon steel plate

Guard rail

Ø3.0-25m, 1”(metric),   steel tube


Silo Body

Anyang Lipp Silo Engineering Grain Silo 500T - 8000T

Silo Wall

Galvanized steel

Gal. rate >= 275g/m2

  δ2.0 -  δ4.0mm

Gate  ø600 mm


Inner Reinforcement

Anyang Lipp Silo Engineering Grain Silo 500T - 8000T

Reinforcement ribs

Steel section

 12pcs/silo - 84pcs/silo

[6.3, [8.0, [10, [12, [14, [16, [18, [20, 



Steel Structure

Anyang Lipp Silo Engineering Grain Silo 500T - 8000T

Conical bottom

δ6.0 -  δ14.0mm Q235 STEEL

Ring beam

δ6.0 -  δ14.0mm Q235 STEEL

Support leg

"H" Section steel 




* Completely impermeable

* Minimal build-up on internal wall

* Low maintenance


Production Flow:

 Anyang Lipp Silo Engineering Grain Silo 500T - 8000TAnyang Lipp Silo Engineering Grain Silo 500T - 8000TAnyang Lipp Silo Engineering Grain Silo 500T - 8000T


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A silo.
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