M14-11501 Angle Grinder

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Type: Angle grinder

Model : S1M-SG-100
Grinding disc diameter : 115 (mm) grinding disk rotational speed : 11000 (r / min) Power supply voltage : 220V/110V
Power type: AC motor power : 900 (W) Scope: engineering , site grinding cutting metal
Weight : 1.8 (kg) custom processing

Technical parameters:
Standard models : S1M-SG-115 Order number : 11501
Voltage : 220V / 110V Frequency : 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated speed : 11000r / min wheel diameter : 115mm
Rated power : 900W Spindle Thread : M14

General Standard configuration:
Motor stack height : 50mm casing colors: red + silver glitter paint
Packaging: carton packaging auxiliary handle : 1
Wrench: a wheel cover : 1
Wire : 2X0.75X2 meters
Carton size : 62x31x26 Number of units : 10 units / pieces

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Q:How do I cut the PCB circuit board?
Shearing is the first step in the mechanical operation of a printed circuit board. The shape and outline can be given by shearing. The basic cutting method is applicable to a wide variety of substrates, usually of no more than 2mm. When the cutting board is more than 2mm, the edge of the cutting will appear rough and irregular, so this method is not generally used.
Q:An abrasive tool for grinding a flat plate; an abrasive
The surface hardness of the tool should be slightly lower than that of the workpiece to be studied. In this way, tiny abrasive particles in the abrasive can be easily inserted into the surface of the grinding machine to make micro cutting of the workpiece surface. On the other hand, the abrasive particles will insert into the surface of the parts, and grinding will cause the cutting tools to be cut. But the tools should not be too soft. Otherwise, the abrasive will be embedded into the lost abrasive lapping tool. The microstructure of the material should be fine and uniform, with better wear resistance, so as to ensure the higher size, shape accuracy and fine surface roughness of the parts to be researched. A grey cast iron, with commonly used materials of nodular cast iron, mild steel, copper can be used, Babbitt and lead after two, mainly used for precision grinding of bearing or soft parts made of polished copper alloy.
Q:Jade processing technology and tools used
There is no diamond, not porcelain, and the same is true of jade. Without professional tools and skills, it is impossible to process Hetian jade. Therefore, it is necessary to have complete equipment and tools for processing jade articles.Cut jade main equipment for carving jade machine, followed by opening, drilling, polishing and other equipment. The cutting tools can be divided into two kinds: iron tools and diamond powder tools.
Q:Polishing, waxing, sealing glaze, grinding. What do you mean by that? What's the difference?
The abrasive finishing of a machined surface, such as cutting, by applying or applying abrasive particles embedded in a lapping tool through the relative movement of the tool and the workpiece at a certain pressure. The utility model can be used for processing various metal and non-metal materials, and the surface of the processed surface has a plane, an inner, an outer cylindrical surface and a conical surface, a convex concave spherical surface, a screw thread, a tooth surface and other shaped surfaces. The machining accuracy can reach IT5 ~ 01, and the surface roughness can reach Ra0.63 to 0.01 microns.
Q:Agate stone making tool
Hardness is 6. 5-7, the proportion of 2. 65, the fracture is shell shape, transparent to translucent, glass luster. Agate pure should be red, because of containing colored ions or other impurities, will appear gray, red, blue and other colors. First through agate stone grinding machine, coarse grinding operations, and then sent to some small processing equipment for artistic molding. Because of the small size of agate stone feeding, individual use of small-scale grinding machine can be equipped. There are stone engraving machine, agate engraving machine, as well as agate section dyeing machine, hope to answer can help you
Q:Hand polishing of jade
General jade jade polishing after waxing before, here to introduce how polished jade.
Q:What is the better tool for trimming and polishing the glass wool?
Reciprocating small pneumatic grinding machines can be used. Reciprocating small grinding machine, commonly known as Sanda machine, also known as the left and right swing researchMill。
Q:Can grinding and polishing + concrete sealing curing agent be made into polished concrete floor?
Polishing is not necessarily destroyed the surface, you can eat the paste, does not damage the surface of mud on the ground, polishing grinding, but this kind of construction technology for ground base high demands for the construction process requirements are very high, or after the construction of surface consistency will be particularly bad.
Q:What tools are suitable for grinding and polishing household appliances?
Reciprocating small pneumatic grinding machines can be used.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic stone grinding tools
Of course, due to pneumatic tools used pneumatic technology is compressed air as a working medium, there must be some shortcomings:(1) because of the large compressibility of air, the speed of the cylinder changes with the change of the applied load, and the stability is poor, which has a great influence on the position and speed control.(2) at present, the pressure level of the pneumatic system (generally less than 0.8MPa) is not high, and the total output is not big.(3) the working medium (air) is not lubricated, and the system must take measures to lubricate the oil.(4) noise is large, so it is necessary to install muffler.

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