M14 31280/31230 Angle Grinder

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Type: Angle grinder

Model : S1M-SG-180/230
Grinding disc diameter : 180 (mm)/230(mm) grinding disk rotational speed : 7000 (r / min) Power supply voltage : 220V
Power type: AC motor power : 2000 (W) Scope: engineering , site grinding cutting metal
Weight : 4 (kg) custom processing

Technical parameters:
Standard models : S1M-SG-180/230 Order number : 31180/31230
Voltage : 220V / 110V Frequency : 50 / 60Hz
Rated speed : 7000r / min wheel diameter : 180 / 230mm
Rated power : 2000W Spindle Thread : M14

General Standard configuration:
Motor stack height : 95X45mm casing colors: blue + silver flash Bosch
Packaging: carton packaging auxiliary handle : 1
Wheel cover : a wrench: 2
Cable : 2X1 * 2 meters outside the box size : 54X50X26
Number of units : 6 sets / pieces

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Q:Not only to ensure the smoothness of the inner hole, but also deburring, what tools grinding hole?
Analysis of the reasons for expanding the hole in the grinding hole 1, uneven grinding of abrasives. 2, when grinding, the hole agent out of the grinding agent did not wipe in time. 3, the gap between the grinding rod and the workpiece is too large, and the lapping tool is too big to swing relative to the workpiece aperture. 4, the grinding bar extends too long. 5, the workpiece itself or grinding taper.
Q:What is the polishing wheel used in mirror polishing in machining? The material is not quenched by S136.
Suitable for die steel use moist environment and weak alkaline environment, by ESR remelting (Grade A) steel is suitable for making optical instruments, lens, lens mold, suitable for most electronic components, tools, utensils abandon meal type, camera, sunglasses, chemical equipment and plastic products, high surface finish production optical products, such as cameras, sun glasses, chemical equipment, syringes, analytical instruments and plastic products.
Q:What tools are used to polish wood?
Commonly known as sandpaper sandpaper. A material for grinding. Used to grind the surface of metal, wood, etc., so as to make it smooth and smooth. Usually in the base paper on all kinds of grinding sand. According to different grinding materials, there are many kinds of emery paper, artificial emery paper, glass sand paper and so on. Dry sanding paper (wood sandpaper) used for polishing wood, bamboo surface. Abrasive (sandpaper) used to finish metal or non-metal work surfaces in water or oil.
Q:What are the areas where the tissue grinding apparatus is used?
It is through the tungsten carbide ball or stainless steel beads in the reaction vials in a horizontal position of grinding, mixing, homogenizing and cell disruption, can the hard, soft, elastic and other samples were quickly crushed and homogeneous, with reasonable analysis laboratory requirements, different size, different grinding tank configuration the material, can be dry and wet grinding and freeze grinding, can also be broken cell and DNA/RNA extraction, are widely used in agriculture, biological medicine, food, quality inspection, in all walks of life.
Q:How can the die polishing be mirror?
Chemical polishing chemical polishing allows the surface of materials, chemical media, micro protruding part of the concave part of the priority dissolved, so as to obtain smooth surface. The main advantage of this method is that it does not require complicated equipment. It can polish workpieces with complex shapes, and can also Polish many workpieces at the same time, and the efficiency is high. Keywords chemical polishing; core problem; polishing fluid; preparation. The surface roughness obtained by chemical polishing is generally 10 mu m.
Q:How many pieces of marble and terrazzo?
1, for artificial stone, granite and marble processing, has the flexibility of a complete specification of the granularity and good color, lines, chamfer, arc plate and special-shaped stone processing handy, with various shapes and specifications of various size, optional, easy to identify, according to the needs and habits of various hand mill using flexible collocation.2. It is used for the treatment and renovation of all kinds of ground and steps after the laying of granite, marble and artificial slates, and can be flexibly matched with various hand mills or retreading machines according to the needs and habits.3, used for grinding and polishing of ceramic tiles, ceramic tile manufacturers supporting manual, automatic polishing machine, polishing machine for ceramic brick, semi glazed tiles and antique brick throwing, semi polishing processing, smooth, matte choose, smooth brightness value can reach more than 90; for the laying of bricks and tiles by microcrystalline ground treatment and the renovation, according to the needs and habits of flexible collocation of all kinds of hand mill or refurbished machine.
Q:Stone, sand, file, in their respective areas of fitter what are the advantages?
These three things you say are all tools of grinding.File: grinding speed, easy to use, but (forming file) with low accuracy, relatively rough.Whetstone: grinding speed is close to sandpaper, but not as flexible as sandpaper.Sand paper: grinding the slowest, but flexible, you can grinding cylindrical, cylindrical, etc., but the consumption of large, relatively higher cost.
Q:Tungsten steel manual polishing to reach the mirror to what tools
Metal polishing machine can.Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action, so that the surface roughness of the workpiece to reduce, in order to obtain bright, smooth surface processing methods.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic stone grinding tools?
V-mark pneumatic polishing machine, cylinder wear after epidural surface treatment, long service life, low noise, central vacuum type, increasing diversion function patent, can play a strong cleaning ability without causing dust flying, will not plug the vacuum tube.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic stone grinding tools
(1) air as the medium of air pressure transmission, inexhaustible, convenient source, after use, directly discharged into the atmosphere, will not pollute the environment.(2) good working environment. In the flammable, explosive, dust, radiation, strong magnetic, vibration, impact and other harsh environment, pneumatic transmission system is safe and reliable.

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